Ten best advices for startups to remember

Entrepreneurship is no long a taboo. And the very reasons many jump for it without adequate homework. Many advisers are telling you what to do and what not to do. How far can you take that unsolicited advice seriously? Of course, the startups are not a bed of roses. Let us analyse few situations where you are wading through the muddy waters of freelancing to make it less treacherous. Tribulations and triumphs are part of the game of entrepreneurship. Here are some of the best advices for startups:


1)Take Manpower management seriously

The very human resources investment in any organisation, especially in start-ups, is crucial. Selection of a dangerous element can break the company. But a dedicated and innovative elements can name you grow and fulfill your dreams. This is not easy to get good personnel in a start up. And also the attrition rate is comparatively higher; looking for green pastures is the basic human tendency. You may have to instill a sense of confidence to the employees. It is crucial that you make the zeal in you percolates down the line and all levels

2) Customer also can be wrong at times

The age-old teaching that the client is always right may not hold water when It comes to starting-ups. Customers are trying to squeeze you. Of course, the customer is your boss. Their feedback is crucial in getting more business. Their negative comments and feedback will affect you adversely. At the time, you may have to put your foot down to tell the customer what you think right. And you may have to reason out in telling him plainly why he is wrong.

3) Focus matters the most

Lack of concentration and focus make much entrepreneurship to die young. Concentrate one at a time should be the motive. A wavering mind will not help in developments. The very idea of getting different niches even if you do not have the expertise in those fields will be suicidal. When you realize that your delivery was not up to the mark, find out why. You nay have to augment your manpower, skill or time allotment to overcome such lacuna if the future. Taking stock of the failures is always a good policy.

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4) Work culture, undaunted zeal and progressive attitude

The success of your entrepreneurship is highly dependent on your position. The work culture you inculcate within will carry a lot of weight among the old and new employees. If you can show the way the organisation is growing against all odds, the employees will have confidence in you. You have to prove that you are a doer. Your disaster management skill whether in work or with customers will motivate to follow suit. The progressive and positive attitude will bring in results. The dedication of the employees will grow many folds when they see their boss taking risks.

5) Teamwork is going to work


You advertised a lot on your vision and mission. When you compromise or sell out the vision or mission, you customers will get the pulse much before you realize. This lapse can have the snowballing effect on your present as well as prospects. Losing an existing client is fatal to the business, whereas you can be choosy and cautious on selecting a new customer. You may have to stick to your vision as well as reassert the same to your client. Invariably customers prefer a straight forward entrepreneur above all the criteria.

6) Do not hesitate to say no when you gave to say no

It is very easy to swim with the tide, but swimming against the tide is very tough. When the customer is wrong, tell him politely that he is off the mark. When your employees, partners or colleagues are not on the right path, say so very explicitly. The diplomatic channel may not always be the best. You may have to convince them why they are wrong. Periodic reviews of the performance are a good practice to follow. You have to be transparent in your approach.

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7) Back to school with pleasure

You are expected to do your homework meticulously again. You have to learn from failures at all times. As a leader, you have to be relaxed and poised. You may gather useful information from all sources. Also, you may have to listen to others and filter out what is best suited for your set up. The learning curve for an entrepreneur is dynamic and never stagnant. You can expect some leads from the most unexpected sources also.

8) In search of excellence

Your mindset decides the growth pattern of the organisation. It can also influence the employees and colleagues in a big way. Ant is your attitude that makes your personal development and job satisfaction in par with your expectations. Everything including the personal relationships, health and goal have a bearing on the position. Blowing your own trumpet may not be the right thing to do at times. If you remain calm and poised, circumventing difficulties would be much easier. A healthy lifestyle is a key to success in entrepreneurship.

9) Get set and goals

Startup Goals

Planning is critical in everything, especially in the running own show. The plan of attack, plan of survival and plan of surmounting shall have to be clear. The realistic benchmarks set by you can help you in pushing boundaries on the long run. There could be bottlenecks and hurdles. But your skill would assist in modifying your strategy. Getting disheartened is not the right thing to do in anything especially in entrepreneurship. You may pat yourself when something happened to your ability.

10) The control is in your hands

As an entrepreneur, you have to assert yourself that you are in the driver’s seat. No amount of interference from any source should be distracting you from the goal. Whether it is financial, marketing, development of planning you should involve yourself. That does not mean that delegation or decentralization should not be implemented. Not only you should have the control but also you should let others know that.

Amit Acharya
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