Greengeeks Review – Unique facts to notice about them

There are so many web hosting services available in the market for you to select. The basic features you should look for before signing up with a web hosting service are its reliability  scalability, affordability, security features, uptime, and of course technical support.

Though a relatively new entrant (in 2008) Greengeeks boast that they are the leading green energy (Renewable energy) supported web hosting providers in the world. They claim that they put back 300% (through wind energy) of the energy they consume. So let us explore how well Greengeeks as a web host does to cater to the needs of users looking for shared web hosting space.

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greengeeks review


GreenGeeks Hosting


Everyone knows that if you cannot have your website online 24/7, there is no use of having a website. Your business will take a huge blow if you are running an Ecommerce web site. Greengeeks promises 99.9% of uptime which is in line with the current standard. This is achieved by using the latest technology in both hardware and software. Adding to this the technicians monitor the data centers 24/7 to recognize any possible hardware failures. In case the failure is beyond repairable, Greengeeks immediately gets your website back up. This is made possible with the nightly backups.

Technology on servers:

Greengeeks use the Dual Quad Core Xeon processors for their servers which are equipped with 64GB DDR3 RAM (Double Data Rate). The redundancy is maintained by using the SSD (Solid State Drive) and RAID-10 combined to protect the customer data (either by mirroring or parity).

Web hosting plan:

Greengeeks provides only one web hosting plan which they say is perfect for any individual running a small business. The price is as low as $3.96 per month, if you are signing up for three years; however, if you want to really get it for a monthly option you have to pay $9.95 per month. In this plan, Greengeeks offers ‘unlimited’ number of domains, ‘unlimited’ storage space, ‘unlimited’ email accounts, and ‘unlimited’ data transfer. Please read the terms and conditions carefully as the term ‘unlimited’ is bound to have some limits!

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Greengeeks offers you 30-day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the service.

E-mail accounts:

The E-mail accounts provided will be secure and you can use both IMAP and POP3 mail access protocol. You can create unlimited number of E-mail accounts that can be accessed through E-mail clients as well as webmail and mobile phones. Along with these you can have unlimited number of forwarding E-mails. The mails to these types of E-mails will be automatically forwarded to the main E-mail.

Enhanced Control panel:

WordPress website building software comes integrated with the Greengeeks web hosting plan. Along with that there are a plethora of features like templates, plug-ins and scripts for the web site designer in you.

Easy to install tools:

when you sign up for Greengeeks web hosting you get access to more than 150 applications including WordPress. You just need one click to install these applications. SEO tools and Search Engine submission are also included in the plan.

Domain Names:

You can host multiple website in one account and Greengeeks provides you one free domain name. But, this domain name will be operational only until you have subscription with them. So I would suggest you buy a domain name before signing up for the hosting and Greengeeks provides you free website migration, so you need not worry about that. If you are planning to create subdomains, you can create any number of subdomains with your Greengeeks account.


If you are planning to build an E-commerce website or a website where your visitors will be making payment you need database facility with the SSL certificate. Greengeeks offers unlimited MySQL databases.

Data Centers:

Greengeeks currently has 3 data centers and one more is getting ready to serve their customers. The data centers are equipped with battery backup and diesel generators. The pre-fire detection mechanism is employed to suppress the risk of fire. The climate of the data center is controlled using the temperature and humidity sensors located in the facility and these are present throughout the data center. 24/7 staffing is there for security and for remote monitoring of data center technicians.

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All the fabulous features and facilities are in vain if your data is not secure with your web hosting providers. Along with the daily night backups, Greengeeks gives you SSH access (Secure Shell – A network protocol to achieve secure connection over an unsecured network). This allows you to establish a password protected connection to your server to perform command-line operations in Linux. In addition to all these their servers do the real-time scanning for threats and allow you to password protect your directories. Even spam protection is available in your server.

Technical Support:

Greengeeks offers 24/7/365 live chat support. You also have ticket system based email support with a resolution time of 15-20 minutes.  Phone support is available from 9 am to 12 am EST on weekdays and 9 am to 8 pm EST on weekends. There is also a well maintained knowledge base and video tutorials available as self-help options that the users can explore.

Renewal Pricing:

Though only one plan is advertised as the ‘one for all’ shared hosting the home page, in actual there are three different shared (Web) hosting plans that can be chosen at the time of renewal. This includes the Ecosite Starter, Ecosite Pro, and Ecosite Premium plans priced at $7.95, $9.95 and $19.95 (all prices on monthly basis) respectively, for the subsequent one year of renewal. The Ecosite Premium plan offers the maximum features that include Free SSL Certificate, 500 email per hour sending limit, 2 GB memory and Site Backup Pro.

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Greengeeks finds itself in a position where it offers you many features at an affordable price. Its green initiative does not deter it from providing a good product. On the flip side, it has only one shared hosting plan that leaves you with no choice and the phone support is not 24/7. Still, this is worth a try!

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