Off page SEO techniques – Skyrocket website rankings in SERPs

SEO has been a very popular and well known term lately and off page seo techniques have been a strong factor influencing it. The internet boom has seen a rise of the presence of businesses in the digital world. Thus, businesses are constantly trying to maximize their reach to potential customers by growing their online presence.There are 2 parts of SEO: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. You could refer my guide on On Page SEO to know more about it.

What is Off Page SEO?




Off Page SEO is the strategy which is implemented outside your main website or on other relevant websites. Some of the off page seo strategies include Guest posts, Press release distribution, Blog commenting, Social outreach etc which we will discuss in detail. These implementations ultimately increase your rank in the search engines.

Have you always thought of Off Page SEO as simply building links? Well, partly yes but it’s not the full story.

In this post, I will highlight the top techniques that should be implemented as part of your Off page SEO techniques.

Off Page SEO Techniques


Off page seo techniques

1. Niche based Blog Commenting:


One of the worthy Off page strategy would be commenting on the blogs which belong to your niche. I would suggest to refrain from spamming other blogs with “Hi, this post is good” etc. Make sure to go through the posts and comment with doubts/suggestions to improve/post relevant comments/appreciations. Most of the good blogs have a moderation system in place and you won’t get the spammy ones approved easily by the blog owner.

Be sure not to comment too much with your main keyword as anchor text. Diversity in the anchor text is important. Just try to be as authentic as you can be. If you are aware, Dofollow links add a value in terms of SEO. It should always be an objective to comment on blogs which allow Do follow links that search engines can follow to reach your site. To find the do follow blogs to comment on, you could use the footprints below:

Keywords “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”
Keywords “top commenter”
Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments”
Keywords “Enable CommentLuv”
Keywords “You can use these tags”
Keywords “Recent Comments”
Keywords “This site uses KeywordLuv”

2. Social Bookmarking:


Social Bookmarking is another great technique and if done properly, can help in indexing your pages faster, driving traffic to your website and adding to your web presence. Dropping social bookmarks in thousands and randomly may not help your cause. You should be willing to put some efforts, create good bookmarks on popular websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious etc which are good in traffic and retain authority.

Yes, I know many people say social bookmarking doesnt work anymore and stuff. Personally, I believe in diversifying my links and adding value to the main site. In such a case, social bookmarking is another good link type in my bucket.

3. Q & A Sites:


Q n A sites

Have you ever searched for questions directly on Google? More importantly, did you find a proper and exact answer? Maybe, No.

That’s the reason people prefer to ask about their queries on sites like Yahoo answers, Quora, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn Answers and other such platforms. These websites have lot of users which help to grow as a community helping each other. As part of your off page seo techniques, you can register an account on such sites and start being engaging, answering to people’s queries and building recognition.

You could reply to questions asked on your niche with your main site link in a relevant manner. It should add some value to the question asked. People generally vote their answers on such websites and the answers with more number of votes are featured at the top. Try to be as engaging as possible and you can market yourself well.

Tip: Reddit is another great platform which works well for marketers. If you want to promote your brand well, this is one of the best. Be careful while posting on reddit and be sure to learn reddiquette. If you are over promotive here, you may do some bad promotion. Be wise and find sub-reddits which are relevant to your brand. Follow them and see how people are posting and answering. Get a feel of the platform and it would be worth your while.

4. Video Creation and sharing:


Video Creation

You should be well aware that people love videos and its always boring to read long posts. Sharing videos about your website/brand increases your popularity multiple folds. People know that you are real, professional and would like to get in touch with you.

Create your own videos or outsource it and feature it on your official channel on Youtube and promote it across other video sharing websites like Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. Video SEO is getting popular and brands have started to recognize the true potential of creativeness in creating videos.

