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Looking out for the must have plugins for your WordPress blog ? WordPress can never be easy without Plugins! Now that your blog is ready, you should definitely look out for good plugins which can make your life easy. I have used a lot of plugins and here I present some of the best plugins you must have for your WordPress Blog. Install the plugins following the “Understanding WordPress” part of my “Start a blog” Guide. 🙂

Contact Form 7 (Free) : 

contact form 7 plugin


This is definitely your top pick in the list of plugins. Contact us is a definite needed page on your blog and this basic plugin can serve the purpose. Contact 7 is widely used by bloggers and WordPress site owners to have their contact page customized in their site.

It’s free to download and use which is one of the biggest advantages of making it a perfect fit against any other premium plugin. It’s not restricted and can be used on as many sites as you want. Using it is damn easy! Install this plugin, create a “Contact Us” page on your website and paste its shortcode in the page. The shortcode would look like:

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

P.S: Do not copy this code, it should be available in your contact form in dashboard. This is just an example.

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Yoast SEO WordPress (Free) :

Yoast seo must have wordpress plugin


Getting into the field of blogging and internet marketing, you will definitely understand the importance of SEO and how it’s essential for your blog. You must be expecting some income from your blog and doing proper SEO would rank you higher in the search engines giving you the needed exposure. This plugin is another must have on your list and is very popular and widely used.

Yoast SEO, being a free plugin helps a lot in handling your ON page SEO factors and making your website search engine friendly. It offers integration to your wordpress site and enables you to optimize every post with a focus keyword, enables breadcrumbs and helps in generating XML sitemaps too. Yoast SEO is considered one of the best due to user friendliness and simplicity. Check out my detailed tutorial on how you can configure Yoast SEO plugin for your WordPress blog.

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W3 Total cache (Free):

W3 total cache wordpress pluginWhether you are a web developer or a SEO professional, you would definitely understand the role of site speed in SEO and in increasing overall user experience. You will always want your blog to withstand sustainable number of visitors and huge traffic rather than crashing often. W3 total cache is a plugin used by most of the top blogs and recommended by top hosting providers. It is highly useful when the site grows and you need to withstand a lot of traffic. Higher functions like page caching, object caching, CDN integration etc are easily achieved with the plugin.

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WordFence (Free):

Wordfence security wordpress pluginSecurity is the next important aspect in a website after its set up. There have been hackers who are constantly trying to intrude into every other blog on the internet and you need to save your own! This plugin, WordFence would help in that regard. I had a authority website which was hacked due to my negligence and I would never want my readers to face the same. WordFence provides you to set advanced security options and blacklists/blocks hackers trying to login into your website. It blocks Ips, usernames and other necessary parameters after a certain number of attempts as you set. Additionally, it monitors the whole site for site traffic, scans to see any possible threats from time to time. You could term it as the best wordpress plugin in terms of security.

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Floating Social (Free) :

Floating social share must have plugin for wordpressEvery blogger wants people to read his content and to increase his reach. Social media is one such tool which can help you boost your presence on the internet. So, social sharing icons are an inevitable need for your website.

The floating social plugin allows bloggers to showcase social media icons besides the content and also retains an option to scroll along the content when the reader browses the site. The plugin is very easy to configure and allows customization of size, colors and also entitles the owner to decide if a particular icon/social network would be displayed on the site.

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Redirection (Free):

Redirection pluginIt creates a very bad impression when you have a user getting lost when accessing link which is broken and is not managed properly. The redirection plugin is by far the best when you want to handle all URL redirects and to add 404 errors for them.

It is also possible to manually add the redirects through the .htaccess file, this plugin eases your task. It monitors all your 404 errors, manages them and supports 301, 307 and 302 type of redirects. It also makes sure to redirect the URLs in case of a change in the permalinks.

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Akismet (Free):

Akismet wordpress popular pluginThis is another very popular and effective plugin responsible to manage the blogs. Everyone hates spam and you dont want spam comments to accumulate on your website pages to give a bad impression to your readers. Akismet helps you to block the comments which are blatant spam and its free version checks upto 50,000 comments every month.

In the latest version, you have a moderation panel where you can review the comments which the plugin terms as spam and could approve or reject them manually. Sometimes, it may happen that the plugin is rejecting a legitimate comment. This particular feature helps to eliminate that risk. This make it another one of the must have plugins for your wordpress blog.

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OptinMonster (Paid) :

Optinmonster plugin for lead generationEver thought of having an email list of your own to market your content and products? A blogger should always think of ways to market his content. Well, Optinmonster allows you to accomplish that easily. Though it is a paid plugin, it is definitely worth. To save some bucks, you could sign up for an annual plan to grab some lucrative discounts from them. You should definitely make it damn easy for your readers to subscribe and be in touch with you on regular basis. With this plugin, you can create opt-in forms which are attractive and grab the attention of the readers. You also have the advantage to manage all the forms from the settings module of the plugin. Lightbox, Slide-In, After Post, Floating Bar etc are the various designs you could choose from and make the blog look adorable by displaying the right form at the right page. After everything, you hardly need any coding! Some mere clicks and selections would give you high returns. Here are some ideas which you can implement to increase your leads by many folds.More DetailsI have listed the 8 basic and the best ones in each category which are must have plugins for your wordpress blog. In my experience, there may be other alternatives to these but wont be well suited to you. At the end, its you who should decide on what you need and how it can be achieved. So, install these and get the most out of your wordpress blogs!

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