5 topics to write about as a freelance writer

Freelance writing can be both rewarding and painful depending on how you tackle the situation. It can be offering much more financial benefits compared to other online jobs. Putting your name on top bracket is not that difficult but it requires some effort. The way to the successful career in freelancing is both fun and adventurous. Let us discuss five essential topics a freelancer can write to reach that goal.


An ideal way to start writing as a freelancer is about places. You have to be a travel enthusiast. And at the same time, you need to be observant of small things you come across. A slight shift from the usual way of travel writing by adding some fun and frolic would attract people. Rather than putting all the facts and figures in a tabular form, making sentences embedded with them will make it more readable. The tour guides writing is another related area available to fetch better mileage in freelancing. Your interest in photography can be an additional USP.

Do it yourself

The DIY is catching up globally. One reason is the difficulty in finding suitable workers at a reasonable rate. Or it can be their availability does not suit that of the clients. Another reason is the interest of people doing things as a hobby. You can try your luck on DIY projects especially if you are happy with the screwdriver. The teacher in you coupled with the technical background you have you the right one to write the DIY projects. Sooner or later this may lead you to write product manuals. There are many areas to write like home improvement, carpentry, automobile repair or even a solar power generation.

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Start up

Start up

You may encourage people into start-up ventures. Only the thing is that you should be thorough with the pros and cons of the particular industry. A bit of financial aspects like investments, the return on investment, marketing plan, sustainability, viability etc. could be detailed out. A proper research would equip you as a consultant to the prospective entrepreneurs. This field is ideal for those having experience in marketing.


Even you are not a lawyer you could be a legal writer with some common sense. Maybe the clients need the terms and condition to be incorporated in the website content? This legal front could also be the copyright issue. A bit of research on the internet will provide valuable information to meet most the requirements the clients are seeking. If you can solve customers from going from the experts, your career as a freelancer is going to look brighter


health blog

The medical line is a field people are very keen to explore. You as a prospective top writer in the medical line need to read a lot as well as research on the internet. People who want to know more about the disease, remedy, insurance, etc. will look for freelancers who can provide information. Alternate medicines are catching up globally. You will be drawing the attention of those who want to learn more about the alternative ways of treatments available.

There are many more avenues freelancers can lay their hands on. Marketing, advertising, web designing, e-books are a few of the many fields open to freelancers. A knack for research, putting them in a readable form and present them as a package is all that is required to ensure your career as a freelancer established. In short there is no dearth for the field where a freelancer can successfully enter. Only the thing is that you have to keep your eyes open.

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