Dollarshaveclub was a simple and not so well known brand before they launched their video which went viral. They gained overnight popularity simply because of their video and many news channels picked it up. Their amusing and unique style of customer approach is what helped them in driving attention and sales overnight. Check out their viral video below:

 Points to consider for your Video SEO campaign:I. Keep it engaging. People should not close it in the first 10 secs. II. Use relevant keywords in the video title while submissionsIII. Make a compelling title which viewers would clickIV. Include relevant tags to make it appear in the search results. Check out tags from other videos ranking in your niche to get an idea. V. Embed to your main site and build some links and share your video on social media

5. Forum Posting:


Haven’t you joined the top forums in your niche yet and started establishing authorship? Well, Forums are a great source of traffic. Experiments have proved that forum marketing has proved beneficial to the businesses to draw targeted traffic.

Brian Dean talks about the importance of forum postings in this interesting video. Frankly, Google doesn’t consider forum links much as one of the factors to rank a website up in the SERPS. You need to make a choice whether to incorporate this strategy in your digital marketing campaign.

My take here would definitely be a yes. Personally, working on micro niche websites, I have found forums to be a source of potential leads for your business. Forums also expose your business to new business opportunities. Note that forum posting isnt an option which would fetch you output very quickly.

Forum Sites

Forums are places where people interested in the same niche converse and even help each other to provide information. Thus, people are active and conversions are much more than directory or other posts. Here are some footprints you can use to find relevant forums:

Keyword forum
“your niche” forum
“In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules”
“Powered by vBulletin”
Keyword inurl:newreply.php
“Powered by vBulletin” inurl:register.php
“keyword” message board
“keyword” bulletin board
Some points to note for your forum posting campaign are:

I. Use your site link in the signature. Basically, signature is a section where you could enter a call to action text and redirect visitors to your website or landing page. Signatures drive lot of traffic when you have built an authority on a forum. Its because, they appear at the bottom of every post you make on the forum, either by answering others or starting new threads.

II. Post relevant replies to problems faced by others in your niche with a solution available on your site. Refrain from posting links within the first 20-30 replies. There are moderators on different forums and different rules have been outlined to minimize spamming. You should abide by them to ensure that you dont get some bad promotion.

III. If you are outsourcing to companies that provide forum posting services, be sure to check and monitor what is being done and the task is in the right hands.

IV. Do not exaggerate or over promote yourself. Every forum has experienced users in their own niches and it creates a bad impression to start promoting without contributing to the community.

6. Guest Posts:


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You should definitely have come across people highlighting shades of SEO: Black hat, white hat etc. Guest posting is one of the best white hat seo strategies which can skyrocket your rankings if done right. Be a guest blogger for your brand or website and reach out to other websites in your niche and post interesting articles adhering to their guidelines.

Guest blogging can be challenging as it’s difficult to get the posts approved on authority websites and to write detailed proficient articles but it’s definitely worth your time. Do realize that these blogs are blogs with high traffic and more authority. Getting a link as a guest bogger naturally carries a lot of weight for ranking in Google.

Be legitimate in what you are doing. Even a lot of spamming has started around guest posts too. Matt cutts discussed about the decreasing importance of spammy guest posts and how good posts can be beneficial to you and your brand. Thus, be wise to choose authority blogs which hold importance and can help you to gain recognition for your brand.


I would always advise to look out for blogs which have more authority than yours and check out for a guest posting opportunity. If it’s a high quality blog, read their guest posting guidelines or contact the owner and write a detailed post in your niche.

You can use the below footprints to search for guest blogging opportunities:
keyword “accepting guest posts”
keyword “add a blog post”
keyword “add blog post”
keyword “become a contributor”
keyword “contribute to this site”
keyword “become an author”
keyword intitle:”guest blog”
keyword intitle:”guest post”
keyword intitle:”guest author”
keyword intitle:”submit blog post”
keyword intitle:”submit guest post”
keyword intitle:”write for us”
keyword intitle:”write for me”

Be sure to consider the below points when looking out for guest posts:

1. Dont spam the owners of the blogs. Be legitimate and approach formally being concise. Dont exaggerate praising them to a very abnormal extent. That draws bad attention.
2. If you are approaching writers on authority blogs, be polite and descriptive of what you need.
3. Do not mention that you want a link from their website. Keep the contributive tone in the approach email to expect a reply. If you mention about getting a link, they consider it as spam.
4. Send writing samples along with your email so that the owners have an idea of your writing skills and may show an interest to revert.
5. Don’t include any links to your affiliates, services or products while submitting a guest post.
6. Send guest post ideas to the owners. Be descriptive in what you want to write in your post and how it can help their readers.

