10 best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Blogging is an art that is often driven by the passion for writing. Impulsive bloggers are of a rare breed, who can write for prolonged periods without any imminent mental tiredness. With increased exposure the blogging community has expanded remarkably, and the use of technology will bring the science into the art that we call “blogging”. Its browser, Google Chrome is still among the most popular ones used by Bloggers.

Let us take a look at the 10 best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers that can take your blogging to a new level.

Google Chrome extensions

#1. Follow:

This extension gives you the idea about how a website is working and how it engages with their customers. Some of the information provided in the data is social networking mentions, all the marketing information, blog posts and traffic details.

#2. Stack Edit:

Stack Edit is an open-source markdown editor (Markdown is a tool used to write messages in online forums, format readme files, and to create rich text using a plain text editor like notepad.) that is based on Page down. It can be linked to both Google Drive and Dropbox to save the documents that you have created to the cloud. It can be used to publish your content directly to Blogger, WordPress, GitHub, Tumblr, Gist, or any SSH server.

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#3. Save to Pocket:

Pocket is something that can be used to save your favorite content for future reference. The Chrome extension “Save to pocket” enables you to do this from the browser.

#4. SEO Quake lite:

This is a free plugin for Chrome and appears as a toolbar in the browser to give you key SEO metrics. The toolbar gives you a complete report of internal and external links, checking your social presence and even checks for mobile compatibility.

#5. Bitly:

The Bitly account extension almost works as the cloud storage. You can save content to your account, share using Facebook or Twitter, and save the selected text to your account.

#6. Google Dictionary:

This Google extension allows you to get the definition of a word, save the history of the words and the browser shows all the information in a bubble form. This has the option to save the history of the looked up words for your future reference.

#7. Web Timer:

This extension helps the writer in you to keep track of his time. Web timer tracks the time you spend on each page and activity in Google Chrome enabling you to utilize your time effectively.

#8. Grammarly:

This plugin helps you to check your grammar and spelling when you are entering the content directly to the web site without the help of any editor. Grammarly has a premium account to equip the writers with more efficient spelling and grammar checker. In this you may even get suggestions with topics you write.

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#9. AdBlock:

Blogging calls for a lot of research. At times, your research can lead you from one website to another. More often you will have to counter quite a number of pop-up banners. The AdBlock add-on in Google Chrome will suppress those annoying pop-ups saving you both time and mental trauma.

#10. Alexa traffic rank:

This extension gives you the official Alexa traffic panel providing you data side by side your browser. You can check the status of the website or page without any interruption in your browsing activity.

Some of above extensions even work offline. Google with its blogger (BlogSpot) had indeed played a pivotal role in enabling bloggers to express themselves on its platform and the extensions they provide with the Google Chrome empowers the writers to produce quality content. With these extensions of Google Chrome you can simplify your tasks and make blogging a relatively hassle free experience.

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Amit Acharya

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