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When it comes to web hosting, Bluehost is a very popular name. Founded in 1996, it is owned by the Endurance International Group that already operates almost 99 web hosting service providers. Having already hosted over two million web sites, Bluehost has built a reputation for itself.

Let us take a look whether this popular web hosting service provider stays ahead of the competition by what they have to offer or it is just resting on past laurels. What you are going to read is a transparent review of Bluehost web hosting service provider with all the decisive factors for a shared hosting service taken into consideration.

Data Centers:

Being part of a conglomerate, data centers would never be a problem for Bluehost.  They have one well-maintained dedicated data center in Utah.


This is one aspect; Bluehost has excelled in for a long time. There are regular upgrades to ensure that you get only the latest and the best in technology like the RAID-10 SSD hard drives.

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The guaranteed uptime is 99.9% which indicates that the downtime would be less than 43 minutes and 12 seconds in a year. However, we’ve observed that this web host provides an uptime that is way better than the guaranteed service. As far as reliability is concerned, I feel safe to say that you wouldn’t have to worry even a bit.

Hosting Plans:

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Basic plan:

On subscribing to the Basic plan, you get to host only one web site. You get a storage capacity of 50GB and ‘unlimited’ bandwidth. Here the bandwidth is called ‘unlimited’ still there are certain terms and conditions associated to it, which a regular web site would never breach. On the email front you get 5 free email accounts with each having a maximum storage limit of 100 MB. You get one free domain registration, CloundFlare CDN, and daily / weekly / monthly site backup (through Site Backup pro). On the database front you get to create 20 MySQL databases and a maximum of 1000 tables. There is a limit of 25 on the number of sub domains you can create.

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Plus plan:

The Plus plan from Bluehost comes at $5.95 per month. It gives you the luxury to host 10 websites. 150 GB of storage capacity is allocated for you on their server’s hard drive, and you get ‘unlimited’ bandwidth. As far as email is concerned, you get 100 email accounts with a capacity of 500 MB each. In the Plus plan too you get to register one domain for free while you can create upto 50 sub domains. The biggest plus is you have the liberty to create ‘unlimited’ MySQL Databases while the cap on 1000 tables remains. The CloudFlare CDN technology caches the static content to reduce the number of requests to the server and hence improve the performance. The websites are backed up on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, thanks to the Site Backup Pro feature. You also get to deploy the Spam Experts anti-spam tool on one domain for free.

Business Pro plan:

Business Pro plan is the largest plan offered by Bluehost in the shared hosting space and comes at a price of $13.95 per month. This shared hosting plan provides you ‘unlimited’ hosting of websites, unlimited storage, and of course unlimited bandwidth. You can also set up unlimited email accounts and you have unlimited email storage space on their server. The Business pro plan also gives you one free domain registration for one year and you can create unlimited number of websites as well as subdomains. You get to create ‘unlimited’ MySQL databases and 3000 tables. You get to use the CloudFlare feature as well as the full featured Site Backup Pro that also enables you to selectively back up files or folders. Spam Experts anti-spam feature is made available to two domains in the Business Pro Plan. This plan also gives you additional features like one free ‘Domain Privacy’ (The details about the domain’s ownership would not be visible in the public space), Free dedicated IP, and a Free SSL Certificate.

There is a catch here in the pricing of these shared plans. This would be discussed in the pricing section.

Security features:

Bluehost claims to have a technology that identifies websites using excessive system resources, and temporarily re-assigns them to isolated systems. This prevents your website performance from going down and mitigates the risk usually found in a shared server environment. They also offer multiple user access control to specific sections of the host account.

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If you choose a one year plan while signing up for a basic plan from this web hosting service, it comes for just $3.49 per month. However, this rate is as an introductory offer. Like most other web host this is a marketing strategy to get users onboard. Renewal is quite expensive at $8.99 per month. Well, if you love this web host, the best option would be to go for a three year subscription plan right when you sign up. The minimum duration you can pay for is 12 months! You get a 30 day money-back guarantee though.

Quick Start:

This a unique feature and a paid one ($79.99) where you would get trained 1 on 1 by an expert on using the various tools included in your subscription plan. The training is for a duration of 45 minutes during which the Bluehost expert would take you through the cPanel guided tour; Web builder recommendation; Weebly, WordPress and other site builders; Themes, plugins, and widget selection and installation; Content advice tailored for your goals; Page creation including text, images and layouts; Email account creation, guidance and consultation for spam protection; and General advice.

This is something other providers give for free in the form of knowledge base articles or help manuals. You do get a dedicated trainer for the price, but this is only if you really need it.

Migration Services:

If you already have a web site hosted with another web host, Bluehost will take care of the entire transfer and setup to your Bluehost account for a fee of $149.99. Most web hosts provide this feature free of cost.

Technical Support:

You get 24×7 Live Chat & Phone Support throughout the year.


With their experience and reputation of being a preferred shared web host, Bluehost does offer some great features making it a decent web hosting service provider.

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