How can Hootsuite power your Marketing productivity

Hootsuite is a social networking management service founded by Ryan Homes, Ajai Seghal and Steve Johnson based in Vancouver, Canada. This is a service which enables you to manage your online social media from one place and to submit various social media like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Does not worry, Hootsuite connect more than 35 social networks. The companies who use the marketing tool are HBO, Panasonic, Facebook and even Obama administration. From this you can understand how Hootsuite can power your marketing productivity.

If you want to be effective in using social media for marketing productivity you have to build relationships and continue to maintain and nurture it. It is a management tool to maintain social relationship. Let us discuss about the features of Hootsuite that will power your marketing productivity.


All-at-one place:

The integration of all your social profiles at one place enables you to manage your social marketing easily. You do not have to log into separate websites to manage them. This gives you boost in social media activity. You can post to all channels at the same time; just consider the audience before posting since it will be different in each platform.

Schedule for a week:

Hootsuite enables you to schedule your posts, blogs and follow-up posts for all your social profiles for one week. This makes your work easy since you get all the social media platforms in one window.


The analytics helps you to get a Demographic tab to see the patterns across different group of people. This means you can target a particular group of people by understanding the sentiments of customers and adjust accordingly. For example you can find out which age group is more interested in your products and services. Along with this Hootsuite analytics sends you weekly reports in PDF format for free. This report gives you the top references, popular link, CTR and geographical information. But make sure that you always manage your social profile through the dashboard.

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Team management:

When I say team management I am talking about having a team to manage your social media profile. You can delegate your work to each member. For example if you got 20 responses you have divide the work load among your team for faster response. Also the team members can send private messages; but you will have to sign up for Hootsuite Pro account which is a paid service.


It also provides you a store with only business Applications and social media Apps which are supported by Hootsuite. They also provide extensions for business apps which helps you to get a dash board with customized experience.

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Last but not the least security is an important aspect of all online business. Here, the tool provides you a two tier approval system to make sure that you are posting the correct content in correct social media. You get the first notification if there is any suspicious action in your account.

Above are the features that will help you to power your marketing productivity while using this awesome tool.

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