Life of a freelance web developer and programmer

The ‘two in one’ opportunity waits for those who are enterprising for doubling up your earnings. Being your boss with none whomsoever to report to, may be a blessing. The free time you wanted is at last on the platter brought in for you. No more 9 to 5 routine but the schedule to suit your convenience.  You be scared of saying no to a client with a shoe string budget. And no more tedious work but exciting and thrilling work as a freelancer cum developer. A developer willing to acquire writing skill or a writer for design talent it is the ideal platform. As a freelancer web developer, you start demanding for what you write and what you design.

Clients would be pleased to deal with a single person for writing and web designing. The coordination is the advantage he has. Being the boss, you can dictate the time, pay and schedule. Working from home or small office reduces travel time considerably. As also the overheads are much lower than an organisation or team of writers. Breaking the monotony is yet another advantage. There are many people out there who want to become freelance web designers. However, freelancing is not all rainbows and unicorns, since you have to promote yourself, get clients, manage customers, and, of course, get things done.

Freelance web developer

Logo design, web design and interaction design are gaining popularity. To showcase your caliber, it is advisable for you to have a micro-blogging site. As far as you get, satisfaction and financial security, you should be happy. Balance – expenditure, energy, schedule etc. – of your creative production is the key. You have to convince the client of the feasibility, viability and affordability besides the return of investment in the long run. The freelancing is ideal for enthusiasts in designing, programming, and development in a strategic and logistical way.

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You have to put your foot forward and produce creative pieces with a personal touch and signature designs. Always put yourself in client’s shoes to understand the reaction. The meticulous homework before meeting a customer pays a rich reward. Be frank in projecting your opinion in spite of the fear of losing the contract. You have to plan a competitive price and stick to it. And be prepared for the rainy days. You should love what you do and once in a while reward yourself a bonus.

As the overheads are less, the freelancer can developer can add skills as well as procure additional software. After the teething trouble, jobs would come searching for you. But freelancer has to be patient enough. And over the years, the remuneration as a multi-tasking freelancer web developer  will be manifolds.

Not that freelancer is devoid of all problems. He may still crave for the old authoritarian boss and the 9 to 5 schedule. It will take some time to build rapport and in turn win over a client. That social atmosphere of working as a group available in an organisation is one major issues freelancers are missing.

The income level would be fluctuating violently for a freelancer developer. The pressure of working for multiple projects of different subjects simultaneously may build up the mental pressure. Sometimes, a freelancer developer will be forced to take up low paid jobs just for survival. Still there are silver streaks in choosing a freelancing career. The ability to choose your clients is a distinct advantage. Also, your creativity can reach a peak as you can shed that corporate paraphernalia and be homely literally. You have the liberty to find solutions to the clients yourselves without waiting for the corporate sanctions and approvals. The ability to choose projects without undue consideration the size and avoid a dull season in a freelancers’ career makes this profession more attractive. As a freelance writer cum programmer rolled into one has the advantage of putting into action what you have visualized. Sometimes it would be difficult to convince another person what exactly you meant by certain words or the placement of images.

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Establishing a new stream of discipline for example environmental engineering economics is possible for an individual rather than a corporate. A freelancer has to be a familiar with lot many functions besides writing and programming. The earlier advantage of having marketing, accounts, personnel, service team etc. all streamlined and compartmentalized will be missing in the life of a freelancer. He should run around to get orders, write down the requirement, code it and develop it all alone. The self-motivation and dropping the moment of inertia is the key to a successful freelancing career.

As a freelancer cum developer, you are to be a good salesperson in getting the jobs in a distributed fashion. He should be able to keep tab of the projects, send reminders, advertise and renew contracts etc. in time.

Amit Acharya
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