How can local businesses embed Google Maps on their website

Starting a business is everybody’s dream and not all are as successful at it.  For the fortunate few, the business venture turns out to be exceeding the expectations at the beginning. However, the success is determined by how well the business sustains the demand and attracts customers.

The big business empires in the world are living examples for this. It’s often the – “Dream Big, Start Small” concept that drives local businesses. Even before you build a global empire you have to start a business locally to begin with. Then the next thing on your list of to dos would be to let others know what you offer, how well you do and where you are located. Embedding your business with the Google Maps is the best way to give a bird’s eye view to the readers about your location. Adding Google map to your website is not only a simple process but also does not cost you anything. Before embedding Google maps on your website make sure you have logged  into the “My Business” service of Google. Doing so will enable the viewer to identify you with your name and contact details.

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The right place to embed the Google map in your website is the contacts page so that the customer or prospective customer has complete information about your business and its whereabouts. I will briefly explain the steps involved in embedding the Google Maps to your web site (web page).

Step 1:

Open Google maps and search for your business location (Full address).

Step 2:

Once you are able to find out the location in the map, click on the menu option to the left of the search bar.

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Step 3:

Select the option “embed map” in the drop down menu. It may be listed as “Share or embed map”. Click on the option “Embed Map” in the new window that comes up.

Step 4:

You will get a new window along with the Map. To the left of that window, you can select the size of the map – small, medium, large or custom size based on your requirement.

Step 5:

You can set the customized size for your map and in the same window you have the option to preview how the new sized map will look like.

Step 6:

Once you are done with all the changes you can copy the <iframe> code from the text box right to the map size. Just make sure you copy the whole code till </iframe>.Then paste it wherever you want the map to appear in the web page coding (HTML Coding). Add a markup so that the search engines does not make any mistakes in locating your business. This is optional and will help local businesses since it may not be that popular like the big boys.

Follow the above simple steps and lo you have made your presence online in Google Maps. Now whoever is trying to locate your business online will be coming straight to your door-step and you can offer your services or products to them.


Amit Acharya

Amit Acharya

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