How to get potential leads for your business using social media

Businesses survive on the number of customers they have and the customers whom they acquire over time. Convincing customers to purchase your goods or services is an art and involves a bit of marketing strategy. When I started internet marketing, I was very skeptic and had a question in my mind always “How do I get clients for my business?”. I had some idea on bidding on freelancing projects but still I was not quite sure on what my approach should be. I have learnt a lot of things gradually through my own research and from some other marketeers. How to get potential leads for your business using social mediaI would like to share those techniques and the ways through which you can get potential leads for your business through the use of social media: Using social media for driving traffic to your website or generating leads for your business is a common technique used by most internet marketers. Social media platforms like twitter, facebook, linkedin and pinterest are a great source of unlimited traffic and can generate leads for your business in huge numbers. Here, I want to make you aware of some common and effective methods to boost the number of leads in your social media marketing strategies:
  1. Facebook advertising:

 Facebook, being the largest social media network can do wonders in terms of bringing you leads for your business. Paid advertising in facebook is very effective if it is done in the right way. You can check my tutorial on “How to set up an effective facebook ad”. Also, you can search your service related groups in facebook and join them. A lot of people would be needing the services you offer as they are a part of the group. You can befriend people in the group who you think may be a potential customer in the future. Also, from the posts in the group, you can analyze if someone is interested in any service that you have to offer.
   2. LinkedIn:

 LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where you find most of the business related leads. Professionals of similar interests have various linkedin groups for discussion among themselves.You can join these groups not only to learn more but to promote your services at a greater extent. You should keep in mind that you should not be promoting your services only. You should be able to contribute to the group or the community sharing your knowledge in the area. I suggest this because by sharing knowledge, people would come to know who you are and what you do. Then, if you offer something, it will surely generate more leads as people know you are legitimate and have knowledge on that area.
  3. Twitter hashtags:

 Harnessing the power of search is another unique way of driving more leads for your business. You could have your own twitter page where you can promote about related topics to your service. Interesting facts and posts can be shared along with very relevant hashtags. These hashtags would help you to be listed on the search when the word is searched on twitter by anyone. I always make sure to use hashtags and they help a lot in turn to make my presence. Gaining a lot of twitter followers would make you visible among them and maximum to the extent of their followers. If you make sure to give hashtags, you are potentially visible to everyone on twitter who searches the particular tag. An additional tip would be participating in popular twitter chats and giving same hashtags as given by the person who tweeted it. You can follow the people who you think could be potential customers in future. You should also be aware about the conversations that are going on which can help you to strike a chat with the right person at the right time to offer your service.
  4. Pinterest

 Pinterest has been growing since the last few years and I would seriously term it as one of the best places to find more leads for your business. Pinterest has been used as a powerful search tool by people. If you are not aware about pinterest, you can check my tutorial on “Basics of using pinterest and using pinterest for business purposes.”  People who are well aware can start creating relevant boards of your own. Repin relevant pins from other boards so that people come to know about you. If the pinterest board becomes popular and you are repinned by other users, you can start promoting your services in between. As I already said, keep your eyes open for potential customers and you will strike one soon. Feel free to share and comment if I missed something which can be included to make the post more informative.


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