Things to keep in mind before starting blogging

Brian Clark, a popular blogger states that ‘do not focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that is great for your readers’. This is the initial aspect you should remember when you are planning to start a blog.

When you are all set to start a blog, your mind will be revolving mainly around the design aspects and theme. This is the aim of most bloggers and they start thinking how to make their blog look better. But, they ignore certain aspects that should be present before starting their journey in the blogging field. Only when these things are set clear before you begin your voyage, you can turn out to be a successful blogger and your blog will certainly turn out to be an example of a successful blog.

Reports state that an average of 10,000 blogs are created every day, but when you look at the average maintained after three months, you will find that just 1% of them lasts. Let us get into the top 5 things to remember to make your blog successful:

1.Schedule 10-20 quality and informative articles:

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Before actually your blog turns live, it is better to ensure that you schedule around 10-20 quality articles that are ready to publish without any plagiarism. Being a new blogger, you can use the standard Hello World Post. No one expects to see some quality posts from a new bloggers right on the initial days of blogging. As you might be aware, first impression should always be better. So, make your articles, engaging and interesting, such that the readers will keep coming back.

2. Finalize the changes offline:

Remember that you should make all the necessary changes before your blog gets live. Once it becomes live, you should concentrate more on the quality of content as against quantity and also promotion. Remember to make the changes if any to the design and other aspects offline before the blog is live. When you are planning to brand your blog, just design it offline and make it live as soon as possible. Remember not to frequently change the design and in the case of brand-based blog, you should concentrate mainly on promotion and content. When you choose WordPress as your blog, to work offline, you can install Xampp and WordPress to your system.

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3. Your content is nothing without appropriate promotion:

Once you have made your blog live with quality content, you should know how to make people know about your blog. Remember that your content will not be of any use, unless and until readers get to know the presence of your blog. So, promotion pays a key role here and so before starting the blog, you should plan the appropriate promotional activities and you can rely on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for your blog promotion. Also, make some friendships over the web and let them know about the presence of your blog. When you visit Twitter, just retweet to the post of some bloggers to get their attention. If possible, try to converse with them. The same can be done in Facebook and Digg as well. When your blog becomes live, your network will help you in generating traffic as against relying solely on search engines.

4. Passion is important to succeed:

The important point you will have to remember before starting the blog is that passion alone can drive success to your blog. Many people do not succeed in the initial three months because they do not have the passion towards writing and also they do not have patience. So, under the category of passion, you should be ready to post articles on a regular basis and also they should be of good quality. Besides these things smart promotion and effective communication with fellow bloggers, everything can bring success.

5. ‘Do not give up’ approach will help:

You might have come across many people, who never lose hope and they do not give up the tries they make unless and until they taste the fruits of success. In addition to design, communication, promotion and content are important and in these aspects, you should follow the never give up approach. Remember that blogging is not a quick race and it is similar to that of Marathon. So, do not run fast and do not lose energy, but take adequate rest and be patient to win in the Marathon. You might fail, but you should try to learn from your mistakes, rather than worrying about failure. Just implement that aspects that made your previous posts fail, such that you can attract more and more viewers and followers for your blog to ensure success. Believe on the potential in you.

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Other aspects to remember:

Besides the above-mentioned 5 pointers to remember before you start the blog, you should also learn why do people visit and why they should visit your blog. In general, people visit blogs to gather the following details:

  • Online portfolios
  • Fashion blogs
  • How to start anything like a blog
  • Stories
  • Recipes
  • Product reviews and
  • Do-It-yourself guides
  • Useful tips

To attract more people towards your blog, you can choose any of the above-mentioned categories to start your blog. For instance, if you have great interest towards cooking, you can choose to publish recipes. Otherwise, if you are interested in sports, you can share your experience of watching the thrilling match like a story to attract many comments from viewers of the same match.

The final word to remember here is that you can get success only with time and as mentioned earlier, you should never be in a hurry and should not lose hope. Rather, you should keep posting blog posts on a regular basis with interesting content for your visitors, such that they will keep visiting and also they will share details about your blog with their friends. Happy Blogging!

Amit Acharya
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