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From the time the World Wide Web came into existence,many web hosting companies have made their imprint in the online space, assisting millions of aspiring individuals and business to make their online presence felt. InterServer was established in 1999 as a virtual hosting seller. They have their own data center (unlike most of their competitors) and the servers are built solely by them.

Network technology:

interserver review

The mesh is powered by 19 Gbps Ethernet connections and uses switching and routing equipment from the best in the industry (Cisco, Riverstone and Extreme networks). InterServer uses the latest BGPv4 (Border Gateway Protocol) routing technology to achieve the fast connections. This protocol enables them to provide the best speed and lowest latency.

To impart the redundancy for the network InterServer used the N +1 network policy. In this each component of the network will have a replacement in case of unexpected damage or failures.

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Data Centers

Interserver has three data centers (two in New Jersey and one in Los Angeles) to cater to the web hosting needs of their customers; the one in Los Angeles will be operational soon. The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units ensure that the climate inside the data centers is ideal for the servers. The power backup is achieved by using UPS units (2 units of 500 KVA and 2 units of 150 KVA units). The security is enforced by staffing security personals in addition to the CCTV recordings and motion detecting sensors around the facility.

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Hosting Plans

There are three web hosting plans in the shared category. They are Standard web hosting, Managed Word Press and Windows Web hosting.

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Standard Web hosting plan:

This is the plan recommended by InterServer. This plan bills you $5 per month for the service. If you sign up for 6 months you will get the service for a low $4.75 per month and for one year the monthly charge further reduces to $4.50. The two year and three year plans will cost you $4.25 and $ 4 per month respectively. If you want to avail these discounted prices you have to pay the amount in total at once.If you check the features, you can notice that most of the features are available in the standard plan which is not available in the other two plans. Standard hosting plan offers you unlimited web space, unlimited number of websites, unlimited Email accounts and unlimited data transfer (bandwidth).  Again, please check the terms and condition to get a clear idea of what is ‘unlimited’. Even so, the chances of a regular web site exceeding the limits are quite remote.

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This plan excels even in the number of scripts (406 scripts) available to use for developing the web site. You have unlimited number of parked domains in this plans whereas in the other two plans there is a limit. The server software used is LifeSpeed which is a modification of the Apache web server.

Windows Web hosting plan:

This plan is for those Microsoft fans who wants to use Windows as their server Operating System. In this plan, InterServer offers you unlimited storage space and unmetered bandwidth. You can avail hosting for a maximum of 20 domains under Windows hosting and an additional 10 parked domains. However,there is no limit on the number of sub domains. Compared to the standard web hosting plan with Linux platform, Windows web hosting plan has only 55 quick install scripts. The pricing is same as the Standard web hosting plan. The monthly cost is $5 and if you are signing up for 6 months you will get it for $4.75 per month. The price decreases as the sign up period increases. $4.50 is the monthly cost if you sign up for one year, $4.25 for 2 years and $4.00 for 3 years.  In the Windows Web hosting plan, you gain to enjoy a lot of Microsoft specific features like Microsoft SQL 2008 or 2012, ASP.NET, Silverlight, Microsoft Access, ODBC, ASP Upload 3.0, ASP.NET MVC 4, and COM+ Objects.

WordPress hosting plan:

This is especially for WordPress enthusiasts who are more into blogging. This plan offers unlimited data transfer and unlimited storage space. In this plan you get all the WordPress features which are not available in the other plans. The features available are atomic mod security, daily & weekly backups, daily GIT Revisions, hacked WordPress cleanup, and daily virus scan. You can have only one domain and one parked domain in this subscription. This hosting plan does not offer any option for subdomains but offers you the perfect platform to start blogging right away. The ease of using WordPress is known to everyone and this is the perfect platform for you to unleash your creative self.

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The monthly price is $8 and if you are ready to sign up for more months you are eligible for some discount. If you sign up for 6 months, you get the service for $7.60 per month and $7.20 per month if you sign up for 12 months. Two year and three year plans come in a cheaper monthly price of $6.8 and $6.4 respectively.

What is common for all the plans?

All three plans offer unlimited storage space, email accounts and data transfer. Along with weekly backups, the user can create unlimited number of FTP accounts. Option to create unlimited MySQL Database is a plus point. All the E-mail features (SSL encryption, spam filtering, outgoing SMTP) are same for three plans.

Technical Support:

They have 24/7 support via phone, email and live chat. The email addresses for different departments are given and also you can fill the form to submit your query. Their toll free number and live chat is operational 24/7.

To sum it all, InterServer is one of the best shared (web) hosting service providers you would come across due to the flexibility they offer in choosing the platforms besides offering world class features at an affordable price. Interserver is undoubtedly one of the best web hosts out there.

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