How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With No Marketing Budget

Generally, it is stated that you should have a marketing budget for your business, but without any budget, is it possible to drive traffic to your website? Let us find out.

Nowadays, most business owners are aware of the importance of having a strong online presence. The thing to remember here is that a good website is something that will cost them money, but is having a website alone enough? Of course, not enough and to stay in the competitive web world, it is important that they should follow effective internet marketing strategies. This means that making your business available to your potential customers is the initial task for your team of marketers. But, after creating the budget, what to do if your business does not have enough funds for marketing the website? With such a situation, how to drive traffic to your website would be your biggest question. The good news here is that there are ways that you can follow to drive traffic to your portal with no marketing budget. Here are some of the effective methods that you can follow to increase your website traffic without spending anything.

Research is the key:

As you are a businessman, you might have done a lot of research before you started your business. Now, with no budget for marketing your website, it is time to carefully inspect your business niche and identify the target market that you wish to attract with your offer. You can conduct surveys for understanding your target market’s requirements and needs. Knowing your customers is the important step in building the most suitable marketing strategy.

Here, you can follow different methods to understand your customers and their expectation from your products and services and you should also identify the techniques that will work well for your clients.

Pay attention to SEO:


You might be well-aware of the fact that a good SEO is something highly important for helping the business website to reach the target market rightly. Here, you should be careful about establishment of a suitable optimization strategy for your portal, which means a lot of brand awareness and traffic. When your portal gets top ranks in SERPs, more traffic will be attracted towards your site, which can be turned into conversions.

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When talking about search engine optimization, you should remember that on-page optimization is something that should be done in a constant and consistent manner. Regularly check the latest algorithm updates and innovations introduced and local search engine optimization will help you reach your local audience in a better manner. Here, the thing to remember is that keywords are still important when it comes to search engine optimization, but make sure that keywords spamming is avoided as it can be easily identified by search engines, which in turn can even attract a ban for your website. Also, when you decide to opt for link building as a strategy, buying links cannot bring you fruitful and long-term results.

Create high-quality content:

You are recommended to remember that content on your portal is highly related to that of search engine optimization. Nowadays, with Google updates, internet search has become more and more focused on users and less focused on website owners. So, with the updated algorithms, it will not be possible for websites to cheat search engines with links. The latest updates push website owners and bloggers to create high-quality content creation for good ranking and for traffic generation. High quality content is something that should be created with users as the main focus and not created for search engines. It is important that your business should offer helpful information for the readers, such that they will never resist to share the same. Having a blog on your business website can be the best idea to improve visitor engagement and conversions. Constant updates permit your portal to keep the interest of visitors and will also help your website to become visible to search engine without any marketing budget.

Engage with users on social media:

social media marketing

When talking about effective methods to drive traffic without any budget, social networks can be effective tools. When you have interesting and high quality content, you should permit people to share it with others across the web. Here, the first thing you will have to do is to create a social media account for your brand. For instance, when you create a special brand page in Facebook, it can act as the best ground for promotion. As you have no budget, you need not have to use any special services offered by Facebook for brand pages, but you can use attractive visuals and can be creative to drive traffic to your website through social media.

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Make a survey or host a contest:

This tip can work better, if you already have a minimum of followers in social media sites. It is the general mentality of humans that they love to participate in contests, surveys and interviews. Particularly, when they are provided with some interesting questions to answer, they will be enthralled for sure. Here, funny or quirky questions can work the best. For instance, if you are dealing with vacuum cleaners, you can ask questions like what are the weirdest things that you found in your vacuum cleaner. This is a question that provides opportunity for people to share their experiences in a fun-filled manner. When they are provided with the opportunity to speak about themselves, people will generally feel happy. They will also bring in their friends to read the posts on experiences shared by others or they will also share your details with their friends. Even, such instances shared by the visitors can provide excellent base for creation of engaging website content.

Even though, it is stated that you should have a huge budget for marketing your website, you can follow the techniques that are shared above, even when your budget towards website marketing is nil. So, make use of the strategies listed above to generate more traffic to your portal.

Amit Acharya
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