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Ah, many of you have heard of this particular website “” when a discussion pops up about “Make money Online” or “Freelancing websites” in general. Well, yes it’s in fact one of the best websites where you could start your journey of earning some bucks online. It also adds to your experience and introduces you to some money making ideas online. Being a freelancer, working on your own without much pressure is always fun.


When I started back in 2011, I was very confused searching ways to earn online. May be Google’s search Algorithm wasn’t so good and it suggested me innumerable websites which say “Click on this ad to get $100”, payout at $25000. That sounded fun until my morale was slammed again when I reached $25000 clicking all those 250 ads for a month and find it as another scam. NOT FUN AT ALL!!!

After being laid down by such scammy websites, I finally found something worthy — “”. It looked legit and I gave it a try during my summer holidays. When I signed up on the website first, I had a perplexed look and I felt like a complete noob as I hardly knew anything about bids, projects etc. I felt it so hard to write a proposal for a project having no experience. Gradually, I read about everything for some days and got my first content writing project of $40. I finally had some faith that it’s possible to earn money online. 😀

I wont go into too much details on my story to make it boring. To cut the story short, I have earned more than $4000 through over the first 2 years. It doesn’t sound too much now but it was good for me as a starter and I could afford my own expenses during college days. 😛 It’s always a good feeling to be self sufficient.
Here is my finances screenshot to get you motivated:

Freelancer income

P.S: I work occasionally and the screenshot is earnings over 1-2 years during the start. I have moved on to other things with this great experience and a pretty good start.

Let’s come back to the main article. I will discuss some important features which you need to look upon when you start at and some tips on how to bid on projects to attract the attention of project owners.

Steps to take after joining

1. Fill up your profile:


The first and foremost thing to do when you sign up on the website would be to fill up the profile with accurate information about you, highlighting your experience(if any), your enthusiasm to work and the commitments you can make.


A good profile is something which every employer looks at. Mentioning specializations in your area will always give you an upper hand. When an employer visits your profile, they should be able to find a reason to hire you. After 100% completion of your profile, a profile completion icon gets highlighted. It can be indication to an employer that you are serious about freelancing.

2. Make profile verified:


profile badge


Trust is a factor which is always important when working in a virtual relationship online. It is highlighted when you have a Email and Phone verified profile. Before hiring someone, an employer makes sure to visit your their profiles. If you are verified, it states that you are serious, a real person and have real contact details. You may not be a scammer but the employer may not trust you without this simple verification just because it doesn’t look authentic.

Those green highlighters do add some value to the profile. Dont underestimate them!

3. Add your portfolio:



As a newbie, you may not have worked for real clients but yes, building a portfolio of my own is the first step towards freelancing. If you approach a client, you should be certain that they would ask for previous work samples. Rather than letting yourself down at that opportunity, you could be prepared with your own sample beforehand.

Just make a good presentation of your skills in the portfolio and it would be worth your while. Rather than finding your work every time, adding them to your profile is beneficial. It attracts more employers to shortlist you without even conversing before acceptance of your bid.

4. Add Relevant Skills wisely:


READ  6 blog post topic ideas for newbies/starters has an unique way to notify the right people about their interests. That is possible by adding relevant “Skills”. Once you add your skills, you get notified on the dashboard and via email about plenty of projects from different employers. At a particular subscription level, you are allowed to add a defined number of skills. So, you should be wise to add the most relevant ones to your profile.

For e.g, If I am a graphic designer and I have basic knowledge about Advertising, I wouldnt prefer adding any advertising skills. I would add all the graphic design related skills first and move on to Advertising if I have some skills left in the bucket according to the subscription plan.

Apart from that, it’s not only about notifications but you would not be allowed to bid on a particular project if you don’t have one of the skills added to your profile as mentioned by the employer.

5. Certifications:



There is another innovative section which has been put up by the website in the form of Certifications. I made a good use of this to highlight my profile. Freelancer has certification exams for each type of skill.

So, when you are good at a skill, you could appear for an exam and get a badge to highlight your skill. If you have multiple badges, it’s even better. Trust me, it adds value to your profile and your chain of badges stand out and catch the attention of the employer. The concern here may be that Freelancer charges $5 for each exam. You may be reluctant to spend some bucks but yes, this measly $5 could fetch you some real good projects.

6. Set Up Payments:


Ah, this should be the first option for you. Greedy? 😀 I mentioned it at last as it’s important to get a project rather than setting up payments. It takes 10 minutes to integrate a payment withdrawal option and you can do it while withdrawing your first payment. You would be allowed to withdraw once you reach a threshold level of $30. PayPal is the best option that worked for me but you could take your pick.

