How to kick start your Career as a Blogger today

 As a beginner, it can be difficult and challenging to draw readers to your blog. You need to know what makes a blog stand out among the crowd and generate tons of readers. Add those elements to your blog and you can pave the way to a successful career as a blogger. πŸ˜‰Blogging First ImpressionsA book may not be judged by its cover, but a blog is always initially judged by its ‘Title’ and overall look. So make sure the blog catches the reader’s attention at once and holds on to it! Keep the title creative and intriguing. Virtual world is much like the real world, and the truth is “looks matter”. Customize your blog making it as alluring as possible. Use bright colors, but not too bright! You don’t want to appear flashy! Choose the theme that somehow suits your persona and represents you in an appropriate way. Pay attention to your ‘About’ page:Without an ‘About’ page, you’re nobody”.Readers firstly visit this place to get an idea about you and your blog. So define yourself and what your blog is about in the best possible way. Remember ‘you’ are the brand you will be endorsing.


The Body Is Just As Important As the Face

Only thing more difficult than drawing attention is to sustain that attention till the end of the blog. And it is solely dependent on the content of your blog. So keep a natural flow in your writing, keep the language easy yet engaging and informative. Do not state, make it more like a conversation. Try not to use an authoritative voice, no one likes a dictator! However, always speak with confidence, even if you are not. If you believe in yourself, your readers will too. Adopt your own unique writing style.

Try to write ‘pillar articles’ more often, that is, articles that discuss the solutions to certain daily-life crisis. They are more like tutorials. Readers will find these articles useful and their usage last for a long time as compared to articles that speak of a certain event. So they are serving a dual purpose, for you as well as for the reader. People are always more inclined towards things where they too can gain something. One ‘pillar’ article among four can be really good for your blog.

Another important thing is, never get too pessimistic in your writing. Encourage, motivate and empower your readers. Express your grief if need be, but also try to add a silver lining to it. And most significantly, use your own personal writing style. You know why some bloggers become so popular and others don’t? It is because people are fascinated by their style of writing. Be one of them; create your own signature style. Don’t be afraid to be different.


Know Who You Are Talking To

It helps a lot if the writing is targeted towards a specific section of readers. This helps to select the right kind of language and focus your line of thought. Add proper tags like ‘fiction’ or ‘random thoughts’ to your writings. Write things that the readers want to hear or know about, something that they will be able to relate to. Let the readers feel they can connect with you. If you write thinking that you are addressing one particular person, it automatically becomes easier to form the connection and add a personal touch. This is basically the key to popularity. Be one of them; speak as fluently as you would speak to a friend. “Friendship sails” and will be the foundation of your fan base.

Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” – Brian Clark.


Have a Funny Bone

No, it does not essentially mean you have to crack jokes! However, there is no harm if you can. Just keep the content light-hearted, funny. Think what kind of content would you yourself like to read? Don’t you have a special place in your heart for the books or people who make you laugh? It is the same with others. After a day’s hard work, if you can give your readers a good laughter, know for sure they will come back. If you cannot make them roll on the floor laughing, at least make an attempt to incite a smile. And this will take you a long way. The thing is, all facts and no fun make your blog a bore. Humor has its own charm and makes the read an entertaining one! 😎


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Never Be Out Of Reach, Reach out Instead!

You are a writer, not a pop-star! Do not act like one! To help your readership grow, it is of utmost importance that you communicate with your readers. Reply to their comments, answer their queries. This will initially be easy but try to keep it up even as your readership grows. Be nice and kind. Be grateful for the appraisals and also be prepared to face criticism. Deal with it humbly. However, Blogs are likely to invite foolish comments as well and a smart come back once in a while does not hurt. Rather it adds to the humor quotient and a little controversy is always good. But do not ever engage in a quarrel, you are above that. If the matter gets out of hand, delete the comments and end it.

Apart from communicating with your readers, it is also crucial to communicate with your fellow bloggers. Be a part of the blog community. Visit other blogs; it helps you to get new ideas and feeds your creativity. Notice their style and content, you can always learn new things. Pick what is best and improvise it in your own way. Comment on their blogs, start a conversation if possible. It is an efficient way of presenting yourself in the community. If their readers find your writing impressive, they will follow you back to your blog and subscribe to get more of it.

