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Building a website calls for finesse. Apart from the content and the features, the look and the feel also matter. A theme gives the design and layout for your website which is vital for any website. Themes not only include the design but also specify which font, font size or color to be used while the site is displayed. Adopting a theme would save hours of tiresome coding which in turn is hard money. Moreover, themes are already optimized for viewing not just in computers, but also other mobile devices. Once the website content and devices on which the website has to appear are ascertained, you can select which theme to use.

Just like how the content should be relevant to the audience, the theme also should visually represent your product or service that you are offering. It is very important to have attractive and pleasant themes for your website. Themes not only give visual representation, but also give the first look for your website. Your theme should be appealing for all users especially for the first time visitor. They should invoke the interest of the visitor.

There are quite a lot of free WordPress themes available online, but you may not be convinced that they will represent your website. You keep on searching for free themes and at the end realize why they are free. Finding the right theme provider for a good price is quite a challenge in itself. Here comes the need for a paid service, but an affordable one. In our quest for a cost-effective theme, we stumbled upon the ‘Elegant Themes’. We found is quite useful and hence decide to do a complete review.

Elegant themes

Here we would be presenting you the findings of the Elegant Themes review. We would be discussing about ‘Elegant themes’, a website subscription service which provides a variety of website themes. This Elegant themes review is aimed at providing a transparent view on what is good and what is not with this product, so that our readers can take an informed decision.

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Elegant themes review:- Why Elegant themes?                        

Diversity of themes:

For any theme to gain acceptance, it has to have a diverse portfolio. Elegant themes provide a variety of 87 unique themes to choose from. From this users will get themes that suitfor any niche for which they are creating the website. You can only complain of being spoilt for choice.

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Unlimited Usage:

During our Elegant themes review, we found that once you buy a theme from them, there are virtually no limits for the number of domains or number of times you can use the theme or download the theme. You can just go ahead and use them as much as you want.

Lifetime free subscription for plugins:

The plug-ins available with the Developer and Lifetime subscription package are absolutely free. If you search to buy each and every plug-ins and themes you will understand how affordable Elegant themes WordPress plug-ins and themes are.

Refund policy:

The Elegant themes have a very customer friendly refund policy. In case you are not satisfied with the product, they refund the moneywithin30 days after purchase. What you have to do is just send them an email. This gives you enough time to decide about the suitability of the product to your requirements.

Option to select subscription type:

Elegant themes offer two types of subscriptions, personal and developer. When personal account is for average users the Developer account is for users who want to personalize their themes using “Photoshop files”. These design files can be customized using Adobe Photoshop according to user’s need. The Personal package gives an option to upgrade to Developer package if needed.

You wont get 87 themes clubbed in such a price with less than $1 per theme anywhere! That’s the charm which drove me to purchase it.  😉

Cancellation policy:

Even after you cancel the subscription, your account will be active for one year term and also you can continue to use the already downloaded themes. However you will not be able to access new themes, updates or support after the one year term.


Elegant themes provide you access to their collection of 87 unique and gorgeous themes for $69 as personal account along with updates, new releases and support for one year. For $89 you get the themes, plug-ins, future releases and support for one year. Elegant themes have a life time plan for $249 which gives you access to all their themes, plug-ins, ‘Photoshop files’, expert technical support and upcoming releases.

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User-friendly ePanel:

Elegant themes has made their options page very user-friendly and is fully furnished to guide even beginners. Using ePanel users can customize and design their website. ePanel has the option to design your home page and other pages separately. Every theme comes with basic features like search bar, sidebar for widgets and thumbnail images.

Premium support:

Every product or service needs an expert team to support their customers in order to achieve success. Elegant themes is no different. Elegant themes provides you two methods to contact them. If you are seeking to get knowledge about their product and services you can send an email from ‘Contact us’ page using the form available. If you are already a subscribed customer you can raise a ticket directly from member’s area under your theme category. You have to just login using your username and password and raise a ticket against your theme for which you need support.

Elegant themes review: A tough search for the cons!

We had to really look hard to find something that can be considered as a blip in the product. At last, we found one and we’ve included that in this Elegant themes review. You do not have the option to buy a single Elegant theme. You have to sign up for their annual Personal package since this is the minimum they offer.

Elegant themes review – Verdict

Well, this sums up our Elegant themes review. From what we have seen, we feel safe to say that this is indeed worth a try. It is affordable, user-friendly, feature-rich, and has numerous plugins to add functionality to your website. The best part is that you have a 30 day refund policy.


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