15 ways to generate potential leads for your business

You have a great business concept; you also have a great product or a service. Now it is time to release your product into the market. The question is how do you go about selling your product or services, without properly marketing it. While advertising is a great option to let your potential customers know that your product is waiting to be purchased or avail the service, it is still considered as a passive method of marketing the product. Lead generation and targeted calling is a proven concept adopted by many in developing your business. A good lead generation method and a robust follow-up team would be instrumental in taking your business to the next level.

Ways to Generate Potential Leads for your business


Lead generation is the process of invoking consumer interest or inquiry to the products or services of a business. It is more of a marketing strategy than one involving closure of the sale. Leads can be generated for many purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads, with only the latter having a direct impact on the sales. Lead generation is not an easy task and there is no magic wand that will make things happen in no time. Here, we are going to look at 15 ways to generate potential leads for your business. These would go a long way in reaching the right target audience, resulting in better conversion and directly affecting the top line of your organization.

1. Engage with your customers


Keep your customers engaged as long as you can. While you can have many links in your web site, they should be read-worthy and should create a place for themselves. Having a more interactive option would keep your customers more engaged than mere reading the content of a web page. It is human psychology that we like to interact with another human, irrespective of the outcome. Engaged customers are more likely to remain loyal.

2. Deploy an effective marketing system:


Invest in an effective marketing system that can be used to do both outbound and inbound marketing. In fact, studies reveal that outbound calling is still effective that the inbound. Learning to manage the right mix of Outbound and Inbound marketing would be of paramount importance to the success of your business. Outbound marketing is the traditional form of marketing wherein products and services are pushed on to the customers, irrespective of where their interests lie. This include TV Ads, radio, newspapers, magazines, internal cold calling, telemarketing as well as digital forms like banner ads, mass mailing and PPC. The objective of outbound marketing is rapidly spread the news about the availability of a particular product or service.

Potential leads

From an inbound perspective, make sure that every email communication is personalized and keep yourself engaged in online forums by sharing content that is both informative as well as helpful to the customers. Do not use this as an avenue to directly promote your product or service.

3. Invest in new technology:


With time, technology also changes. Older technologies give way to newer ones and have to be replaced aptly. This is true in the case of lead generation as well. As new and new technologies are unearthed, you should be ready to adapt to them. Else, your business will suffer a slow and painful death. Progress is the other name of change. With the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ruling the roost in the online ad business, it would be appropriate to invest in any of these lead generation techniques. Remember, these could also change any time. So, please be ready to embrace any changes that come your way.

4. Use Twitter to obtain leads:


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While many would not agree with my statements on using Twitter to generate leads, many of us were ignorant of the fact that with the right tools Twitter can be used as a source of valuable customer information. For instance the “Followerwonk” tool helps you retrieve information about followers, at what time your followers tweet, etc. This info can help reach the right audience for your business. Your tweets indeed have their value. Tweet well, get people to follow and reap the benefits.


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5. Publish YouTube video:


When it comes to outbound marketing no medium fares better than multimedia. They are one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged. Develop a YouTube video that is both interesting and useful. YouTube is more than just a video hosting service; it is indeed a massive search engine which throws innumerable results for a search keyword. Due to the content it has and the interest it evokes due to the video mode of delivery, YouTube scores higher in popularity than other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. Moreover, it also gives you the option to create and maintain your own channel to share video clips. This will help you attract more leads to your business.

6. Realize the power of LinkedIn:

More than just a platform for professionals to build their network, LinkedIn is a very good lead building tool. LinkedIn is the top most lead generating tool among the social media platforms. LinkedIn can act as a great platform for bringing new clients to your business. Since, LinkedIn also allows users to publish content to an already engaged audience; it can help you study the current trend. Many users use LinkedIn to get customer details like phone number, designation etc. by just posting that there is a requirement and indicating them to leave the required info in the comment or just leave a comment. Like minded customers can be targeted using this method.

