10 Must-Know Online Marketing trends

We have come so far from the times when we had only paper and ink as the marketing media followed by an era where mostly the newspaper ads and leaflet were in use. The increased use of digital media in day to day life has impacted the marketing trends also. Understanding the changing trends in technology and digital media usage of consumers is the key to a successful marketing strategy.

10 Must-Know Online Marketing trends

People have found ways to watch videos or movies without the advertisements and even daily operas are available online. People search and review the products before they buy something. The reviews about any product are easily available online. So, for a marketing guy the options are plenty. He or she has to carefully choose the best approach as per the trend and the budget. Now, let us see the top 10 trends in the online marketing this year.

#1. Content marketing:

A wise marketer will understand that the traditional ways of marketing are becoming obsolete and he needs to adapt to the new “Online marketing”. Content marketing is very helpful for this where valuable, consistent and relevant content is distributed among the potential customers and ultimately increases the profit. This is the one media which you own and also is an ongoing process. You need to put in great thought before preparing the content. Even though this is not a direct marketing, this first builds trust and then gets the business from the consumers. For most of the other marketing method you need quality content.

#2. Marketing automation:

You can say this is the backend (software) of the online marketing. If you can afford to buy a software or develop one to automate your marketing, it makes the whole process easy. For startups and small businesses, they need to employ someone just for sending marketing communication (Email, newsletters, social media and websites). A tool to manage all your social media profiles or the bulk email campaign service providers are the examples of marketing automation.

#3. Mobile marketing:

Every year we see that the usage of mobile phones (smart phones) increase in high rates. Everybody loves to own a smartphone and the companies have made it possible by manufacturing good quality phones at affordable prices. So we cannot ignore the possibilities of mobile marketing. This is a vast area of marketing. You can do this through SMS, MMS, Push notifications and In-App or game marketing. You may advertise your product by creating an App for your business. The advantage of this is that the consumer is always connected to their mobile and the reach will be higher than any other media.

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#4. Social media marketing:

In this internet era you cannot be oblivious to the social media when you are planning to do online marketing. The social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube gives you a great platform to introduce your products or services to the public. You would have already seen so many pages in the Facebook which posts content about their product which is free to an extent. You even have paid marketing services with these social marketing web sites (Eg: Boost Post option available in Facebook).

#5. Email marketing:

Put in simple words, this is a simple form of marketing sent to a group of people through the medium of E-mail. Everybody knows the mail merge option present in the MS Word and Email marketing also uses the same idea, sending a single mail to a group of people. But here the E-mail will be an advertisement or newsletter about your product and with the help of an Email marketing service provider. Their tool helps you to analyze the data (CTR, bounce rate, engagement) and change the plan accordingly.

#6. Video marketing:

As the name indicates this marketing trend incorporates or uses videos for their online marketing. You can advertise your product or service in two ways. One way is to create a video and circulate it through mediums like social networking websites (YouTube, Facebook). Another way is to pay for advertisements between online video streaming.

#7. Live streaming:

let me explain this in simple words. For example you would have seen companies circulating videos about their services and products. Broadcasting a video explaining about your products can be done using a good camera, internet connection, broadcasting agent, audio interface and all that is needed to transmit a video online. In this strategy you will need a flawless internet connection without any bandwidth limits.

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#8. Affiliate marketing:

This is the digital form of reference programs you would have seen in companies and other products. For example you will get some commission for promoting a product that you used. The interesting fact about this marketing trend is that you do not have to put in much effort for advertising other than producing a quality product or service. And this can make your customer happy because he / she got a commission and their friend is happy since it would have served a purpose. And at the end you are happy because you got a new customer.

#9. Search Engine Marketing:

This widely known as SEM is very extensive topic and has so many methods to accomplish a successful online marketing campaign. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one part of that using which you optimize the characteristics of your website and its content. This technology is useful in increasing the traffic to your site from search engines. In overall Search Engine Marketing is the process of optimizing your website for more traffic.

#10. Big data:

This is more of a kind of raw data or the building material for a successful online marketing. This means the collection of data and the analysis derived from the collected data. This helps you to understand the factors which keep your customers loyal to you and to know who your customers are. You need to know what data has to be collected, how to collect and how to analyze it (Know the tools to use). To sum up big data is not a strategy but the decider of the marketing strategy.

You can use these trends singly or combined to achieve your online marketing targets. Some are free and some needs more investment; so select the one that suits you.


Amit Acharya
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