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Grammarly, the world’s most accurate spelling and grammar checker is an Inc. 500 company with its offices set up in Kyiv and San Fransisco. The online Grammarly review tool is built by language and linguist lovers and used by millions of writers from all over the world. Its writing app checks for and corrects numerous complex writing errors in your write-up so that you do not have to take the trouble yourself. A large number of users worldwide trust the free and premium products offered by Grammarly, which are licensed by nearly more than 600 leading corporations and universities.

Grammarly is primarily aimed at anyone who writes and wishes to improve his/her writing- be it students, writers, bloggers or even professionals. It’s a lot more through as compared to your typical checkers, scanning more than about 150 common as well as advanced grammar rules. It even looks at contextual spelling and punctuation errors. Also you can’t get away with plagiarism as Grammarly will create reference when it feels that text has been copied.

Grammarly review


What makes Grammarly the best online grammar checker!

As you start type, Grammarly runs in the background and starts checking your text all those advanced grammar checks that include subject verb agreement, modifier placement, article use, irregular verb conjugations and phonetic spelling mistakes. Whenever you are writing to any of your favorite sites, Grammarly does the job of alerting you to any mistakes prior to posting it. Its browser extension is compatible with Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, WordPress, Linkedln, Tumblr and a lot of other destinations on the internet. Grammarly also offers synonym suggestions for making your writing more precise and readable. With Grammarly, writing confidently is only but a step away.

How to use Grammarly?

Grammarly, as the site claims, proofreads your content and lists out all errors in your article within minutes. The best thing about this tool is that it offers both free and premium plans. So if you do not want to pay up for the service, sign up for its free plan and download the browser extension. The extension works just perfect whether you are tweeting something, updating your Facebook status or anything remotely related to writing. Let’s see how Grammarly works by scanning your content and displaying errors that need attention.

Using the Browser extension:

You will be able to successfully download and install the Grammarly browser extension if you have signed up for the free plan. With the extension installed, whenever you write something in an editor, the application scans for words continuously and the number of errors would be shown in the bottom right corner. When you hover around that number, you can see a slide-in that shows critical and advanced issues separately that need correction. If there are no errors displayed, it means your content is error free.

Another amazing thing about Grammarly is that not only it rectifies your grammatical errors like punctuation marks or spelling mistakes but also shows whether you have used active voice in any sentence that needs to be changed to passive. Grammarly is in fact the best sentence checker tool you will find online.

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Using the Grammarly web version:

While working with the browser extension may be extremely simple and time saving, there may be cases where you will not be able to make use of the extension. For instance, if you have the habit of writing your articles in a Word file or any other format, then you will need a web interface to check for the errors. Here’s how you can proceed and proofread your write up:

  • Create your account on Grammarly with the tool’s free version.
  • After creating your account, login to view your dashboard.
  • There are two ways to bring your content to the editor’s area- either by clicking on the New button and pasting your article or by using the Upload button to have your entire doc uploaded at once.
  • When done, press “Start Review” button to choose your writing context: for example academic, casual or business. The grammar checker tool proofreads it to check for any errors and presents you with writing and grammar errors highlighted in red as shown below:
  • You can go through each of the errors, check for the explanation and choose to either change or ignore them.
  • Then you can download the document or copy back your text which is error free and ready to be used.

Using Grammarly Add-In for the Microsoft Products:

You can use this grammar corrector tool to download Microsoft Add-In for Outlook and Word. Note that the Add-In will work only if you have signed up for a premium version of the tool. Once you log in to your account, you can see a notification for downloading the add-in just like an image shown below.

Download the set up file and install it on your computer by following these simple steps:

  • Doubt click on the .exe file.
  • Select to install both the Microsoft Outlook and Word.
  • When the add-in gets installed, use your Grammarly credentials to login and activate the add-in.
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook or Word and you can see a Grammarly option in Menu bar.

You have to enable the Grammarly feature for it to start proofreading your text and remove punctuation mistakes and grammatical errors of all kinds.

Other Essential Features of Grammarly:

Not only is Grammarly a tool for proofreading your article for grammatical errors, it is much more than that since it equips you with the ability of making sure that your article is perfect. Mark that these additional features are only a part of Grammarly’s premium plan and not included in its free version.

  • Vocabulary Enhancement: This feature of Grammarly scans your article and finds commonly occurring repeated words. It then suggests you with different appropriate words implying the same meaning. You can use these suggested words to replace the repeated ones. The vocabulary enhancement feature is available on the left hand side-bar.
  • Plagiarism Checker: As an article writer, proofreading your content for plagiarism check is the most important aspect. Also, for clients hiring writers, this is a must have tool. The plagiarism checker tool from Grammarly scans your entire article and compares it with a huge database of about 8 billion pages to show you whether its original or not.
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The Pros:

Without a doubt, Grammarly offers a lot more than anything that you would find in Microsoft Word’s grammar checker. It can also pick out most commonly confused words such as ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ or ‘effect’ and ‘affect’. It even explains whether in short or long form what grammar rule you have broken potentially.

  • Grammarly is quite simple and a lot more intuitive to use. Since it runs on your internet browser, you do not need to download anything extra. Its features have been kept to a minimum so that more focus is on the core function.
  • You will have plenty of opportunities to learn with Grammarly. Whenever you review a document, the type of errors and their frequency are tracked so as to build a clear picture of your area of weaknesses. You can view an average score for all your work on the dashboard and also get access to a personalized handbook containing detailed explanations of all the grammar rules which you get wrong more often.
  • Grammarly settings easily adjust according to your writing style: Different writing styles require different types of editing and with Grammarly, you have the option to check academic, technical, business, casual or creative writing. This feature of the app adjusts the strictness of reviewing so as to match your personal editing requirements. All error are clearly displayed, organized and categories separately for easy review and correction.
  • Availability: The grammar app is available as a desktop software, Microsoft add in and as a web app. So you can choose the one you find convenient enough for all your editing requirements.

Not so great features of Gramamrly:

There aren’t really any cons regarding the functionality of Grammarly, but a few issues that users may be uncomfortable with.

  • Usage of Web Space: After you have logged in to the Grammarly dashboard, the Option panel and navigation bar is fixed and also the footer takes up a lot of unnecessary space. So the workspace has been reduced to quite an extent.
  • No offline Accessibility: Grammarly is inaccessible offline and users need to have an active internet connection for making the best use of software.

Grammarly summarized:

Truth be said, Grammarly is the rescue point of every blogger and writer. You will be surprised by the kind of error it picks and most importantly the explanation it offers for each one of them. For formal and professional documents, the detailed grammar checking is great. For writers that are a bit rusty on the finer points, Grammarly is a lot informative and aids in polishing their work. For the business users who review reports, emails and memos, it brings in a huge scale of effectiveness. All in all, Grammarly is an excellent tool for different kinds of internet users in a lot of unique ways.


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