How to Earn with Amazon affiliate Niche based sites

This is a guide for newbies who are looking to make some money in the Internet Marketing world. Yes, it’s never been easy to make a penny of your own and here I am outlining a perfect method which can help you to make your first dollars online. This method won’t definitely fetch you a lot within a short time but it would pull up your confidence. If you are willing to put forth your efforts, this can help you to earn a stable income over time.Just if you didn’t read the subject, I would be focusing on Amazon Affiliates program as a method of earning.Earn with Amazon Affiliate

What you Need:


  1. Attention for the next 15 mins
  2. Some funds to start a site of your own
  3. Willing to put forth time, at least 1-2 hours a day

Take away from the tutorial:


  1. How to start your own website
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Content Development and Segregation
  4. How to make $500+ with Amazon affiliates program

Why prefer Amazon Affiliates:


Amazon is one of the trusted brands online. So, people don’t tend to bounce back without purchasing when they are on amazon after being referred by you. Even more, most of the people buy more than one product or something or the other on Amazon which adds to your affiliate income. Also, Amazon affiliate is the simplest method which you can integrate in your blog to get some happy commissions. During the times of the holidays, people are on a shopping spree and you can be on a commission spree. 😛


Earn money online

The method in detail:

Start a Blog:


Start a Blog


If you are new to setting up a blog, you can read the front page of my website which outlines the process of how to start a blog in detail.

If you are looking to buy a new domain or hosting, you could use the below deal to fetch me some commissions 🙂

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Sign Up as an Amazon Affiliate(Earn with amazon affiliate) :


Amazon has country specific sites. Be sure to sign up at or your country site if you prefer. For the further steps, always choose products from the same Amazon site.

To sign up as an affiliate, follow the below link:

Niche Research:


People mostly find this step the most difficult. It’s just because you have too many options. Amazon has a plethora of products and indeed, it can be confusing on what you choose to promote. Nevertheless, Amazon makes it easy for us to choose. Here are some points which can help you out with Niche research:

  1. Choose products above $50 in value. Amazon has a commission percentage of 4-10% and you may not find sufficient income in your pocket if you target lesser value products.
  2. I had a variety of Amazon Niche sites and yes, almost every product converts. To help you choose the niche, check out the Amazon Best sellers page (
  3. Check out the advertising fee page to know which product you can pick to get decent commissions (
  4. Be sure to choose a niche which has sufficient products in Amazon to promote and the products have good reviews.
  5. To find the untapped niches, you need to go some levels down in Amazon to check products which are highly used but still ignored. If you are just picking something generic from “Sports” section in general, it may not be worth targeting considering the competition. You could go one level down to “Sports hats” or even one more level at [color sports hat] like “yellow sports hat” to make it even more targeted.

Now that you are comfortable with choosing a niche, we could go next to choosing a perfect keyword.Tip: You could choose products from amazon to promote on specific events like Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving etc. They are events where people purchase stuffs and are hungry to shop. Be sure to choose products that people would purchase. 

Keyword Research:


Keyword Research

This is one of the most important steps which you can put forth some time and save loads of money you spend on link building and SEO. Choosing the perfect target keywords would help you to be targeted and achieve your goals faster with minimum SEO.

How to choose a perfect keyword:


Once you have chosen your niche, you should be wondering on what keywords to choose. I will tell you what keywords convert best for Amazon and how to find the best among them.

The types of converting keywords are:

  1. [Product] reviews
  2. Best [product] for [gender/task]
  3. [Brand/Company] [Product]
  4. Buy [product]

Examples: Suppose I target “products to remove dark circles”. So, the relevant keyword examples would be:Best Dark circle remover for men/womenRodial Bee venom remover reviewsDonna bella dark circle removerBuy dark circle remover onlineNote: These are just examples for demonstration. You should choose your own keywords which are relevant to your products to achieve some success.So, now you have 10 keywords. What to do next?Next step you need to take is to do competition analysis for the keywords. There are a lot of tools online to check the competition but I personally prefer Keyword Revealer. You could also check in Long Tail Pro if it suits you.Check the keywords in Keyword revealer and evaluate. If you find them with a competition level of less than 20 with an average search of 1000+, pick them up. Save them in keyword revealer and choose more. Once you are done, export from keyword revealer and choose the most relevant ones. You could have 2-3 main keywords and around 10-15 LSIs which suits you best.If you don’t have keyword revealer as its a paid tool, do a SERP analysis by searching the keywords. Check the keyword searches in the Google Keyword Planner.You could verify the top 10 results and check the following to do competition analysis:

  1. If the keyword appears in title, H1, H2, link etc.
  2. If the website is an authority site.
  3. If the site has a long descriptive high quality content on the landing page.
  4. If the site link has good backlink profile and social signals.

Note: If you see too many ecommerce product links at the top or videos from youtube, dailymotion in the top 10 results of the keyword, it can be a good choice to proceed and outrank.Next step is to go to Google trends and check if the keyword is having a decent number of searches and sustained popularity over time. This can give you an insight if it can be good to choose.To come up with Keywords, you could use SEMRush and do a keyword analysis. It just pops up with a lot more options and makes your journey easier 🙂

Content Development Strategy:


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Stop Spam


This is another important part which you should pay heed to. The content is what you would like to convert with. If you are not willing to write yourself, feel free to outsource it but make sure it’s perfectly written. Some gibberish content dropped on the front page won’t drive any sales commission.


1 article of 1500+ words on the home page :


This article structure should be like the following:

  1. Small introduction
  2. Why the product is needed
  3. What the product offers(Features/Specifications)
  4. Comparison of some of the best products (Review Snippets)
  5. Final Recommendation

N number of 1000+ words product reviews as posts:


Here, N is the number of products you choose to target. I would suggest to go with 10 product reviews at a start. You can keep on adding more products as the site progresses. In the product reviews, dont be highly promotional. Keep on adding value about the product, outline the specifications etc. Always think from the perspective of the customer. You are looking to target hungry buyers whom you can push over a bit to drive some sales. So, be sure to keep things neat and simple.

