SEO PowerSuite Review – An All In One SEO Tool

SEO Powersuite is the best all in one SEO software that you will find! It is thus one of the favorite tools of all the SEO marketers around the world and my SEO Powersuite review will highlight why you need it.

Seopowersuite review

It is quite evident that using the right tools gets your work accomplished faster. If you have this tool in your bucket, it will definitely help you in reducing the manual efforts and get your websites or client websites ranked easily.

Having used the tool since a long time, I would recommend you to procure it to achieve great results.

In the review, I will demonstrate the best uses of the tool and how you can exploit it to your own benefits.

If you head over to, you will find the details of this All-In-One SEO software. SEO powersuite comprises of 4 awesome software:

  1. Rank Tracker
  2. Website Auditor
  3. SEO SpyGlass
  4. Link Assistant

I will go further to describe the features of all the 4 softwares and how they can help you to accomplish SEO campaigns easily. If you are willing to check it simultaneously, download the free edition here. The free edition has no limit and you can access it as long as you want. They don’t require credit card information to charge you automatically too. Apart from that, its a desktop software, not a cloud based tool and is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.

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There are some limitations in the use of the software in the free version but you can definitely recognize the immense power of the tool before proceeding to make a purchase. Atleast, I didn’t take much time to purchase this as it was pretty evident that this tool would decrease my work ten folds.

These 4 softwares let you to monitor website ranks, backlinks, Spy upon your competitors and audit your website/client websites to product SEO reports.

If you dont have the patience to read the whole review, check out the infographic I prepared below to get an overview of the SEO Powersuite Tool bunch.

SEO Powersuite Review

Why prefer SEO Powersuite?

This would be self explanatory once I go forward to explain all its features which demonstrates its potential. Apart from that, its the pricing of the tool which is a great factor.

If you are using the cloud based tools now, they cost a minimum of $50+ per month and only allow you to work on a limited number of websites or projects on a fixed plan. On the other hand, SEO Powersuite Professional costs around $250 for lifetime and you get 4 softwares which let you perform several activities! Rather than spending a lot on these monthly, why not opt for a one stop solution?

When I heard about the pricing structure for the first time from a colleague, I proceeded to make a purchase.

Let’s discuss about what I have uncovered using these tools in detail.

Check out the below video to take a sneak peek into the software:

Rank Tracker:

SEO revolves around ranking your website for specific keywords. This tool would definitely be used daily. It helps you to monitor the rankings of your websites and competitor websites. You can check up to 1000 positions for all the keywords you want to monitor on Google, yahoo and Bing. This lets you find the best profitable keywords for your SEO campaign. I am sure any cloud based rank tracker limits you to the number of keywords. On the other hand, Rank Tracker supports 593 search engines over the world to check your rankings.

Let’s do a process walk through on how to track ranks with this tool:

1.Creating a new project is as easy as any other tool. Browse to File -> New Project or press Ctrl+N. You will be prompted with a new window. Enter your website link/URL whose rank you want to check as shown below and proceed to check.

Rank tracker - Insert URL

2. Connect your Google Analytics and Google Adwords accounts in this module if required. You can skip this step though.

Connect Adwords and Analytics

3. Enter your keywords for which you want to monitor the rank in the next step and hit on “Next”.

4. Choose your Search Engines: In this step, you can choose the search engines on which you want to see your website ranking for the keywords. By default, you may see, Bing, Yahoo and Google chosen for USA. You can click on “Add more search engines” to choose the intended one and click on “Next”.

Choose search engines - Rank tracker

5. Now, the tracker should look up for rankings on the provided keywords and URL.

6. Hold your breath. As soon as the analysis is over, click on finish to see the detailed report.

Once you are on this module, you can see various functionalities on the top module like “Add more keywords, Check rankings again, Update Visits (works when connected to Analytics).

Other functions like Show competitors and Check with previous results can be put to great use to judge the difficulty of the keywords and to compare the progress.

On the bottom panel, there are graphs and statistics which show:

I. Progress Graph

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II. History Records

III. Ranking Data

  1. Visibility Graph
  2. Visits Graph
  3. Keyword difficulty: To judge the keyword difficulty, you can select any keyword and click on “Update”. The tools gives you a rating out of 100 after a competitive analysis of the top 10 results. Great, eh? Suit yourself and know if you are after the right keywords or not.

