10 reasons why you should invest in SEO for your business

It is an open secret that the fundamental objectives of any business are just two – Growth and Profitability. We live in an age where entrepreneurship is the buzz word and startups are the most sought after criteria for job search. We’ve seen business conglomerates coming down to their knees, renowned brands applying for bankruptcy and relatively newer businesses showing exponential growth. For the success of any company or brand advertising is as much vital as the quality of the products and the pricing. In that sense, this quote by one of the most respected businessmen who built a motor empire has never been of more relevance. “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” – Henry FordFor any business to survive and thrive against the cut-throat competition, it is imperative that it adapt to the latest technologies and business models. Else, the outcome can be quite unforgiving and no organization is immune to this law. History is witness to many successful businesses’ fall just because they failed to adapt to the latest technology – Kodak and Nokia to name a few.

Why SEO for your business:


Advertising medium has seen remarkable changes. From the traditional forms of advertisement like newspaper ads, paper inserts, hoardings, radio ads and TV ads, businesses have seen and realized the power of online advertisement and adapted it for good.

1. SEO gives you a Digital Presence:

Customers always expect a lot. First, they expect to see you online, feel your presence in the digital world and SEO is the right tool for this. The more they know that you are also available online, the more the number of boxes they tick in choosing you. Search Engine Optimization ensures that your presence is felt in the Internet. The more visible you are, better is your chance of converting a prospect into a loyal customer.


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2. Increases the traffic to your website:

Many businesses spend a lot in building a good looking, well-connected website, but make the folly of ignoring the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) part. This is akin to a person having a very excellent product in a beautiful showroom, but people do not throng it as they are unaware that it even exists. SEO would take care of letting more people know about your brand and products by making them visit your web site.

3. SEO is the latest trend and is here to stay:

SEO has been around for quite some time in generating enough views, clicks and potential calls to businesses. Being adapted by many, there is literally no competition to this method of bringing in potential customers. This is the right time to approach this advertising strategy. If not, your rivals would embrace this before you do and leave you wondering on their success.

4. SEO is Flexible and scalable:

A website that is SEO enabled can be accessed from many devices computers, tablets and mobile phones. This ensures that there is enough flexibility to make the design compatible with a variety of devices. You can also add features on an incremental basis without impacting the original design. With more and more users opting to use a smartphone to browse and search, it become more relevant to invest in a SEO method that suits this new breed of audience who always search on the go.

5. SEO offers multi-platform marketing:

Search Engine Optimization does not rely on Google alone these days. Almost all social networks are getting involved. With Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Amazon, and Twitter also stepping in as an alternative search destination the propensity of Google having a monopoly in searches has reduced drastically. As a business, you have to make sure that you adopt a SEO method that suits you best!

6. SEO offers targeted advertising:

With many social platforms offering targeted adverting, through SEO you can target a particular age group, demography and many other filters as your audience. For instance, if you dealing with a business that sells products for females like cosmetics, you can have your ad targeting the same group. This offers you better chances of reaching the right prospects to which your business or products would actually matter.

7. SEO is cost-effective

Compared to other methods SEO requires far less investment. With a good SEO agency or an individual SEO expert, it is not a difficult task to deploy this technique to your website’s contents and back-links. This offers lesser investment in the long run as most features are reusable and works inexpensive than the conventional methods of advertisement.

8. SEO gives you a competitive advantage:

Every business is adopting novel ways to reach more customers. Taking a decision to use SEO would give you a competitive edge over others, improving your brand value and the chances of bringing in more clients to your door step. They help you create a niche for your business in providing goods and services.

9. SEO generates high returns:

For the relative lesser cost involved in setting up a SEO, a campaign can offer you far better results. The return of investment that the SEO strategy brings makes it most preferred for online marketing. SEO is an advertising strategy that would directly impact your top line by bringing in more customers and business.

SEO profit
10. SEO keeps you up to date:

Being dynamic in nature, the methods of advertising that revolve around the search engines keep changing. An SEO expert would be able to communicate the changes to you periodically so that you keep yourself abreast with the latest happening. This can have an impact on your business strategies.The search engine optimization (SEO) is without doubt one of the best methods of online advertising surpassing the conventional means through sheer reachability and easy of deployment. A true visionary would plan for the future while securing the present – adopting a SEO method would be the best to fulfill both these aspects.


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