7. Social Media Profiles:


Social Media is the new cool. The immense power that lies within these networks is what you should look for when you are working on your SEO campaign.

Social Media is also not limited to Facebook and Twitter. Explore the newer platforms and let the users know about your brand. After all, you get a profile link. Not so bad, eh? 😉

Brand reputation and social mentions are worth monitoring and maintaining. Again, if you are creating 5 profiles on one particular network, it clearly is termed as SPAM. Create legitimate and authentic profiles on different social media platforms and engage yourself. The engagement and following is rather more important in the social world to maximize the reach. Though Google has been clear about social sharing not being counted as a value addition to the websites for ranking, case studies and experiments show that the value of a website increases when its shared a lot in the social media platforms.
Apart from that, if you have noticed, social media profiles rank in search engines. If you are creating a legitimate Facebook or twitter page for your brand, sharing original content and have a good following, your pages would rank easily. Extending to the debate, haven’t you noticed people searching on social media for queries?

Did you ever search for anything on Facebook? Yeah, you would have. Sharing on the platforms with proper hashtags can get you some visitors after all. Put a link to your website both from the profiles and inside the content to get maximum visitors.

Well, so don’t be ignorant about social media promotions. Make sure every post of the website is shared across all your profiles to increase your reach. You could get a list of social media networks that you should be featured in here. Knowem is a service which creates your accounts on their network. If you lack in budget, you can create them yourself manually.

Social Media

Your social media strategy should not ignore the below points:

1. Use relevant hashtags to appear in social media search results. Use your main keywords or relevant LSIs.
2. Share interesting content which would gain popularity and people would be willing to share.
3. Keep things natural and authentic.
4. Include maps of your location if available on the Facebook pages or other social media profiles wherever allowed.
5. Try to grow your followers proceeding with a sharing strategy.
6. Google’s own social media website, Google+ should be considered as a topmost priority on your list of accounts to share content. Engage in relevant Google+ communities or your brand page and you will see a rise on the SERPs gradually.

8. Local Listings:


This strategy is highly beneficial to local businesses who are looking to rank locally in their area and to acquire customers for their business.

Google Business listing is one of the primary tasks you should do while opting for local SEO. Haven’t you seen businesses getting listed on SERPs as a map entry? Yes, that is the power of a business listing and can fetch you a lot of potential customers. Apart from Google, Submitting your business to a whole bunch of other listings like Yahoo Local, Hotfrog and Yellow pages can boost your rankings too.

To boost local rankings, encourage your customers to leave a review on your Google page so that it reflects on SERPs. Upload a lot of photos about your business on your Google+ page which gives a trust signal to customers. Apart from that, it is imperative to add the correct Name, Address and Phone Number(NAP) on all the listings. I would advise to add as much details as possible on the listings like City, business details etc so that people find it easy to choose you over others.

Check out a list of citations from Moz that you could submit for your website here. Doing a local competitor analysis can give ideas about other citations that you can implement manually. Check any new links that the competitors have gained and duplicate them to maximize your reach.

9. Press Releases :


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Yes, another great off page seo technique is press release submission. Yes, being well aware that press release sites were hit by the Google Panda update, I still recommend to keep it in your arsenal. Why? I don’t recommend you linking your website from free press release submission websites as they are part of the spam network. Reputed websites like PRWeb, PRNewswire etc still hold value in Google. They may be a bit pricy but they are worth.