Rank Tracker Features:

1. Ranking Summary:

This module gives you an insight of your website rankings for input keywords, visibility in the intended search engines and the changes in the keywords. This is basically a report or overview of your project which you can refer and formulate the campaign. If you are an agency dealing with specific clients, click on the arrow present on the right top which can export a quick professional PDF report to show to the clients.

2. Keyword Map:

Check all your keywords here and update keyword difficulty to analyse them. Assign keywords to specific landing pages to check rankings for inner pages rather than the home page. Sort keyword difficulty and find the best keywords to target for your campaign.

3. Keyword Research:

This is the best module of the tool. I find it great to find profitable keywords for my campaigns. You have to connect your adwords, bing, yahoo accounts etc to get the list of keywords.

Apart from that, the tool also supports or scrapes keywords from below:

  • Google Autocomplete
  • Google Related Searches
  • Google Trends
  • Google Search Console
  • SEMRush (Another of my favorites for keyword research)

That’s great considering you have to manually find keywords from these sources and do a duplicate removal when doing keyword research. Once you import all the keywords, remove duplicates and check competition, you find some great keywords to proceed. Filter the keywords depending on number of searches, competition etc from the top right filtering panel. Export them to CSV clicking on the top right arrow.

4. Domain Strength:

Want to have an analysis of your domain overall performance? Well, this module brings it to you. Analyzing key factors like Alexa Rank, indexed Google pages, number of backlinks, referring domains and your performance in top social media networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, it gives you a domain strength rating.

5. Reports:

This is a module which is highly beneficial to agencies. Add your Company name, logo and details clicking on the top right star and export professional reports of keyword rankings, domain strength etc. Click on the right panel to choose the report and export it under your name. Cool? 😉

This summarizes everything about the Rank Tracker tool.

You can purchase Rank Tracker and play around with the tool to unlock its potential. If you need further help, you can refer to the Help documentation of Rank Tracker. They fix bugs regularly and update the tool. You should face no issues in operation. There is a live support for any help too. 🙂

Website Auditor:

Site Speed is one of the top ranking On Page SEO factor now. Technical SEO assistance becomes a lot easier with Website Auditor. Analyze your website through the tool and get a list of all the site errors like redirects, broken URLs and crawling issues that are affecting your ranking. All the preferred On Page SEO factors get easily exposed as the software analyzes each and every page of your website.

Let’s do an analysis of the tool in detail:

  1. Add website for analysis by entering URL as below. It may take some time for analysis once you click “Next” depending on the size of your website.

WebSite Auditor

2. Once the analysis is done, dont be confused looking at this page. Yes, it does an in-depth analysis of all the pages and shows you all types of errors that needs to be fixed.

Website auditor analysis

Note: For all the tools in SEO Powersuite, I would advise you to use Proxies(I use BuyProxies) and Captcha(I use Death by Captcha) to get the optimum results and refrain from using your IP.

You can set a lot of options in the preferences tab once you take a closer look.

Website Auditor Features:


Check the in depth analysis of each page and what issues the particular pages have to take required actions. Options like configuring and testing Robots.txt and Sitemap help you in guiding the search bots easier.

2. Content Analysis:

Choose particular pages, keywords and check the optimization levels. Something you do with yoast SEO everytime without the technical part? Yes, here, in the Page Audit section, you can see a lot more factors like page speed, page usability etc along with traditional On page SEO factors.

3. Content Auditor:

If you are in HTML or any other CMS, this section of the tool can be charm to work with. Spot all the errors in particular pages, edit the version, its code in the tool and upload the particular page to your website once all errors are eliminated.

4. Keywords:

Get keyword usage statistics from this module which can help you to track if you are over optimizing for any keywords and reduce their usage to stay off Google’s radar.

5. Reports:

Export reports of optimization of particular pages similar to Rank Tracker and analyze page audits extensively. Show your clients these cool reports and stay above the competition. This report can sum up all the issues that are present in the website and you can take steps or charge your clients accordingly to remove them.

For any further help on Website Auditor, check out their official documentation.

Order Website Auditor today to analyze your domains in detail and optimize them to the best.

