How To Build An Effective Social Media Strategy

If you are a business owner interested in ensuring an effective social media presence for your business, you should have the appropriate strategy for the same.

Nowadays, there is an increasing trend among businesses to have an appropriate social media strategy. Even though, if you have not consciously controlled, one of your friends, customers or even other contacts in your company’s list, might have mentioned the name of your company in a social media site like Twitter and  Facebook. Due to this reason, you should not be negligent about understanding the importance of social media presence for ensuring your company’s popularity.

Rather than permitting the conversations about your company to go on without your direct participation, the best thing you can do is to take on the following tips to regain control over the social media presence of your organization, irrespective of the nature of your business.

Begin with measurable goals:

Before you actually start planning out the details of your future social media presence, it is important that you should spend some time towards identifying a few measurable goals that will help you in assuring that your campaign is moving on the right track. When you begin your social media journey without any specific end result goal in your mind, there are chances that it will turn out to be just a waste of time. You can consider any of the following social media goals that can be measured:

  • Website conversions and referrals to be gained by your company from social media visitors.
  • Number of questions to be answered
  • Total number of time your brand name should be mentioned in a given social media site.
  • Number of retweets that your tweets should attracted
  • Number of likes to be earned in the Facebook fan page of your company.
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You can set the goal for the above-mentioned measuring units, such that you can build an effective social media strategy on the basis of results obtained.

Present social media presence:

Social media


Once certain goals are fixed, it is time for you to identify the strengths and weaknesses, the next thing you will have to do is to identify where your current strengths and weaknesses stand. Here are some questions to find answer to at this stage:

  • Have you set a Facebook fan page for your organization? If so, identify whether the page is attraction and also have a look at the number of people, who have liked your page and also identify the things that you have done to keep the visitors engaged.
  • The same thing should be checked if you have a twitter account and also make sure whether it is your priority to interact with your followers on Twitter on a daily basis.
  • Check the look of your Google+ Profile page. Also, if there is a page for your company, how regular posts are done and also check whether you take time to connect with others in the industry in which you serve.
  • What are the other social media channels in which your company is engaged? Also, check whether they are attractive.

Besides these things, to build an effective social media strategy, you should understand your target audience and should also be in a position to anticipate future stumbling blocks. You should also participate daily in your social media account and should also keep a track of your performance.

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