6 blog post topic ideas for newbies/starters

Now, that you are mentally prepared that you want to start your own blog, you should also have decided what you want to blog about. I was really confused at this juncture as I was a jack of all trades and master of none who wondered what to write about. I could not decide which topic should I pursue for writing. Rather, I would put it like this “I did not know what topics are written about in a blog which others would find interesting to read”. Now, after creating so many blogs of my own, I finally know this. I will share some topics that people search for, authors write about to broaden your horizons in this area:6 blog post topic ideas for newbies-starters1. Freelancing/Making money: This niche is extremely popular among bloggers. With the growing demand of people who are interested to pursue internet marketing as their profession, bloggers have always found this niche interesting and suitable for them. This blog is also based on my knowledge on freelancing and other internet marketing techniques. There are many bloggers who are out here on the internet to share their unique experiences in this niche. Freelancing is a very good profession to pursue and be your own boss but you should only pursue this to proceed with blogging once you have been a freelancer for a long time and have gained substantial knowledge to share.


2. Health:

Good health is the most important concern of 90% people in the world. Everything else would come subsequently once you ensure that you have good health. There are professional nutritionists and doctors who generally pursue to blog in this area. This is a very broad niche and you can always start blogging in this niche.

There are various angles like weight loss, food intake, diseases to the topic of which you can pick up one to narrow down and focus on the niche. If you are fascinated to know and share, you can pursue this. Here, the important aspect is that you should always be sure about what you are sharing. Sharing wrong information can bring in negative effects to one’s health and attract sensitive comments.

I have always been fascinated to know more about health related topics and as far as I know, there are many people to agree with me here.


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3. Finance/Law:

Again to remind you, this is a very sensitive niche where you should be very particular about what you write in your blog. You should have a clear mind and thought in projecting your ideas to your readers.

Law and order systems are generally very complicated and if you are a person who has a job related to such niches, you can easily impart correct and authentic information to the people and start blogging.

Always the important fact lies in connecting yourself to your readers well and putting in the right information which is in demand.


4. Technology/Science :

IT has been growing since the last few decades and as you know, technology dominates the world more than anything else. I am quite passionate about different technologies being an engineer by profession.

I have a technology related blog where I update posts in my leisure. Though it is not regularly updated, I find it an interesting pastime to learn more and share about it.  Again, technology has diverse areas to blog about like writing about gadgets, writing about scientifically advanced technologies or may be about upcoming/current news in technology.

If you have ample interest in science related topics like theory of relativity, universe or any other interesting topics, you can also think of it as a niche for your blog. Again, to remind you, the niche should always hover around your interests and passion.


5. Entertainment:

There are very people in the world who keep themselves away from movies and other entertainment sources. Entertainment as the word describes, can range from movies to TV serials and much more.

It would depend on an individual to decide/find the mode of entertainment which he likes the most. So, this niche is another great blogging area to explore and write about. When writing in this niche, you should always keep in mind to make the tone extremely friendly as the readers would be from the younger generation mostly.

If you are wondering on what you can write, you can always think of movie reviews, information about upcoming movies which are generally very popular among the readers.


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6. Sports:

Sports, though can be termed as another source of entertainment is yet another category in itself to blog. Everyone follows one or the other sport as a part of their interests.

You should remember to focus your blog on any one sport as it would attract a particular type of audience and you would be able to do justice by blogging ample number of posts on the particular topic.

Sports blogs can focus around player information, latest news, upcoming matches and lot more. So, just start your own blog today by writing about your favorite sport.


I thought I could add more to this list but it would not be worth. You should have a clear picture of what a blog looks like, why you should create a blog and what can the areas be on which you can blog. I would not suggest you to pick one from the above and start blogging.

I have listed some of the popular and most blogged about ideas. You can go with your own thoughts and instincts and write about whatever you want. If you think your daily diary is as interesting and not too private, you can start a blog sharing your daily diary too. I would also mention that you should not think any idea as dumb.

Even the dumbest or simplest area of a blog about a electric shaver is read by millions of readers. I say this to divulge your areas of thinking rather than limiting it to a set of 5-6 topics.

This list was to give you a direction being a newbie and to stop wasting time as I did, wondering about topics and areas to write about.

Amit Acharya

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