How can you get out of writers block

Writing is a great skill, especially if you have the ability to write about various topics producing quality content. When you turn pro, the initial phase seems quite exciting, and you continue to produce great content that would be admired by one and all. Soon, you may be in cloud nine reaping the fruits of your creative thinking and vocabulary. However, any professional writer would admit that after some time, they get in a state that is known as “Writer’s block”. This is a condition where a feeling of saturation seeps in and the writer loses his or her ability to create new content resulting in a slowdown. History has witnessed many great writers go through this grueling phase, and in some instances it has even resulted in a total breakdown. Some may not be able to handle the success that they’ve had earlier, some may go through a phase where they may run out or ideas or lack inspiration or even get so distracted by other things that they find themselves unable to be attentive. This condition can be caused due to many factors like depression, weight of expectations, fear of failure, financial pressure, or even relationship problems. Let us take a look at the different ways to get out of this syndrome.

writers block

#1. Take a break 

You will need a breath of fresh air and a break from your routine. Do something that you longed to do but couldn’t due to the pressure of work. Try going for a holiday, or painting or even gardening. You can even watch a movie or go fishing. Spending time on other activities and staying aloof from the routine tasks would give your creative brain that much needed time and rest to generate new ideas.

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#2. Practice Meditation 

Writing is more to do with the mind and a free mind is essential. You can practice some basic meditation techniques like Yoga to align your mind and free it from those distractions that have been haunting you.

#3. Write freely 

This is something different from what you do professionally. Just write something that comes to your mind. It may be completely different from what you’ve been working on. Still, just try to write something. Do not strive for perfection, just write.

#4. Avoid distractions 

Turn off your mobile phone, avoid those Whatsapp messages. Try to write sitting in a separate room where it’s all you and your thoughts. This would give you enough time and space for your thoughts to flow freely without any distraction. If you can shift to an entirely different place to write, nothing like that. It could be a park or by the beach or even the terrace of your house.

#5. Start writing early in the morning 

This is from the psychologist’s diary. Your brain is quite fresh when you wake up early in the morning, after a good night’s sleep. In the half-sleep mode your thought process would be more creative without the inhibitions that the world imposes to you once you get fully awake.

#6. Go natural 

Stop using the computer or the tab. Use the traditional way of a pen and paper. Trying a different approach gives your brain a change from the mundane way of processing. So, grab a pen and paper (notepad) and start writing like those good old days!

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The ideas given above are to free up your mind and start afresh. The objective is to eliminate any element of pressure or expectation from yourself, so that your thoughts flow freely. A healthy mind is essential for creative thoughts. So, please take good care of your mind and it will never give up on you. Try keeping things simple and you will realize that the pressure that you had inflicted on yourself is just an illusion. If you still don’t find any positive results from the ideas mentioned above, I’d suggest seeking medical help.

Amit Acharya

Amit Acharya

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