10 tips to get more comments on your blog

Blogging has become a method now to express your views and opinions about anything in the world. For some people it is a time pass but for somebody it is a business too. In both ways if you want to make your blog known to a larger audience, you have to increase the interaction through comments. So let’s take a look into the 10 tips to get more comments on your blog.

10 tips to get more comments on your blog

#1. Seek help with something:

The first among the tips is ‘asking for help with something’. Here we are benefitting from the human nature to answer any question asked to them. If the content is interesting they will read but most probably will not comment, but if you ask a question in that you can expect more number of comments. You do not have to ask direct questions, but can write a content that gives birth to some questions in the reader’s mind.

#2. Email subscribers:

People will not want to comment on your post at the first time and they wish to know your blog first. So why not give them the opportunity by giving the option to subscribe for the posts. You can offer a free report or webinar if they subscribe to your blog. This will also increase the traffic along with the number of comments. To make this campaign effective use the service of email marketing service providers.

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#3. Congratulate or mention somebody:

This makes your post more personal and will increase the engagement too. You can see in other social networks, if you wish someone Happy birthday, that post gets more comments than any other post. Use the same idea here too, congratulate someone who is active in your post or mention about someone who is known to everyone. You can even invite others to do guest blogging to increase the comments in your blog.

#4. Include emotion:

You may be thinking why I added emotion in the list. People just write facts, story or on some subjects, but fail to get comments on their posts. When I researched online, I saw that post that has something emotional (Inspiring, making happy) as the content gets more comments and engagements than normal posts.

#5. Run a contest:

You can run a contest in your blog relevant to your post. For example you can say – best response to the post will get rewarded with gifts like recipe book, or guide. The gift should be according to what type of blog you have.

#6. Comment on other blogs:

Do not hesitate to comment on other blogs. This will increase the number of comments when you mention about your blog. Again, you should make a list of the blogs that are similar to yours and comment. You may even get guest blogging in other blogs that are similar to yours.

#7. Do not post too often:

If you post too many content in one week, it is possible that readers will overlook some of your posts and the number of comments will be reduced. Post contents within a day’s or twos interval.

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#8. Make sure you respond:

This is the most important tip for you to increase the number of comments. People will not comment in a post where they do not get any response. So your first priority should be to respond to comments.

#9. Publish survey:

Publish a survey to get to know what others say about your opinion. For example if you have a blog on cooking, publish a survey asking for opinions about one recipe. You would have seen these types in news websites too. This increases the traffic and people will comment with tips for your recipes.

#10. Short articles:

Just like the frequency of posting the size of the post also should be taken into consideration. Make sure your posts are short (300 – 600 words) so that the reader can go through the post within 5 minutes. If they have to spend more time, chances to get comments are less.

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