Google says press releases dont hold any value in ranking in the SERPs. Well, we do it for some promotions. Companies do press releases and that is legit. Dont spam press releases unless they are required.

press releases

You should use this technique wisely to know its potential. Also, refrain from putting too many links in one press release and most importantly, dont submit the same press release to thousands of websites. Do 1 press release creation and submission per month and see the results. Your release should be worthy to be termed as a news. Add relevant pictures inside the release to increase engagement. Follow press release rules and guidelines to get the best results from your press release campaign.

10. Find relevant link building opportunities:


Off page seo techniques are innumerable if you say. They just branch out in a number of sections. There is no defined way of off page promotion that is suitable for all websites. Every website should have their own way of promotion and strategy which depends on a number of factors like website niche, audience, targeted region etc.

Dead Link building opportunities:


Brian Dean discussed about finding opportunities to link from Wikipedia to your website. It’s definitely a great strategy to build some quality links. I use a nice website, WikiGrabber which fetches a list of wikipedia pages which contains a dead link on searching a keyword. This narrows down a tedious search for dead links in wikipedia using footprints.

When you input a keyword into Wikigrabber, it gives you a list as below:


Pick any wiki page  from the list and search for “Dead link” to find the opportunity. You can grab the link by editing the Wikipedia page.

Note: Wikipedia loves contributors. It’s always wise to have an established Wikipedia author account making some good changes in mistakes in content, linking to good authority websites on pages with dead link before adding your own links.

Apart from Wikipedia, you could also link to other authority websites in a similar manner approaching the site owner. If you see a dead link, it is definitely an opportunity. Approach the website owner and notify him about the link and give a good reason on why they should replace it with your link. You can write an article relevant to the topic and post specially to grab this opportunity.



Classified ads are another great source of building links. Most of the classifieds submissions are free and we shouldnt miss this opportunity. They are a good source of traffic though the value of the links is not great. Dont miss Craigslist from your list and try some other authority networks. Classified submissions are quite easy and can be built faster. Let’s grab this opportunity. 😛

Directory Submissions:


Yeah, I know, this is traditional SEO and Google doesn’t care about them much. I wouldn’t say to make too many of these but you should definitely submit your website to Dmoz directory. It helps to get your site listed and fetches some traffic. Be sure to read and properly follow Dmoz guidelines to make a successful submission.

Edu and Gov Links:


.edu and .gov domains are trustworthy as they are part of educational and government organizations. Getting some links from their domains can really be worth your while. It is however difficult to grab such link building opportunities but you can be on the lookout. There’s a good opportunity which Niel Patel discussed to grab edu links. Drop My Link is a good source loaded with relevant footprints to find you potential .edu blogs on your niche.

Competitor Backlink Analysis:


competitor analysis

Get hold of Majestic, Ahrefs or Semrush and spy on your competitor backlinks. Its pretty straight that you can always create a backlink if your competitor has created them. So, an analysis of their backlinks can highlight some untapped sources which you missed. Every tool has their own crawler. So, to get the best outputs, you can download all the backlinks from all sources and remove the duplicates.
Well, there should be more which I will add with time. No, I am not done yet!

Just read the below points to be successful in implementing off page seo techniques:

1. Keep a Natural Anchor text ratio. If you want to rank for a keyword and create too many backlinks from the particular anchor, it can be flagged as spam. Make sure to pick some LSIs before starting your campaign to get the best results.

2. More the number of linking domains, the better. Refrain from getting too many links from a particular domain. Rather try to diversify the number of domains you are getting links from.

3. Watch Domain Authority of linking website. Moz has set a standard of DA and yes, you should try to get links from websites with higher DA.

4. Lookout for contextual links. Links are good and contextual are better. Google loves links that are placed between content rather than placing it randomly.

5. Link to high PR pages. Yes, Google has stopped updating PR but websites that have PR are usually old and good in authority.

Thank you

Thank you for reading the post. The post should be helpful in giving some ideas about on page seo techniques and highlighting some opportunities. Would love to hear your comments.

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