4 points on how to write great tutorials

Online tutorials are a great hit and has revolutionized the way training are being conducted. The instructor led training approach is being increasingly replaced by the online tutorials. Many organizations are adopting an online learning approach so that they give the trainees the luxury to choose the time of the session and the location. This lends flexibility to the entire learning process without compromising on the subject knowledge that has to be imparted. The way a complicated art like tutoring is delivered online, calls for some serious thought on the essential factors to be considered while building an online tutorial. Let us take a look at the top four points one has to bear in mind to write great tutorials.

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1. Understand the topic and identify the scope

This is the foremost of every requirement while embarking on the task of writing a tutorial. You need to have a clear idea on what is required. Understand the essentials and the trivial ones that needs to be covered during the course. Usually, the topic may sound quite common, but you have to stay focused on the core subject and steer away from any content that would serve as a distraction or a non-value add to the audience. Spend some time in understanding the objectives of the tutorial and then start your preparation with a clear plan in mind

2. Research on the subject

Writing a tutorial calls for not just great writing and communication skills, it also requires an in depth knowledge of the subject that is being discussed. There is no room for ambiguity of any kind while writing a tutorial. You need to have an expert level knowledge on the fundamentals as well as extrinsic information that would be conveyed in the tutorial. Once, the scope is clear, get your glasses on and sit to research on the topic. Do away with any predetermined assumptions. Be a student first to learn more, then don the teacher’s hat to start imparting your learnings to others.

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3. Start with an Outline and build on

Build an outline of how and what your tutorial is going to be. This will give you a plan on the duration and the page (or slides) of the to-be tutorial. Your tutorial needs to be rich in information as well as interesting to learn. So, you should be able to balance the cognitive learning approach with enough “learning is fun” instances to lighten up your audience while their brain starts assimilating the information that is being fed into it.

I am sure you are not going to strike gold right at the first attempt. Writing is itself an art and writing a tutorial is indeed a special one. Your content is expected to keep the audience focused and capture their undivided attention – definitely not as easy as it looks on paper. You may have to rework on the content, the sequence multiple times to arrive at an outcome with which you are contended.

4. Use ample multimedia

Pictures speak louder than words. You can use pictures to convey messages than written text to put across your views. Something like how comics convey a message easily than those long paragraphs. Using the sensory perceptions to your advantage would be an important task to make your tutorial interesting. If pictures can speak a thousand words, pictures coupled with sound can definitely convey a million. Whenever required, use audio clips to read out certain text in an lively manner. This should rid your audience of any boredom that might have seeped in. In fact, I would suggest having a small quiz like session in after the completion of a chapter (or even in the middle) to keep your audience on their toes while also using it as a platform for self-assessment. If you have a relevant video clip, then you can use it as well. The objective is to make the user use his eyes, ears, and sometimes the arm (to move the mouse pointer), so that they stay active throughout the session. Once you have prepared the content satisfactorily, do not forget to conclude well.

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While many would argue that an online tutorial is not equal to an instructor led training, the constraints of time and space have been making the online tutorials quite famous. If you have planned to write an online tutorial, I am sure you are on the right track.

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