Additional Relevant Pages:


Some other relevant pages which needs to be written are Privacy Policy, Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer, About Us/Me and Contact Us. These may constitute 200 words each but add great value to the website to make it real looking.

Note: Don’t stretch the articles too much to reach a required number of words. It won’t be convincing for a user to read a whole filler review and won’t fetch you sales. Just keep it natural and simple. If you think, the home page content won’t be more than 1000 words, don’t go beyond it.

Site Design and Structure:


Designing a site is not rocket science. Once you have installed WordPress, open the WordPress module. Do customizations of your own or follow the below checklist:

  1. Add a text+image attractive logo
  2. Remove footer text and add something like “©”
  3. Install a good looking theme suitable for blogs.
  4. Add sidebars, widgets which are relevant.
  5. Create categories relevant to your product like “Best [products] below $100”, “Premium [product]”  and create a menu structure.
  6. Install must have plugins for your WordPress blog.
  7. Change permalinks to “”
  8. Change Site Name
  9. Give a personalized touch to the site by adding some stock photos and introducing yourself in the “About Me” section.

Once you are through the above, create a primary menu for the website which would include Home and some relevant categories as suggested above. The category pages would help you in creating a link building strategy for the website.Apart from the regular plugins, I would also suggest to use another plugin called “Pretty Links” which can help you to get personalized links rather than showing direct affiliate links to the user.Once you are done with the website structure, it’s time to add the Home page and product page articles. Here is another checklist to follow while adding the article:

  1. Do not add a lame “Buy Now” button at the end of every article/review. Rather a button which says “Check out the best [product] online” or something more buyer specific like “See lowest price online” would convert more.
  2. Every time you add a product or describe about it, make sure to add a relevant image of the product available on Amazon.
  3. From the home page, add links to the inner pages from the products. After every product review description or snippet on the home page, you could say like “Read more” or “Read the full buyer review” and link to the respective product review page.
  4. Create a comparison table if you can comparing 5 top products. You could create it with wordpress default table option or use Tablepress. The comparison table can include criteria like [Product] name, Specification, Pros, Cons, Recommendation, Find product Online. This would give the user a comparative analysis of the best products to choose from.
  5. Make sure to give a catchy home page title which can mould the customer like “The best guide to find the [product]” or “Ultimate buyer review to make the best choice for [product]. Just be innovative in what you say.
  6. Add 2 buttons to the Amazon site, one relatively towards and top and one at the bottom. People tend to skip reading a long review and are quick choice makers. We should help them 😉


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Long one, fellas? Yeah, its done finally! You are setup with a Amazon Niche site of your choice now and ready to make some quick bucks online!

SEO/Marketing Strategy:


This is another important part of the guide which will actually start filling up your pockets. Once you have setup the site, you should focus on SEO to drive sales. I will be outlining what I generally do:

Marketing Strategy

On Page Optimization:


No, Never skip this part. People build sites which are not On page optimized and go on doing rigorous link building. At the end of the day, they gain nothing. For this Amazon Niche site, you can easily come up to the Top 30 SERP results with proper On page Optimization as you choose a low competition micro niche keyword.

The On Page optimization checklist is as follows:

  1. All posts are to be optimized with a focus keyword on Yoast SEO.
  2. All product pages are to be optimized with product based focus keyword.
  3. All the images included on the site should have Alt Tags.
  4. Relevant and targeted titles, H1, H2 headings on every post.
  5. Relevant tags should be added on every post.

These may sound pretty basic but skipping this just makes your journey harder. So, make sure to follow the simple steps.

Off Page Link Building:


This is another area where different people have their own perspective. I will just say what I do, ignore the rest! There is no hard and fast off page link building strategy that works for anyone. It is all about testing, twisting and learning.

You could start link building once most of the posts are indexed by Google. The best link building strategy I prefer is:

  1. Manually created high quality web 2.0s: This is one of the best little strategies that works for me. Write unique content, put relevant videos, add relevant pages on the web 2.0 like about us, privacy policy etc and make it look real. Dont forget to add good images, people enjoy having images in between. If you are creating 10 relevant multi paged web 2.0s, it would work better than creating 100s of them by GSA and spamming.
  2. Relevant Blog commenting: This is another strategy which works well. Target some relevant blogs in your niche and check out the pages having low OBL. Put high quality comments rather than writing “Nice post” and waiting for moderation forever.
  3. Guest Blogging: If you have contacts of people who blog, approach them to include a blog post. Dont post on fake blogs having low authority. Otherwise try blogging at LinkedIn, or Behance. You can submit free and gain some authority.
  4. Social Profiles: Social profiles are another important part of the strategy. Create real profiles at popular social media websites. Add the website link to the profile and write something like “I am a blogger at I love to write about [product]”. You can comment below if you want a list of good social media profiles and I can send out to you.

Yes, you can include other strategies as they suit you. I won’t suggest building PBNs for this as its low competition and you won’t need such rigorous link building to rank. Link building is open to testing and you should do what works for you best. Make sure to have a good anchor text ratio. Personally, I don’t keep a ratio of do-follow to no-follow. Just create legitimate real links to stay off the radar and keep website trust.You can also use a mix of social shares along with the above link building strategy to increase popularity.Note: To judge the traffic and do an analysis, configure Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics on the site.Ah, finally! Thank you for reading the post!
Thank youIts the end! Now put yourself to work and take some action! This is damn easy and you shouldn’t fail this time.Feel free to comment and share. I will respond to your queries. 🙂

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