Things to keep in mind before starting a blog

 A blog is a medium of interaction in which the author of the blog who may be an individual or a group of individuals tries to interact with the readers through a website or platform. The authors try to impart information about a particular topic or some topics in which they are knowledgeable and the viewers comment on the topics which are called posts. The authors also try their best to add more contents to the website as regularly as they can.What is blog

Starting a blog of your own:

 One fine day, when i stumbled upon the word ‘blog’, the first thought that hovered over my mind is the hardship in creating a blog and the pain of writing sophisticated codes involved in its creation. Later, after hovering around the internet and pondering over some posts and with some additional personal research, I finally realized that there is absolutely no technicality in creating a blog. Even if you are a noob to programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can successfully start a blog of your own. So, I thought it would be best to create a detailed tutorial of my own which will not only help on setting up my next blog but also would be helpful to many other budding bloggers. So, I am sharing with you here:  Why you should create a blog of your own from which you can get to know how to create a blog.If you want to start a blog, here is the step by step procedure that you need to follow:

1. Niche of the blog :


I, for instance was so much into researching before opening a blog that i decided to start a blog on blogging 🙂 . This is the most important juncture at which you will need to take a significant decision. The whole blog making idea would be fruitful only if you have interest in that particular topic or niche on which you want to discuss about on your blog.

So, you should always choose a topic that fascinates you and about which you are very interested. It is quite easier to write articles on topics you are passionate about as the idea flows in well. Blogging can also be influenced by your profession, particularly if you are working on a job/industry for a long time. You can literally blog about anything and everything in the world.

I have listed some blog post ideas which you can look if you are still confused. 😯

2. Check for competition on your niche:


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When i started researching about blogging, there weren’t many blogs who had step by step procedure about blogging.

Once you have selected some areas where you are good or have interests to write, it is better if you check for your competition on your niche from other bloggers. You can do the same by checking some blogs of the same niche on Google. This would help you to get ideas and know what they are doing and most importantly, what unique you can offer.

If you have multiple topics in mind, checking for competition on your niche will help you to decide the best among them.

3. With investment or without investment:


Before you plan to launch a blog of your own, you should be clear in your thinking about the investment in terms of money you want to make on it.

As per my experience with blogging, I would always prefer to make a little investment as less as $40-$50 yearly. Let me explain you clearly the investment that you should make and how it can make your experience different.

A free Blogger/wordpress hosted blog can also help you to set up a blog but there are a lot of disadvantages in it. You can refer Disadvantages of free hosted blog for knowing the details.


A wordpress hosted blog is the best if you are starting and have minimum technical experience as: 

  1. You get a lot of free themes to choose and its easy to select a template according to your wish.
  2. A lot of free additional plugins are provided by wordpress and other third parties which can help you to make your blog look better and improve user’s experience.
  3. With no technical programming knowledge, you would be able to set up a wordpress blog in 30 mins with some clicks and mere drag/drop.
  4. You can share your blogs on social media easily and people would be able to comment or share on them.
  5. It is easy to write posts, include tags, include categories and menus in a wordpress blog.

 I would advise you to put in a minimum investment to create a blog so that you can have your own control over it and modulate it however you like instead of dancing at the whims and fancies of the moderators in a free hosted blog. As a blogger, you want freedom, focus to write and impart your knowledge rather than thinking about your blog getting closed by a moderator of any free hosted blog.

4. Choose a name for your blog/Find a domain Name:


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Once you have decided on your niche and you are set to set up your new blog, the next step would be choosing a name for it. It is wise to name the blog same as deciding a domain name for your blog. You should keep the following points in mind while deciding a name:

  • The name should be catchy and interesting enough to draw more attention.
  • The name should be easy to remember and unique.
  • Most importantly, it should be related to the niche you decide.
  • I would advise to keep it short,simple and meaningful.

From my personal experience, finding a domain name is not only difficult but it is also boring. If you take time at this initial step, it would be fruitful later. Your readers can remember your blog name easily and can come back whenever they want. Long and complicated names would be forgotten sooner and you would lose visitors.

5.Register your domain and purchase hosting:


If you are still not clear about the terms “domain” and “hosting”, I can mention it again. In layman words, Domain is the name or link/web address through which people would come to your blog. Contrary to it,

Hosting is the web space you purchase from a provider so that you can put all the data on your blog there. There are many hosting and domain providers in the internet which can confuse you. I would help you in this regard.

6. Set up your blog with WordPress :


Are you all set now? Good, lets take a leap together to accomplish the final step.

As I mentioned earlier, its damn too easy. Don’t think, just proceed following the steps.

If you find my tutorials interesting and you were able to learn something, subscribe me and please feel free to share it.

Amit Acharya

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