How to find royalty free images

In this digital era, conveying messages has become easier and far reaching. With some enhancements to the content we can create successful blogs. Here we are going to discuss about the importance of images, how to get them, and use them effectively.

Importance of images


A wise man once told “An image is worth a thousand words” (Nobody knows his name). Have you ever thought that writing and printing was invented by man, but interpreting from what we see is a natural ability of our brain. Because of that still images can convey messages more accurately and effectively than any other media. Yes, you would have gone through an experience where you wish you had a picture to explain things better. Now with evolved technologies in photography it is not that difficult to get that perfect shot.

Why you need free images for your blog


Now, we will see why you need free images for your blog. There are some simple but effective ways to make your blog successful and increase traffic to your blog. The main and important way is to represent your ideas visually. I will list out some reasons why you need to post your content with pictures in your blog.

Increase attraction of the blog:

Tell your message using the right images and be sure that your CTR (Click-through rate) will increase. If you practice to include the right image in the post, the bounce rate of your blog site also will be less. Adding the pictures to your blog makes it stand apart in the crowd.

Increases the traffic:

Nowadays, the search engines are evolved to such an extent that you can search using a particular picture. To exploit this for your benefit, you have to name the images according to the content or topic.

People love meaningful images:

Next reason to use the images in your blogs is the social media. In social networks like Facebook and Twitter people love posting and sharing photos. If your photos are appealing, then nothing will stop them from sharing, and in turn increasing the traffic to your blog site.

Explains better:

You would have seen posts in which the images are so expressive that you do not have to read the entire content to understand the topic. The best example for this is the screenshots that are included in a tutorial post.

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Where to find free images online

Enough with the importance and reasons for using images in the blog; let us discuss about how to find an appropriate and beautiful picture for your blog. There are so many websites which provide you a plethora of free images that you can benefit from. I will discuss some of these sites here.

Where to find royalty free images

Open Photo – A very simple open source website which is organized in a way that you can use quality photographs for your blog. You can also contribute photos if you have an account.

Stock Snap – Here you can create an account of yourself, and does not have any copyright restrictions. So this is a one stop destination for all beautiful photos which you can copy, edit, and post with your blog.

Morgue File – This website with free images stands out in the crowd because this has an interactive chat support system where the conversations are available for the public. There are free subscription and paid subscription available for the customers.

Free Photos Bank – This is yet another excellent source to download free images for your blog and you can choose the pictures from categories in the home page. You can create account with this open source web site and send customized postcards to your friends.

FreePik – Freepik is an online source that has a plethora of images – You can download not only stock images but also icons, vectors, and PSD files. They have two types of account, selection and premium. In the basic account you won’t have the copyright of the picture you edited.

Dribbble – This link for free PSD files is from Dribbble which is an online social community of designers. This is a platform where you can even get hiredby submitting your designs.

Graphic Burger – This web site as the name indicates is a kitchen where fantastic mock-ups, icons, backgrounds, and textures are cooked and served free often with PSD files.

UnSplash – The source of free images which you can copy, edit, and make use for your purpose without any copyright restrictions. You can subscribe for newsletters when the images are added.

Jay Mantri – The collection of beautiful landscape photos and new images are added weekly.

Designers Pics – An open source (initiative by an individual to help designers like him) from which you can download and make use of the images for your blog or business. Attribution is not required and the site has a wide variety of high resolution images.

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Je Shoots – A web site developed by an individual to share free images of different categories like animals, nature, food etc. You can download mock-ups (a replica of particular structure) too.

Pico Graphy – This is a simple website with some free pictures that you can use in your blog. You can create an account using the “crown” icon at the top right corner.

News Old Stock – This site is a tribute to the history using their rare Vintage photos. You do not have to worry about the attribute restrictions.

Magdeleine – This site contains more than 300,000 of photos organized in different categories. You can even search according to the dominant color in the picture.

Split Shire – This site was also an initiative by an individual who loved to take photos (In about 20 categories) and wanted to share it with the world – for free of course.

Life of Pix – This is a site which has pictures and videos which are free from copyright restrictions. You can also contribute to the gallery.

Gratisography – This site contains a collection photos taken by an individual and he describes himself as a whimsical artist and designer.

Get Refe – This site is something different than the other websites discussed above; is an online market place to buy photos (Free and priced). You can sell your photos too.

Pixabay – This site is a plethora (over 680000) of free videos and photos (vector graphics, stock images, and illustrations). You can use these for your personal and commercial purposes.

Startup Stock Photos – Another web site which gives you the freedom to download over 300,000 of images for your startup websites, developers, bloggers and publishers. The photos are especially dedicated for writers; be it blogs or content writing.

Pic Jumbo – This site is created and maintained by a 22 year old photographer who started to design websites at 14. This site gives you free images organized into 16 categories which also has premium account facility.


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