5 Important tips for aspiring freelancers

It is not an easy decision to quit your present comfortable stable and opt for one bit unfamiliar. A lot of accusations would be in the pipeline. The status you are enjoying as a senior executive of a corporate so far is about to crumble. Still the urge of freelancing is lingering with you to plunge into it. Let us go in depth analysing the scenario more critically.

1. Think before you plunge

It is a serious decision, whether to quit your present comfortable job and start freelancing full time. Better not unless you have a real good opening with an assured income. It would be advisable if you can continue with your present job and start freelancing at your free time. This action would give enough time to think as well as assess the feasibility of your freelancing full time. Think twice as a freelancer you will be extending the working hours considerably. Meanwhile, you may sharpen your writing or software skills. Focus on what you want to write based on your ability and caliber. Also, your presence in the social media needs to be established. A new avatar, a new outlook or a new portfolio to announce you as a writer should be done meticulously. Also, get yourself registered with as many freelancing websites as possible.

2. Establish yourselves

aspiring freelancer

It is not that easy but possible with a little effort and persuasion. There are many platforms allow you to meet the prospective clients. Also, the press is another field where you got exposure to the job market. Getting a couple of employment to begin with from these sites may not be that tough. You should spend time in making an appealing portfolio. But beware, there should not be blowing your trumpet that loud. You can improve your marketability and rating.

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3. Get, set and write

You will realize that getting a good writing job is not all that easy. Elements are trying to exploit your entry status. Many would ask for free samples promising a continuous work. Beware of such clients. Secondly, the clients would like to offer ridiculously low prices to beginners. There are writing teams willing to absorb you may be after a test or trial. Job sites are available for you to tap; your personal contacts also would help you to locate opportunities.

4. Publishing houses

You may tap the potential from publishing companies by sending your resume with sample writing. And if you can cover as many publishers as you can find on the internet or directories, it is better. You have to let others know that you are an

5. Be persistent

You have to be persistent and try not to create an impression as a ‘fly by night’ writer. You have to prove your mettle. Finding a market where you can publish your writing yourself. Publishers are looking for individuals with published work. Self-publishing is a viable option for anyone for that matter.

Yes, the freelancing field is calling you to get in.

Amit Acharya
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