So, you are good to start some real work on the website now. The above explained points, if put to action can definitely increase your chances of getting employer’s attention.

How to bid on a project:


1. Find a project:




Head over to the “Work -> Browse Projects” tab. Here, you should have a list of all relevant projects in your skill. Search for any particular skill and the projects in need of a candidate with that skill would be filtered out. You could then read the subject and if interested click on it to find the detailed requirements of the project.

2. Study the requirements:


Once you are on the page of a particular project, read the requirement of the employer vividly and understand what they need. Sometimes, employers mention to add a particular word or phrase in your bid to avoid all auto bids(people who bid without checking out requirements). The more time you devote in studying the requirements, the more detailed you can draft your proposal in the next phase.

3. Bid on a project:



Done reading the requirements? Is it suitable for you? Click on the “Bid on this project” button. After clicking on bid, you can see various fields which I will discuss below:

I. Bid amount:


This is an important section where you need to bid the amount that you want to be paid to you. Freelancer has charges that they deduct from you when you accept a project. The new bidding system allows you to see the charges Freelancer would take and your final bid or quote you submit to the employer for the project. It is essential for new freelancers to bid a reasonable quote to be accepted. Check out other bids to get an idea of what others have quoted.

II. Delivery Time:



I personally hate late deliveries and so does everyone. Every project is on a tight deadline and employers dont want it to be delayed at any cost. Be sure to mention the number of days in which you can deliver the project among whatever other commitments you may have. People hate silly reasons of delay too.

III. Initiate Chat:


This is a free add on which has been included. It is free as of now and you can put it to good use as you wouldnt be able to message the employer before they initiate the chat with you.

IV. Proposal:


The most important part of placing a bid would be your proposal. This is the section which may interest the employer. They would want to know what you are offering specially for them. I suggest to make it personalized to every project and employer. Make sure to grab their attention by some means. There are people who submit “Auto-bids” and copy paste proposals. If you have a well drafted proposal, you get the attention definitely. As you have read the requirements, you can mention details specific to their project. Start off your proposal with a very brief introduction, what you do and some examples of your work in the first paragraph. In the second, describe about what you can do with respect to their requirements. Dont forget to mention anything at all that you noticed in the project details. A proposal is not something where you brag but you need to connect to the employer and convince them to contact you.

V. Milestones:


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This is a very good option to stay away of scammers. As part of the milestone feature, Freelancer allows you to ask the employer to pay a part or full project amount to be put to Escrow or with Once you deliver the project, that amount is released by the employer. I stay away from Employers who aren’t willing to create milestones as you can’t go into dispute if the Employer doesn’t pay you after project completion.

In this field, put a short description like “I will design 1 logo” or “I will write 10 articles” and I would ask to put the full project amount as milestone to avoid being scammed. Again, the amount to be requested as milestone may differ from project to project. Some projects may be carried out across various phases like e.g, designing of a website. In such cases, separate milestones may be created for each phase.

Once you have filled up all the above fields, its time to “Submit proposal”.

Was it long? Must be worth your while if you are still searching for your first project.. Wait!! I am not done yet!

How to increase your chances of getting accepted:


1. Be an early bidder:


I dont care much about what statistics say but its my personal experience. Yes, Early bidders have a much higher acceptance rate. Employers are hungry to get their project completed and when you bid early, they connect with you. If you are late, the chance of an employer contacting you lessens as its a competitive platform and people dont leave opportunities when an employer contacts.

2. Rank higher among the bids:


If you are looking to earn from on your first project, this may not be too relevant to you. Freelancer ranks profiles in a project dashboard depending on several factors like ratings, reviews, profile completion rate, responsiveness, number of reviews etc. Put attention to these parameters. I already highlighted the same in the earlier sections.


3. Low Response Time:


Be active on the platform whenever you have time. When employers contact you and you dont respond shortly, they move on. You could lose some projects in that regard. Make sure to respond ASAP when a contact is made from the employer’s side.

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4. Refrain from spamming employers:


Spamming employers is the last thing I would do. It irritates someone if you contact repeatedly when they are least interested. When the project owner contacts, make a normal response. If they reply back, go further into the discussion. You lose your chances if you ping repeatedly, plead for getting accepted etc. It just loses your credibility. Be sure to not make that mistake.

5. Membership:

Membership planIf you are very serious into building a business, opt for a membership on the site as it allows you to bid on more projects and you can increase your chances. Freelancer memberships plans are very flexible and you won’t regret opting for one of them as you increase your exposure multiple folds. That’s all. I think it is enough. Take action and get your first project at Freelancer! Stack some $$$s in your account. Looks good and quite handy, LOL. 😉Start a projectWould love to hear from you in form of comments if you need to know about something specific which I missed. I will look forward to answering them.

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