7. Write a blog


Blogs are the best medium to express yourself. Start a blog today to be successful. Many bloggers have taken up to writing just due to sheer passion. It is one of the best lead generating tools that you can put to good use. Since, people start looking for personal cues of the writer this captures undivided attention of the reader. Just add a sign-up section for your newsletter to optimize it to capture the required. Make sure that the blog has the right dose of interest and information. Don’t make it too personal and forget the core objective of writing the blog.


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8. Post a survey question in your Blog


While writing a blog is a good effort, to keep your audience engaged you can post a survey question to get their views. Though this may seems to be a simple task it is of great significance in understanding the view of the audience and it also serves as a method to gather information that you wish to obtain. Simply, include a few details as mandatory before the user can click the submit button. Posting these surveys effectively in a social network can also fetch you a huge audience.

9. Send newsletters


Sending newsletter with useful and interesting information, and links to pages on your website can attract audience to your website. Once they view your website, you can control their activities to a certain extent by the content in the website. Further, links to add the user to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. can also be deployed in the newsletter. Usually the dashboard that comes with the email marketing platform also includes advanced analytics that will help you gain intelligence on the time when the e-mail are being viewed, the links that are most viewed and other information that would be of great use in further planning.

10. Look for external sources of leads:

There are many external lead generators whose primary job is to generate leads with relevant information and specific categories. These professionals are experts in gathering customer information as well as useful information that can be utilized by businesses. They would be able to provide a database of potential leads that can be easily converted.

11. Answer to questions in popular forums


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This is a method wherein you capture the loyal audience of another popular forum like Quora, Experts-exchange, as well as other technical blogs, career counseling. You can become a member in the forum where you feel you have the highest probability of finding potential leads for your business. Once there, you can actively involve in answering the queries posted by other members as well as post some questions and keep them engaged. Please make sure that you include the company details and other relevant information (like the website) about the business so that there is awareness among the members.

12. Networking


Networking of any kind is definitely a good approach to build contacts. It can be by participating in seminars, workshops etc. where you meet both like-minded as well as a diverse set of people who can in turn lead you to your potential lead. Online social networking is also extensively successful in bring you the people you are looking to be your potential customers. Being active in both your online and offline social networking can help fill the gaps that other sources of lead generation may fail to fill. Creating pages on online social networks (like Facebook) can help you target individuals with a specific age, gender, or region. By posting interesting and engaging posts you are more likely to invoke their interests which in turn can help you generate more leads.

13. Promote your business of news sites


In this era of aggressive news reporting, it would be a great folly to overlook the power of the NEWS as a lead generating tool. Using news sites to distribute press releases concerning your business is another way to generate potential leads for your business. For that you can begin with writing a Press Release which contains something newsworthy about your company, a new brand ambassador, a new product launch, a special event, a new initiative or even a change in the high level management. It will be more effective if you optimize the contents for search. Do not forget to use your brand name judiciously and also add hyperlinks to your web site.

14. Promote your company at trade shows


Well, this has been one of the traditional methods of lead generation. Automobile manufacturers flaunt their products at the Auto shows with beautiful models standing by their side. These are not mere acts to feast the shutter-bugs. This is a wise decision to generate publicity about the product and the brand. Such shows generate interest in the minds of the consumers and can in turn leads to inquiries that can be converted to potential leads.

15. Strong Branding


This is one of the most important aspects; most of the successful business houses take extreme care of. Branding is one factor that can make customers forget about the price of the product and blindly believe in it. Customers are more likely to do business with authentic companies, than some random entity. They appreciate it when a company has a clear and strong message which is consistent across all of their marketing platforms, be it the TV Commercials, or the print media or Internet marketing. Many companies tie with popular sportsmen or celebrities so that they endorse their brand. The brand value of these celebrities command a huge following and businesses are ready to cash on it. It is crucial that the business stands by its values and strives to live up to the expectation. It is good to be a master of one than a jack of all trades. Customers would prefer expertise and the company that has a track record of being the best in their industry. Focus on passing this message through your branding and your conversion rates will swell up, generating more leads.

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Lead Generation is both an art as well a science. You need to employ both technology as well as creative acumen to reach the target audience.

The methods listed above can help you generate potential leads for your business. How you utilize them in the right mix, is left to your intelligence.

Amit Acharya

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