10 Blogging Tools To Save Your Time

If you are an enthusiastic blogger, you will be busy with posting content and so having the right tools that can save your time will be the best idea to make things faster.

Smart bloggers are always on the lookout for methods that will save them a lot of time, in such a way that they can turn out to be more productive. If you are one such bloggers, the excellent news for you would be that there is a wide range of productivity and time management tools that will help you with saving time and keep things organized. But, with wide options available, it would be a real challenge in finding the right tools that will be of great worth to your time. However, we have gathered details about 10 such tools for your convenience:

1.Ninja Outreach:

ninja outreach

This is a tool where you will be in a position to find a number of influencers and leads instantly. You will be in a position to reach them at a fraction of time with this tool and at fraction of cost as well. This tool will help in finding subject matter experts with its database of over 4 million websites. To use this tool, all you have to do is to just type a keyword and then should set the search parameters and that’s it the search process will begin. You can also keep track of all communications made through this tool.

2. Editorial Calendar:

If you use WordPress as your blogging platform, you can rely on this tool as the plugin of this tool will make editorial management easier. Yes, this tool will permit you to view and schedule all the posts and also their statuses in a single central location. If you want to change the date of publishing the contents that you create, you can just drag and drop the posts. Also, this tool comes with a quick edit mode that will help you with changing contents and their dates apart from titles.

3. Trello:

If you have hard time in effective time management to manage both your blog and profession, Trello can be the excellent tool for you without any doubt whatsoever. With this tool, not just creation, but also management and collaboration of projects that you are currently working on will be easier. For instance, if your blog is managed by a team of members, the members can share a dashboard with a number of cards and lists with the help of this tool. All members can work on it in real-time and they can create and can even edit the cards when needed. Some other attractive features of this tool include, labels, dates, notifications, comments, etc.

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4. Todoist:

The very tag line of this tool states that accomplish more, every day. Yes, with this tool, you can complete your tasks with ease. If you are like many other individuals engaged in a number of tasks in a given day, you might have struggled with task management in a number of instances. This tool will help with creation of to-do list to make your life less tense and more organized from here on. The excellent thing about this tool is that you can access it not just from web browsers in your computer, but also from your mobile phone or tablet and it will permit you to create projects and tasks, comments, due dates, productivity, reminders and you can also set and track notifications with this tool.

5. Moz:

This is a SEO Tool that is known to bring help with big picture strategy for bloggers. For instance, with this tool, you will be in a position to understand what content are expected by your target audience and you will also be able to understand about the posts that evokes interest among visitors of your blog. In addition, this tool will provide you with features that will help with improving the position of your blog in search engines and can make your online presence effective.

6. Compfight:

As a blogger, you might be well-aware of the fact that to complement the quality content that you create for your blog, there should be some eye-catching visual contents or images. This is where Compfight will help you with finding suitable royalty-free images and you can conduct your search in this tool using the Flicker Search API.

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7. Unplag:

Being a serious blogger, you might be well-aware of the fact that original content alone can be the best friend of any blogger to succeed in the competitive niche. Creating copy-free content should be the first priority for any blogger. This is where the plagiarism detecting tool called unplug can come handy. This tool offers different versions of plagiarism tool for students, for educators and also for writers and journalists.

8. Hubspot topic generator:

hubspot topic generator

In many instances, you might have decided what to write, but you might be wondering about the right and attractive topic that will pull traffic to your content. When you have this tool handy, you need not have to write a full heading, rather you can just type three nouns and then click on the get me blog topic tab. You will get enough ideas for topics that will add a new dimension to your entire content. Remember that a book is judged by the cover and similarly, people look at the topic to decide whether to visit the post or not.

9. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer:

Besides generating topics with the tool mentioned above, you can just check the quality of the topic with the help of this tool. You can get to know whether it will strike or not. The result will be provided by this tool on the basis of a number of factors like word count, character count, readability, grammar, structure, word balance, keywords along with Google Search Preview option.

10. StayFocussed:

As the name of this tool denotes, it will let you stay focused on your content creation as it will limit the time that you waste in visiting some useless websites for gathering details to write your content. The tool will block those websites for a day, such that you can stay more focused on your work.

Amit Acharya
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