How to get your first client as a freelancer

As you are reading this post, you must not have yet come across your first client. If you still doubt if you should pursue freelancing as a career, have a look at my post which explains What is freelancing and How does it differ from other jobs. Hardly matters if you don’t have a client yet!! Don’t think that I am a pro in getting clients and in convincing them towards a successful venture. Still, I have my own way of marketing and showing off skills which converts. If you are wondering about my secret weapon, there is nothing as such. 😀 I would like to share with you my experience and some strategies which can help you in getting your first client. If you get your first client reading this or get an idea atleast, my point of writing the post would be accomplished. Let’s plunge in to check what the strategies can be: Relevant samples citing previous work experience: Bunch of examples or a well maintained portfolio would be my first approach to a client. The clients would not judge anything in you other than your previous experience that you showcase in the portfolio. As this would be your first or second approach to the client, you should be determined to make a good lasting impression. If the client is convinced enough, he will contact again which may result in a successful venture. Refer my tutorial on building an excellent portfolio if you are still unclear. Having a website to boost online presence: I would  say project procuring rates are quite higher especially in the digital market when you have a platform of your own, i.e, a website which explains in detail who you are and what you do. There are the obvious first questions that pop up in a client’s mind. When you are trying to approach a client, he will do a background check on you to know if you are really what you claim to be. In such cases, giving a reference to yourself in form of a website is wise. Moreover, I always stress on the content of my website which is highly important rather than the designs you show to the client. If the content is convincing enough, the discussion would convert into an order. You know this better when you see yourself as a client. 🙂 Again, once you have a website of your own, it is essential to make it look professional and being a designer, you can easily take care of that with the help of a web developer. If you don’t find a web developer, check from some of the best wordpress themes and follow my tutorial to create a wordpress site of your own. It is also imperative to do minimal SEO for the website and start building an online reputation. Refer my tutorial on How to build an online reputation for your business.  Cold calling and Email Marketing: In every field, you should have some kind of publicity of your own. Especially when you are a new face in the digital market, clients will hardly recognize you. So, cold calling and email marketing are the two most important strategies you need to adopt. Cold calling would mean exploring the local and international market through Google search, collecting the phone numbers of potential customers and calling them to find if they have any requirements that match any skills. A tip to you here is to strike a good conversation at the first attempt. Be sure to make a short introduction or to project a background of your business when you make an approach. For cold calling, you could use a freelancer who is experienced in the area and could convert leads well. The second strategy of email marketing can be done to target mass number of potential leads. There are many mass mailing services which can help you to do email marketing. Here, you will also need a list of potential contacts which you can scrape from Google. Check my tutorial on how to get potential leads for your business. Once you have the contact list, you will just need to send the emails. You can use an email format/template as below which I use for the initial communication: Hello Business name/Client Name,Good day,I hope you are doing well in your life and your business is running smooth. I am “Your name” from “Your organization name”. I specialize in “your service” and we have been delivering services to national and international clients since many years. We are well known for delivering high quality deliverables within stipulated period of time. Our team comprises of professional and experienced people from the “your service” industry and we do in depth research, thus putting our best put forward in the job. We cater to the needs of many medium and big companies and fulfill their requisites. We would be more than happy to connect with you and build a strong business venture.  It would be an honor for you to start working with you.  Wait!! This is not the whole story. We also provide these services at a very reasonable prices in comparison to the market prices and provide custom discounts on bulk orders.  You can request a quote from us depending on your requirements and we would get back to you to commence a relationship.  We would be elated to get a positive response from you.  Best Regards,Your nameYour company name

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Blog about your services and connect with customers through family and friends:


If you are an excellent writer or a blogger, you should start a blog of your own on your business website where you write about general topics related to the service on which you business is based. It is a good way of sharing and exposing your knowledge in that particular area.

People would come to know about you and in turn be interested in your service looking at your expertize. I would advise to make the blog topics informative rather than making it promotional. Another aspect on which I always focus on is the word of mouth which is very effective.

You should always let your family and friends know about what you are into. When they discuss about you with some colleagues or friends, they would always mention about you and your service and the chain can go on till a potential needy customer lands onto your doorstep.

It is always said that word of mouth is more effective than any other communication mode.


Marketing Plan(Online and Offline):


Every business should have a marketing plan. Yes, I term it BUSINESS. It is because freelancing should be considered as a serious business.

Thus, it is essential for every business to devise a marketing plan. The marketing plan can be subdivided into two types like online marketing and offline marketing. Some Online marketing strategies would be promoting your website, your services on popular forums by helping people and answering to their queries.

Your website will in turn get more views and potential customers would be able to reach you. Once they reach you, it will be upon you on how you can convert the leads into orders.


Offline marketing strategies are always popular as they target the local audience who are a part of your vicinity and you share the same language.

The methods I can advise you to adopt are making your own business cards, pamphlets, leaflets and other promotional stuffs like banners.


I think this post would be helpful and you would have a  basic idea on how to get a client for your business. You can always like, share and give feedback which can help me to improve.


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