How to attract people to write on your blog

This is the era of blogging and just writing content is not enough for you to succeed in that. You have to optimize your website for visitors and sign contracts with new affiliates. You may not have time to create quality content (Which really needs time) while doing all these marketing for your blog. In this juncture guest bloggers can help you. They can provide you traffic and leads along with free time to improve your website. Before that you have to do some homework about how to get good writers.

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Build a community:

Community in simple terms means a group of people who has the same interest. Usually bloggers like to write for a blog which has a community for its active readers. An active community contains quality content, active readers, commentators, and active participation from the audience. You can build a community using any social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc. I will suggest not creating community in all the social networking sites, first try creating one community. The writers seek fame and in turn money, so this comes from a site which has enough traffic.

Appreciation & gifts:

Everybody loves appreciation and this motivates them to write more. You can add a line at the end of the post written by the guest. It will read “This article is written by <author name>. Read the below link for terms and conditions of guest blogging”. The viewer who is interested in writing can check the guidelines and submit their content for your assessment. You can even roll out a contest on any particular topic of interest.

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Advertising & SEO optimization:

Optimize your website for keywords so that people who are searching for guest blogging opportunity can see your site in the search result. For this you have to use the required keywords as much as possible in the content of your site. You can advertise on your website itself like giving a click on button reading “Write for us” or “Welcome bloggers”. If you are not that established in blogging, you can explore other blogs and ask the author to write for you.

Landing page:

Once you are done with advertising the fact that you welcome guest blogging, the guidelines page should be appealing and give a good impression. Do not hesitate to add some rules for the guests and dedicate a separate web page for guest blogging. This includes the language, topics and number of words. Then give the information about how to sign up with you and what are the benefits they may get.

Do not compromise on quality:

Make sure that you always reject the content if it does not meet your expectations (No matter who wrote it). Always remember people will be interested in a blog only if the blog can give them high quality posts. When you do this do not just reject their content. You can interact with the author giving an idea about what went wrong with his / her post.

These are the simple and most used ways to attract guest bloggers to your blog. Making small tweaks to these strategies can reap huge benefits.

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