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With the boom in online media, everybody who plans to start a business, big or small has to plan about their website too. This is true for those compulsive bloggers also. In this era of smartphones and internet, if you fail to design a website you will be left behind in the market. The competition would move ahead of you and you would be left languishing. A website of your own enables you to control and expand your business right from your desk.

Elegant themes, who provides a wide range of WordPress themes introduced Divi WordPress theme in the December of 2013. Divi WordPress theme, their most popular theme was fully equipped with plug-ins, layouts and modules to support your website design effectively. They introduced the Divi Builder tool in October 2015. Our team reviewed the Divi WordPress Theme, provided by Elegant themes and here we present you our findings.


Divi WordPress theme review :  Features you will love

Divi wordpress theme

Easy to use interface:

The Divi builder integrates all the features of Elegant Theme’s Divi themes into a plug-in which enables you to build your own theme for your website. Divi builder gives you the easiness to create your own contents by just dragging and dropping the building blocks provided. Configuring modules using Divi WordPress Theme Builder is very easy because of Divi’s very own configuration controls.

Modules for everybody:

Divi builder comes with a whopping 46 unique Content modules which can be arranged and created in any way user wants. For example, if you need to add a blog post in your website you have to just drag and drop the ‘blog’ module. Likewise you have options to add audio player, widget for testimony or maps anywhere in your website. This gives you the freedom to create your exciting layouts for your website in an easy manner.

Stand alone:

The Divi builder is a standalone plugin for WordPress based websites. Yes, you heard it right; you can now use the elegant and easy-to- use drag and drop features of Divi WordPress Theme for your website. You can use this tool for any WordPress theme be it from Elegant themes or free.

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30-Pre designed layouts:

When Divi Builder arms you with all needed features and modules; this will need a little coding knowledge also. But do not worry yet; this plugin gives you the choice of 30 pre-made layouts as the base of your website. So, this works as a perfect blend of easy to use controls combined with the power of your coding.

Customize everything:

Using Divi WordPress you can modify color schemes, font size and spacing using Divi Builder. This plug-in even allows you to add your own “Cascading Style Sheets” so that you can apply custom styles to any part in website.

Option to Disable:

Divi Builder also gives you the option to disable an item in the layout. If you are doubtful about displaying a particular content module or element in the front end you can hide it from the user. This is helpful if you have any seasonal promotions or offers in business that you want to run only for a limited period of time.

Option to Lock:

Another facility is the ease to lock an item in the layout. This protects an element from getting edited or changed accidently. Presenting concise view for your content: Sometimes, a page in your website may have a part that takes up lots of vertical space and you may not be updating it that often. You get the solution for this in the ‘Collapse Builder Chunks’ by collapsing the content and in turn get an organized view.

Complete spacing control:

Before I started to write about Divi WordPress Theme review I wanted to check the interesting and user appealing features offered by it. One of those is that Divi Builder allows you to adjust the spacing inside and outside of each element in the layout. You can change the width of the content so that you can insert a full width image your page. This gives you an additional control to work with in designing the website.

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The Divi Library:

Another interesting feature I stumbled upon while reading for Divi WordPress Theme review was the Divi Library. Divi builder tool gives an option to save your own layouts to the library so that you can reuse them later. Not only the layouts, you can even create and save your own module, rows or columns. While saving the layout, you can select which settings to be saved like ‘include customer CSS’ or ‘Include Advanced design settings’. When you add this page the next time these settings are auto-filled. If you save an element as “Global” in the Divi library, the element appears the same on all the pages it is present. Whenever you make a change at one place it will be synced with all other instances. Adding value to Divi Library, you get the option to export or import the library data to any new projects to get a jump-start. This new website design toolkit gives you great power and flexibility in designing your website.


To avail the Divi builder you have to first take membership with Elegant themes. There are three plans for them however in the $69 plan you won’t get access to the plug-ins, so there is no Divi Builder also. However, for $89 you get access to all their themes and all the plug-ins. For $249 you get a life time access to all their themes, plug-ins along with the Divi Builder.

Final Verdict

I could not find any unsavory aspects while preparing this Divi WordPress Theme review. The only part that stood out was that you cannot purchase the Divi Builder alone; you have to take a membership for Elegant themes to buy the Divi WordPress theme.

Divi WordPress Theme Download

With a host of features and the flexibility and scalability of its design elements, the Divi Word Press would rank among the top best themes for an effective web design.

Amit Acharya
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