Steps to successfully launch a product online

The success of any product lies in three major factors – Quality of the product, Delivery of the product and the service for the product. Though many would include price also in this list, these are the very basic factors to be controlled. After thorough market research, you’ve built or manufactured a great product and you are sure that the customer’s would appreciate it. This doesn’t end there; the product has to be launched. All businessmen would have jitters when it comes to this part.

Over the last decade or so we’ve witnessed a paradigm shift in the way product launches have been made. From the ancient practice of the product being launched on a scheduled data followed by a story to the media, businesses are investing time and efforts to launch the products online. This trend has been fuelled by the increased use of internet and the social networking platforms. In fact studies indicate that Facebook is the second most used platform for product launches after TV commercials and the gap is getting narrower by the day.

Why should a product be launched online?

product launch

To remain in business it is pertinent that one stays abreast with the changes in the market and adapts the strategies that are relevant to the current scenario. If businesses fail to respect the “change” they stand to lose their value and gradually fade away from existence. Change is the name of the game and even nature calls for adaptation to survive!

How to go about launching a product online?

Launching a product online is not a one- time activity. It is series of precisely planned activities that need to be executed well to all the way till the actual launch of the product. Product launches are more like a project management. It has a series of phases – Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control, and Closure.  With a professional approach, many of the last minute rushes can be eliminated giving the business less uncertainty to deal with. Well, does this sound like a modus operandi to launch a spaceship? Breathe easy! I will take you through the steps to launch your product online in a much simpler way that you would find easy to understand and easier to apply.

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Know your product, and more importantly the people

It is important that for any product to be successful that it has to be marketed well. Get to know what you are going to promote. Your product may be one of kind, but what matters is how it is going to impact the consumer. So, be prepared to have a consistent approach in promoting the product’s features, advantages and most importantly benefits to the consumer. Try relating the products features to the benefits that the consumer would derive on using it. Beyond the technical specification, position your product as the best solution.

Mention a ‘wow’ factor as well. This should be something that the consumer would take pride in owning. They should be delighted at possessing your product and should love it show it off. This is one factor that has been fueling consumerism in the current generation.

Identify the resources

An online product launch requires online resources that should be able to handle the situation. It is important that you identify the online resources, be it a web site or marketing platform, support facilities, tracking system etc. If you are going to launch the product through a website, the website should be capable of handling quite a large number of requests. If you have a call center assigned to take up the orders, again you would need a very good system capable of handling the queries. If you plan to see the product through the website, you will need to have a capable server, along with payment gateway integration. Some secure socket layer certificates need to be incorporated to ensure authenticity as well security of the sensitive information that would be transmitted over the internet. If you do not have the resources to handle all these, you may approach a specialist who is adept at handling each activity and have an integration team to coordinate.

Use social media to create a buzz

In your planning include resources for creating anticipation for the product until its actual launch. You can use social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter to send out teasers highlighting the product that you are going to launch. Start this quite early and avoid giving in too much information. Keep adding content and also include a reward system for active fans that drive engagement to your page. Try to create a sizeable prospect base online, even days before the product is launched. You can create a Facebook page and keep updating it with interesting content about your product. Facebook marketing is quite inexpensive and can be used for a targeted audience.  Same can be done with Twitter as well.

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Use blogger to promote your product

Bloggers play a vital role in influencing the decisions of their readers. Being no-profit sites, blogs have a better reach in the search engine query returns. Having your product launch mentioned and written about creates enough awareness and recommendation among the readers and with social network integration available in most blogs, they can themselves add user base to your Facebook page or Twitter.

Use Visual media to attract attention

Nothing catches attention more than visual media. A Facebook post or a Tweet is more likely to be viewed or clicked when it has a catchy image. The visual impact can never be ignored. Beyond pictures, you can circulate well-made videos as well to capture the imagination of your prospects. You can start a YouTube channel for the product and update it with videos.  In fact links to the YouTube videos can be circulated in the social networks too.

The Launch


Now the trend is to have a pre-launch wherein the details of the product are listed in an online portal and interested individuals can book the product online well ahead of the actual launch date. This ensures enough bookings before the actual launch and you can prepare yourself to meet the market demand.

The actual launch

Once all the above mentioned strategies have been executed well, the launch is going to be easy and beyond the conventional methods, the product can be made available online too. Progress about the viewers and trending can be made available to the audience as well as the means to obtain the product like any online retailers where the product is listed for sale!

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