“There’s a lot of information out there for free, so you’ve got to figure out what makes your information different.” –Matte Wolfe.


Give Your Readers a Glimpse of Who ‘YOU’ Are


Blogging is a lot about expressing yourself, your views, your thoughts, your opinions. When you are sharing yourself with the readers, also share your life with them. Once they are acquainted with you, they will be more interested in reading your blog. Give them relevant information about yourself; tell them what is going on with you. Upload a picture occasionally: may be of a trip or a special day in your life; Post a video addressing your readers. This, again, helps the reader to connect. Let them know you are just as human as they are. Share your failures with them. Also, don’t forget to share your achievements.

But in the attempt, don’t start bragging. No one wants to know the knitty-gritty details of your everyday life. Remember at all times that your readers are the priority of your blog. It is imperative to strike a balance!


Blog on a Regular Basis

If you blog, say, once in a week and then vanish, you cannot expect your readers to visit your blog everyday! Especially not as a beginner! To start with, you need to be a regular blogger. The readers are always seeking new information and if you are not providing it, they will find someone else who is. Besides, frequent updates and fresh content help with your search engine rankings. You are a voice, if you are not heard often enough, you will be forgotten. So do not do that. As a writer you might have a writer’s block at times, it is okay to skip a day or two under such circumstances but do not make it a habit. If you are passionate about your writing, it will come to you naturally. No matter how busy your schedule is, if you want to make a career as a blogger, devote your time to it.

Once you become a popular blogger and have a loyal fan base, you can choose how frequently you want to post. If your writing is truly ingenious, you may even post twice or thrice a month and people will still be eagerly waiting to read you!


Try and Become a Guest Blogger

Popular Blogs offer new bloggers a chance to get noticed. There are several such blogs that have guest blogger posts. Everyone needs a little help from powerful sources before they can be on their own. This can be an excellent platform for you to showcase your talent. You might not be able to write on any subject you wish and may have to follow certain criteria but on the other hand, one single post with these popular websites can give you a great amount of exposure. Readers devotedly follow these websites and once they like your writing, they will crave for more. As a result, there will be an amazingly huge drive of traffic to your own blog in no time. This would be a very smart step to kick-start your career as a blogger.

To know how you can apply for a post of guest blogger, simply ask Google and you will get a list of such blogs that hire guest bloggers, Copy blogger and Men with Pens being some of them.


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Make Use of the Social Networks

Take help of the social networking sites to popularize your blog. More or less every person has at least 1000 friends on Facebook and another 1000 followers. So reaching a large mass of people becomes that easy. Besides, these are people who know you already so it will not be hard to pique their interest. Share the link to your blog on your profile, post fragments of your blog on facebook itself. An even better way would be to create a facebook page for your blog. These things are trending and this way people will start talking about your blog. Implement apps offered by facebook. Include your blog details, share your blogs on the page and invite friends to like the page. Once it has spread sufficiently, people will use the link provided on your facebook page to directly visit your blog, thereby increasing the traffic.

You can also Tweet about your blog, anyone and everyone is one Twitter nowadays. People follow you obviously because they are interested in you. Use this interest judiciously to enlighten them about your blog. Tweet about your blog and people are most likely to check it out. Go for micro-blogging on twitter, if the trailer is tempting, they will want to watch the entire picture that your blog is. Get your friends to retweet!!

The point is, go large on public relations. Tell your friends to visit your blog and leave their opinion. Ask them to spread the word among their friends. Soon you will find out that the traffic to your blog is increasing exponentially.


Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (and work hard)

Lastly, be patient enough to wait for the returns. For some people things work out instantly, while for others it takes some time. Be mentally prepared for the second case. Do not expect to reach the peak of popularity right away; it takes time and effort to reach to the top. So focus on improving yourself and delivering the best content for your readers; give attention to their wants and work to gradually grow your fan base. Rome was not built in a day, no quality thing ever is. Another tip is that, never let your desperation show, it creates a bad image for you. It is okay to ask people to check out your blog but do not start nagging. Good writers do not need to do that. Keep calm and cut yourself some slack, no need to be too harsh on yourself, go with the flow and never lose Hope! Things will happen in their own time.

So have faith in yourself and start blogging now! Believe that nothing can stop you. Happy Blogging! πŸ˜€

Amit Acharya

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