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SEO SpyGlass:

Driving links abruptly? This tool helps you to monitor the incoming links to your website along with their anchor text and other relevant details. Spy on your competitor’s websites and replicate their backlinks to stay ahead of them. Agencies could also produce professional reports to the backlink profiles to their clients. If a website is hit by Google Animal/Bird updates(Panda, Penguin etc), this is the best tool to identify the bad backlinks and remove them. I will discuss the details of backlink removal in a separate post.

Lets look into the tool in detail:

1.Click on File -> New Project to start the backlink research.

2. Enter your URL and click on “Next”.

SEO SpyGlass


3. Once the analysis is completed, get the statistics like no of live backlinks, link penalty risks, traffic coming from the links and also a segregation between backlink types like the ones coming from Home Page, Blog pages, Directories etc. Not only that, check the DoFollow/NoFollow status and social signals of the backlinks too.

4. Update different factors like Domain Age, Alexa rank, social visibility etc by choosing Backlinks -> Update Backlink Factors -> Choose needed factors -> Next

Admit it! Its a lot of data!!

SEO SpyGlass Features:

1. Summary:

Professional reports of your backlink data is what the summary gives. Every statistics summed up in one page to get you the exact numbers.

2.Project Comparison:

Want to compare your website to your competitors? Add another project, analyse your competitor website and get a statistical comparison of both the websites to understand where you lack. You could do a comparison upto 5 projects at once. Pick your top competitors to make it count.

3. Domain Strength:

Its similar to reports in Website Auditor and Rank Tracker but you get your strength based on your backlink profile here. Check your anchor texts and see if there is any unnatural or bad anchors linking to your site. It may hamper your rankings.

4. Reports:

Get project comparison, Backlink profile, Domain strength and summary reports using this reporting module. In short, be happy and make your clients happy. 😉

SEO SpyGlass is a very handy tool to create an effective SEO campaign judging your competition. Be aware of your competitors and stay ahead spying on them. 😉

Order SEO SpyGlass to get the best out of it. Refer their documentation for any additional help.

Link Assistant:

Last but not the least, we are down to discuss the last piece of the package, Link Assistant.

Whether its finding new sources of backlinks for your website or monitoring existing backlinks for SEO relevance, Link Assistant is the tool that comes to rescue. Building quality backlinks has been one of the primary concerns especially after the Google algorithm updates. Staying off Google’s radar is something every webmaster watches out for. Analyze the quality of the backlinks you build, keep a database of all the links and formulate further outreach strategies with Link Assistant.

I will discuss about the software in detail below:

1.Create a new project and specify your site link to discover new link building opportunities.

2. Once the analysis is completed, browse to “Look for prospects” in the top panel and click on the link opportunity you are looking among Guest Posting, Commenting, Reviews, Giveaways, Forums etc. You can also check for “Competitor backlinks” which shows you competitor backlinks which you can try to replicate. I would also suggest you to use the “Custom Search” option and do a scrape using your guest posting footprints.

3. Enter the keywords for which you want to look for opportunities.  Now, give the tool some privacy to carry out its activities. 😛

Now, you can see that you have a list of prospects, their contact info and other relevant details. Check them out and pick up the most relevant ones for your outreach campaign.

Guest Outreach with Link Assistant:

Guest Post

As you have the list of prospects and contact info, you need to mail them to approach about guest posting.

On the left panel, there is an Email option. Click on it and subsequently on “Settings” to configure the email from which you want to send out emails. After you fill the fields, make sure to test connection to see if everything is working as intended.

Once the details have been specified, head over to the Prospects module and select any prospect. Click on “Email option” and draft a nice Subject + Content which doesn’t look spammy to be rejected by the prospect to reject your email blatantly. You can edit your templates at Preferences -> Email Preferences -> Email Templates -> Choose any among the list -> Edit.

Though mail templates are pre loaded by the tool, I would suggest to edit to your preferences. Once you are done editing, Click on “Send”.

If you want to send out bulk mails, make sure to use a good SMTP mail server and enable delays in the preferences tab.

Did you just save a hell lot of manual work? Definitely, yes.

I would again remind you to use Proxies while working on the SEO PowerSuite Tools.


That’s all about the tool. If you purchase individual SEO Powersuite Professional tools, it would cost you around $125 each mounting to $600 total. If you are purchasing all tools at once, it would be a lot cheaper and you save more than $300!!

Get a comparison of Pro and Enterprise editions before purchasing to make a better choice.

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Amit Acharya

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