Hostgator Review – What makes this web hosting service different

People who are going to build their own websites have some fundamental requirements. The important one is “selection of a reliable web hosting service”. When we select a web hosting service we have to take so many factors into consideration.

I will discuss about those along with my Hostgator review here. Hostgator was founded in 2002 and has been an award-winning web hosting service provider catering to the needs of innumerable users. Let us see what made them succeed in satisfying their customers.

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hostgator review

Data centers (servers)

Most of Hostgator’s data servers are located in Houston and Utah, however you do not have the luxury to choose the data center for your web site. Hostgator also offers a feature called CloudFlare which can be activated if you want to enhance your web site experience. There are 23 severs allocated for CloudFlare (across North America, Asia, Europe and Australia). The CloudFlare allows you to set up a proxy server between your front end and server. The CloudFlare feature save the static content in the cache which lowers the number of server requests and hence enhances the website speed dramatically.

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Hosting plans

Hostgator provides web hosting plans on both Linux and Windows based operating systems making it available for everybody, irrespective of the operating system. In the shared hosting category, Hostgator has three plans for Linux based web hosting, which are the predominantly used ones. Let us take a look at them.

Linux Based Web Hosting

Hatchling plan

This is the basic plan available for beginners. In this plan you can have 1 domain and unlimited bandwidth for a base charge of just $3.95 per month.

Baby plan

In addition to the facilities in hatchling plan, this plan gives you option for multiple domains. The monthly charge starts from $5.95. If you need a dedicated IP, you have to pay an extra $4 on a monthly basis.

Business plan

This is the ideal hosting plan for small scale businesses. Along with the features of baby plan, the business plan has some more features added for the business. You will get a dedicated toll-free number for your business and gets the option for anonymous FTP (allowing the user to access public files in the server anonymously). Business plan includes dedicated IP address and private SSL (Secure socket Layer). The added facilities are provided for people who are planning to build an Ecommerce website.

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Windows Hosting

Hostgator provides two plans for Windows hosting. They are personal plan and enterprise plan.

Personal plan

The personal plan is priced at $ 4.76 per month and gives you unmetered disk space coupled with unlimited bandwidth. (The fair-usage terms and conditions apply here as well). You are allowed to host one domain and the same 99.9% uptime guarantee applies to this IIS 7 server based hosting plan. You can create unlimited sub domains and also get unlimited FTP accounts. You enjoy the advantage of having access to create unlimited Microsoft SQL DBs, thanks to the Windows platform along with the usual MySQL databases. On the email front you have the facility to create unlimited POP3 accounts and enjoy IMAP and SMTP as well that are protected by Spam Assassin. You can opt for a dedicated IP by paying an extra $ 2.00 per month.

Enterprise plan

The Enterprise plan comes at $ 14.36 per month and lets you host 5 domains. You enjoy all the features in the Personal plan with the addition of free dedicated IP and the options of Private SSL and Shared SSL.

If you are not satisfied with the service you can ask for the refund because Hostgator offers 45-days money back guarantee.

Common with all plans

You get the free Weebly website builder with designing tools and website templates (4500 free templates). You can subscribe for Hostgator web hosting even though you have already started to build a web site with some other web hosting service provider. Hostgator transfers your entire website, domain, scripts and MySQL to their servers. If you spend $25 you will get $100 credit for Google AdWords or Yahoo/Bing. This is available only for Linux hosting and only for Bing Ads account that is less than 30 days old. Just make sure that you redeem this credit before 90 days; otherwise the credit will expire.

Extensive tool set

Since Hostgator is compatible with both Linux and Windows based web hosting, thousands of software and applications work well with their web hosting. You get WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, andDrupal hosting support in order to design your website, in which Magneto is specially designed for E-commerce. You can even avail Wiki hosting too. The Quickinstall facility used to install and update the scripts (52 free scripts are installed) is powered by MOJO Marketplace and makes it easy to install and update the scripts to latest version available. Using this feature we can install themes, plug-ins and other website building services including the most popular WordPress service. If you opt for a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server, this is integrated to the cPanel.

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Hostgator promises 99.9% of uptime to their clients. In order to achieve this Hostgator uses state of art technologies in server hardware, electrical systems, network systems, and HVAC systems to ensure 24/7 uninterrupted service. The data centers in Utah and Houston are planned in a way that they are energy sufficient with the help of the UPS battery backup, diesel generators, power distributors and fuel tanks to hold thousands of gallons of diesel.

Network features

To ensure high throughput and low latency the data centers are equipped with massive bandwidth capacity. There are on-site technicians to ensure that the servers are working properly. Also as a risk management the customer data in the data center is backed up weekly (off site backup).

Technical support

Hostgator offers premium phone support, Chat, and Email (Ticket system) for all the plans which is quite commendable.

Renewal Pricing

As with most web hosts renewal pricing is higher than the initial 1st year as in the first year there will be joining benefits that bring down the price drastically. The current renewal prices per month for an additional year are $8.95, $11.95, and $16.95 for the Hatchling, Baby and Business plans respectively.

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To sum up the reasons for Hostgator being an award winning company are affordable price, 24/7 technical support, 99.9% uptime, promotions and discounts, 1 click installation, plethora of features, easy-to-use control panel and the options to choose from Linux based or Windows based hosting. Hope my hostgator review helps you in making the right choice.

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