Disadvantages of a free hosted blog

Here, I would like to make you understand the basic difference between a free hosted blog and a self hosted blog. Self hosted blog: These are the blogs where you spend a little amount of money and make it dance to your own tunes. By this sentence, I mean to say that you purchase the storage space or take it on rent monthly and your purchase your own blog name/domain name where you are your own boss and no one has the power to interfere in your life. Free Hosted Blog: You must have come across websites having extended domain names like (site).blogger.com, (site).webs.com or (site).weebly.com. These websites are known as free websites which are not owned by the person who created/promoted the site. The extension to the domain name is given as it is not purchased by the owner. Now, you must understand the concept behind a free hosted blog. Disadvantages of a free hosted blog copyLet me outline a few out of the innumerable number of disadvantages in starting a free hosted blog instead of a self hosted blog: 1. No own Domain Name: Own domain name would mean (yoursite).com or (yourblog).com which you are barred of when you don’t purchase your own domain and go with a free hosted blog. As a result, you do not retain any ownership to the domain and the provider through which you have hosted your domain can anytime take it back. Moreover, you have to abide by the policies of the moderators of the provider in deciding the name of the domain even though it is available.   2. Abrupt Account closure: Imagine of a situation where you have hosted a blog and you have been writing contents on it for more than 20 days. You have successfully set up your full website and sleeping like a baby at night. You wake up in the morning to check out your blog and see a message on the link “Your website and your account have been permanently closed due to violation to our posting policies. Please refer to our guidelines to know more” and when you contact their administrators, they don’t specify any reason. I dont think you are interested to take yourself through such frustration. 😀 😛 3. Lack of perfect appearance: A free hosted blog would be confined to the templates, plugins and other features that are provided as a part of the site builder package by the hosting provider. You will have very limited privilege to mould your blog according to your own needs. Thus, the primary objective of making a clean and good looking blog would fail. Every website owner would want their website to be liked by the readers to become popular. A lousy appearance can encourage disinterest among the readers of your blog. Thus, it is best to avoid using a free hosted blog and limit the look of your website. 4. UnProfessional picture portrayed: A yoursite.com domain name would always be professional and easy to remember for the visitors. Users would be able to get back to your website in search of important or interesting information that you publish. If you have a long domain name and rented blog on a free hosted service, readers may not term you as a very serious blogger who is actually interested in imparting useful information.5. Slow loading of website: If you have ever worked on a slow internet connection, you will always know the pain of watching a page load for 2 mins after clicking. Similarly, no visitor will wait for your website to load if your server is slow. A free hosted blog generally has multiple and large number of websites hosted on the same nameservers unlike the case of a paid hosting. A paid hosting will have comparatively faster loading of the webpages of your website.6. No Actual control: Though the free blog creation provider has provided you a blog, it is extremely difficult to abide by the policies of the moderators of the provider. You post something which is not according to their guidelines and that would be taken out instantly even if you think that it is legitimate. So, in short, you will not retain any actual control to your blog. 7. Not friendly to search engines: Every blogger would want to be popular by sharing the posts and would want the posts to be read by many visitors. In order to get more number of visitors, the blog should be very popular in all the search engines. Thus, the blog needs to be search engine friendly to be precise. The free hosted blogs are not too search engine friendly as you hardly can customize it to make it good for SEO. 8. No Earnings: Apart from the idea of sharing posts, bloggers generally have an earning curve in their mind. Yes, it is possible to earn money via blogging and LOTS of bloggers earn. You can check my tutorial on “Methods to earn from blogging” for further details. Free hosted blogs won’t allow you to earn money through them unlike your self hosted blog where you can do anything according to your own free will. After knowing all these disadvantages, I don’t hope that you will continue with a free hosted blog for mere $50 a year which is worth. 

Amit Acharya
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