Domain Hunter Gatherer – Find Expired domains easily

Expired domains are the new craze in SEO. 😉

Well, I will give my review on this great tool out there to scrape expired domains. In my review of Domain Hunter Gatherer, we will discuss in detail on how to scrape expired domains and how this tool eliminates out all your manual work. Domain scraping and spam checking can be a very tiring job. This tool hunts them for you without any manual work.

Domain Hunter gatherer is available to subscribe at a price of $77 per month and its surely worth the price. If you ever purchased domains before, people sell it at a price of $15-30 each!

Download Domain Hunter Gatherer Free

You can sign up free, download and opt for the trial version of the tool to understand better.

With this tool in your disposal, you could literally have 1000s of domains every month.

Well, let me give a short introduction about why you need expired domains.

Private Blog Network has been a very popular term of discussion when it comes to SEO. One of the first and foremost areas where you wonder what to do and become helpless is scraping good Expired domains.

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What is Expired Domain Scraping?

At first to have a knowledge, domains are purchased for a certain period of time and they expire and are available for renewal to the owner. If the owner doesn’t renew, they become fully expired and are available for registration at any domain registrar.

To build a successful private blog network for SEO purposes, you need to get hold of good expired domains.

Why prefer Expired domains:

  1. Expired domains are used domains having good authority already.
  2. Yes, Domain age matters!! Google prefers them.
  3. The domains are already indexed and easy to rank.
  4. Good established backlink profile
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Domain Hunter Gatherer:


The working of the tool is extremely simple and straightforward. Its as simple as entering your keyword in a field and clicking on search. The tool processes everything and gives you back – Expired Domains. It basically crawls the search results pages and finds expired domains gradually after checking for availability.

Check out the video below to understand the working:


1.Hassle Free Search for niche related domains:

The tool works when you enter a keyword and Click on “Search” on the dashboard. As simple as that!! You don’t need to scrape domains, eliminate duplicates and check availability.

2. Find authority domains:

You can crawl any authority website like Huffingtonpost, Mashable etc to find expired domains which were linked from them once. That happens when you just enter the authority website name in the Search field. Isn’t it cool? Even, I was dumbstruck with its charm when I started using it.

3. Quality Check:

Well, after scraping if you need to check the quality of the domains, you can do that as Domain Hunter Gatherer facilitates metrics check like DA, PA, TF, CF(Moz and Majestic Stats), Domain Age, PR and lot others like RD, No of backlinks etcs. You can filter the best out of the bunch you scrape.

4. Filter Domains:

Not only quality check but the tool allows you to filter domains based on filter rules you set within the tool. After filtering, you can export them for use.

5. Multi Threaded:

The software is multi-threaded, i.e, it processes up to 5 activities at once thus making it even more faster. I use the tool on a VPS and it allows me to scrape thousands of domains in hours.

6. Load Domain lists:

You can export and import the domains into .csv and .txt formats as per your needs and requirements into the tool.

7. Set Date Range:

You can set a range of years from which you want to scrape. As you know aged domains are good, you could set something before 2000 to get hold of some strong domains.

8. Set Crawl Levels:

When scraping from authority websites, you can set the crawl levels or depth of crawl for the software too.

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9. 50k API Calls:

If you don’t have a subscription of Majestic and Moz, you need not worry. The software comes pre loaded with 50k API calls and you can check the domains without accounts at the platforms. 😛

10. Easy to Setup:

The software is highly self explanatory and you will find it very easy to use. You just have to load proxies in the settings tab and start! I recommend using proxies as the tool would be scraping Search Engines heavily.

11. Regular Updates:

This is one of those good tools where you see regular updates by the owner. This eliminates any bugs and increases the efficiency. Every time you launch the software, it checks for the latest update.


If you are a professional subscriber of the tool, you get to use additional bonuses.

Expired Web 2.0 Hunter:

I discussed in one of my previous posts about using Domain hunter gatherer to find expired web 2.0s.

Yes, There is another module in the software which allows you to scrape web 2.0s across a number of platforms. You get to enjoy the same features as the Expired domain hunter in this module. You can choose to scrape on keywords across Tumblr, Weebly, OverBlog, Blogspot, WordPress, TypePad and a lot more.

Well, Web 2.0s are free to register. So, you can just scrape, register and help your websites rank. If you want to use only the Expired Web 2.0 Hunter, you can opt for the Premium license at just $17 per month.

Dom Recovery:

As I said, this is an one stop tool for your PBN needs. Once you have scraped the expired domains, you can recover them from the Internet Archive using DomRecovery. If you are a professional subscriber, you get this tool for FREE which actually costs $97.

Domain Hunter Gatherer Discounts:

There are 3 versions of the software: Free, Premium and Professional.

Domain Hunter Gatherer

You can opt for a 7 days trial with the Premium and Professional versions to test the waters yourself. 😉

When opting to purchase, use the exclusive Discount Code: DHG10 to avail a discount of 10%.

Let’s face it! Finding Expired domains isnt that tough after all with a tool at hand like Domain Hunter Gatherer.

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Amit Acharya
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