5 simple ways to use Whatsapp for Marketing

Over the ages, businessmen have found new and innovative methods to market. Marketing strategies have touched almost every aspect of our lives. Various communication platforms are increasingly becoming marketing platforms around while customer are acquired and retained. Right from radio advertisements to TV ads, now we have moved into an era of online advertisements. Google which started off as a search engine has become a market leader in marketing and advertising. Facebook and Twitter have also opened up to businesses to promote their products and services.

Why use Whatsapp for marketing:

Whatsapp, the communication App, now ownedby Facebook has become the world’s fastest developing communication application. Millions are using this as a medium for personal as well as professional use. However, this app is totally Ad free and hence you cannot push your Ads or promotions in Whatsapp, so you have to be careful and should have good planning. With internet on mobile devices being easily available this medium is set to reach new heights in terms of user base as well as returning users.

Building a brand


Building a brand calls for proper planning and seamless execution. Whatsapp can be used as a medium to send teasers, and other communication to create anticipation among the users. Once the product or service has been launched, Whatsapp can be used to generate interest about the product or service that you’ve launched into the market. Whatsapp as a medium can be used to build a brand by posting Whatsapp numbers in your Facebook posts and Twitter tweets or other social networking platforms.You can entice customers to join a Whatsapp group to get more information about a particular post or tweet.

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Customer communication – sales pitch

Finalizing a sale calls for a thorough follow-up. Unless your customers are properly taken care of after the presale pitch, the chances of them losing interest are high. Besides marketing, you can use Whatsapp for follow-up after any meet up or business discussion. This will ensure that your potential customer or customer never forgets your product or service and it also help you align their thoughts to your product or service.

Sending promotions and newsletters about product or service


You can add your Whatsapp enabled mobile number in your website asking the audience to add it to get to know about the latest offers on the products exclusively for Whatsapp users. They can be made to ping a code in Whatsapp to get added to an email newsletter that would keep them abreast on the latest product launches as well as discounts and other offers.

Customer support – Alternative

Just like Skype number, Whatsapp number can be provided for existing customer to contact you. Giving multiple options to your customers for After Sale Support would do well to enhance customer confidence in the service and boost customer loyalty. Customers can be given the option to chat in the Whatsapp application for instant responses, in event when they are unable to use other modes of communication. Having multiple modes to contact you and obtain support will give your business an edge over the rest.

Taking orders

Whatsapp can be used as a contact method with phone number and email ID. If you give your Whatsapp number in your contact details you will see increase in the customer base. Studies say that almost 70% of the users return to the app every day. That means these many people are available for communication every day. Busy prospects may not get time to call you or come personally to you. They would prefer a contact method which is always online and can communicate on the go. Even though email is an option Whatsapp gives you that easiness since it needs fewer taps. Not only that the chances to get prompt reply is more in this than email. You can also start taking orders through Whatsapp.

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Whatsapp currently is provided totally without ads. The intent is to give the users a hassle-free experience. While you can use Whatsapp for marketing purpose, you need to be careful that you do not make it an inconvenience for the user.

Amit Acharya
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