Start an online business being a Non-English speaker

I have come across people who are quite interested about making money online but are worried as they do not have a strong English background. Thus, I thought it is better to pen down an informative post which can help TES readers know how much is exactly the impact of the ENGLISH language in the online market.
Let me ask a question to you here.
What is the percentage of the people who purchase goods or services online and are native english speakers?
If I read your thoughts well, you must be thinking it to be way above 50%. Here, I surprise you revealing the fact that according to the statistics shown by some leading journals, it is around 20-25%.
 So, you must now have an idea that it is not imperative for a person to be very knowledgeable in English to live making money online.
 I would say that even if you don’t understand English, you can excel in the digital marketing industry. Let me give you a simple idea. As an avid user on the internet, you must now be clear about freelancing and how it works. There are many freelancers in your own locality who would be happy to translate your words written in the native language to English. This comes with a bit of investment though but is totally worth. You need to have an online presence and these translators will help you in making that presence with few bucks that you pay.
 From my experience, I will address the solutions to some of your problems that you face being a non English speaker in starting an online business below:

 How do I communicate with clients

 You would be surprised to know that I had more than 50% of the non English speaking clients when I was into part time freelancing before I thought to start a blog of my own. After all its all about communication. The client wont be judging you on the English you speak but only on your expertize and the deliverables you provide. After all, the language is just a medium of communication and if the client is able to understand what you say, then its more than enough.
 Let me give you an example of a communication in imperfect English you make with a client(I am using the same extract from my template in How to get your first client as a freelancer):

 Hello Business name/Client Name,
 I hope you am doing well.
 I am “Your name” from “Your organization name”. I am an expert in “your service” and I am deal with many clients.
 We are well known for delivering good quality work on perfect  time. Our team is of experienced people who come from the “your service” industry and we do more research. We expect you to start a business with us. We will complete your work using our knowledge at the best.
 It is really hard to do the wrong especially when you know its wrong(realized from writing these sentences). 😀
 Jokes apart, you see the above extract is not proper and has sentence structure and grammar issues. Who cares? I will be able to understand what the mailer is trying to convey reading this.
 How do I market myself:

 Again, if you have some investment for your startup, you can just hire a marketing agency who will do all the publicity for you right from building a website to marketing it. If you have no funds too, you can do all the marketing yourself. As an initial startup, you can do local marketing by printing all the materials like business cards and banners in your native language.
Even, you can do online marketing by sending out mails in your native language. But, here you have to be a bit careful. You should target only people who know this language. They may have their website and other details in English but they would be able to understand you once you send mails describing your expertise and services. Your samples are going to accomplish the job and get you in touch with them.

 Include pictures, graphics, videos, testimonials to describe what you say:

 As you are not good in the language, you should focus on the other area which is very crucial. If you include relevant images, videos and other marketing stuff in your email which can describe what you say more than mere words, it would be excellent. Infographics are the most popular marketing stuff today. I used them for some of my marketing plans and they worked quite well. You can also try hiring someone to make infographics for you in your native language. Infographics project you in the right way and you would not need to include too much texts.
 The additional tip from my side will be writing unique articles and informative ones, most importantly. People don’t want to read lump of texts. If you are facing difficulties here, you can hire a proofreader who will modulate the articles to good standards and yet again, you could also use a translator for the purpose.
 I could jot down whatever I think you need and your problems are being a non English speaker.
 You can comment and share your feedback, ask any doubts if you have and I would be glad to help you further with any needs.

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