Top 25 ways to monetize your blog

A blog is always a great source of making money online. Once your blog is ready, you can expect people to visit and read qualitative posts which can boost your income if you try to monetize your audience. If you have ample interest and if you are willing to devote some time, blogging would be perfect for you. Not only money but also it will help you gain potential audience worldwide and thus, boost your image and increase publicity. There are many ways in which you can get yourself recognized in the market and get huge exposure by reaching out to potential traffic. It is always essential to never give up and try constantly. Here is my list of 25 different ways in which you can boost your income by monetizing your blog:



The ways in which you can earn money online can be innumerable. Pay per click has been the oldest and one of the most traditional ways of earning money online. 90% of the bloggers follow as part of their money making strategy. In this model of earning, the bloggers monetize the blogs by getting clicks on relevant ads(text or image) on their websites. The amount of income depends on the number of clicks the visitors to the website click on the ads. There are a lot of providers who pay you for the ads you show. Basically, you need to sign up with them, go through an approval process and once approved, they give you ad codes to put on your website. The approval process would be smooth and you can get approved easily if you have relevant focused high quality posts on your website. Website design should be proper and well suited for the visitors.


As I mentioned that clicks on the ads would fetch you money, you should note that you would need to drive lot of traffic to your website to earn a handsome income here. The formula for calculating the Pay per Click is defined as follows:

Pay per click = Cost of advertising / Number of Ads clicked

This is determined by the advertiser and depends on a lot of factors like the type of traffic you send and also region and content of your traffic and website respectively. You should always focus on organic traffic and you can drive traffic from social media and through qualitative posts. Another aspect that you should focus is the placement of the ads on your websites. Particular places of the website like ads within posts, end of posts receive more clicks than on other places. The ads would also be relevant to your content of the website and people wouldn’t be disinterested to click on it. Some of the popular Pay Per click networks are:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Infolinks
  3. Chitika publishers
  4. BidVertiser
  5. Click Booth

You can check my tutorial on Top 10 aspects to optimize to increase Adsense earning to get the ball rolling.



As it says, text link ads are the ads or you can term as hyperlink to texts written in a particular article. These links can be affiliate links or even other relevant links which publishers can put on your website if you sign up with them.

Here, you should always put text that has relevant advertisements related to your blog posts This is a real nice way to monetize your blog as the text links will be related to your blog and will never turn your readers off. They ads will be highly relevant and readers will find what they want and would remain connected to you!


Method 3: DONATION –

Donation is not a popular way of earning from your website. But if you are doing something for the community or for your readers, the readers would also help you by donating to the cause.

But it is of prime importance for you to make sure you put up the best reason to ask for additional fund as the payer will always want to know the reason. If your readers enjoy your articles and are convinced enough, they will start donating for you to flourish.



This method of earning will only work out if you are posting regular articles, have your blog at a good standing and have tons of visitors enjoying your content. People will gain exposure to your content and share it across various platforms making your blog popular. Advertisers or other blog owners in your niche would then have an eye on you. At this juncture, people approach to put posts on your website and give back a link to their website.

Whenever you accept sponsored posts for your blog sites, make sure that you give links from the relevant post that matches your blog niche. Giving a backlink to a blog which doesn’t belong to your niche may make you lose some visitors.



I would term Affiliate marketing as the best method to earn money online. In this method, you being a blogger can promote products related to your niche in your website. I will take the example of this blog This blog is based on money making methods, driving traffic, setting up a website etc. Thus, I take the help of many tools, custom plugins and software to drive this blog and learn about internet marketing strategies. Being very transparent with you, I can include links to those relevant/useful products and software and sign up as their affiliate. When some of my readers by those products being redirected by my affiliate link, the product owner pays a commission to me. This is the simplest explanation I could think of to explain affiliate marketing. 😀

Here, you will not have to create your own products. Rather you can just connect with companies willing to sell their services and products relevant to your posts. I will give you an additional tip here. You should keep in mind to promote only good products which have been purchased and tested personally by you. It will help you in writing about all the pros and cons of the product vividly and bring in trust of the readers. They will in turn be convinced enough to purchase the product and most importantly, it would help them in some way or the other. Some of the best websites where you can find tons of products related to your product with hefty commissions are:


Commission Junction



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Ecommerce is a fast growing sector today and entrepreneurs come up with their own products to sell online. In this method of earning, you will not have to depend on someone else and sell their products. The unique advantage is that whatever you sell, you will be entitled with the full profit and you wouldn’t have to share the income.

We all are consumers in some way or the other. If you are making products that can benefit others then why not sell them online. The best thing that you can achieve from an online store is you get exposed to a lot more people than an offline business. Now, You can connect your products being sold your blog in terms of relevancy as I described before. Both should be around the same niche so that you can get targeted traffic who would be willing to purchase your products.



If you are have adequate knowledge on a particular niche or area, you can sell your knowledge too. If your visitors enjoy your articles and want to get information from you about specific questions, you can consult and help them out for a fee.

Monetize your blog by becoming a consultant of a precise niche of customers. But to do this you will always need to have a huge traffic on your blog post. You can either have one on one consultancy via Skype or over phones too with a fixed rate. There are people who are willing to pay more to get that time of undisturbed attention to help them get all their doubts cleared within private forums. Try to exploit this part too!



If you have a service that you can offer your customers, then do not delay to build a blog site that emphasizes on the services that you offer. This will always help you to generate more sales and profit through your blog posts. The added advantage is you are professionally involved with the same service and there will be more authenticity of your posts. If this trust is gained by your visitors, they will surely avail your services to get appropriate help. It is obvious that you will get payments only if visitors are using your services.

For example, if you sell SEO services, you can have a blog about different tips and tricks to rank a website high on the search engine. Thus, people are aware about what you do and would choose you as their priority to avail those services.



Once you have a well set blog and have huge traffic coming in, you can start introducing memberships for your blog. Here, you should note that you should have content which is open for all readers. Later you can restrict some advanced tutorials, courses or particular methods to the premium section which can be availed after getting access.

Once you have a desired client base and traffic at your blog posts, it is smart to provide your authentic clients with the benefits of premium membership. People would be interested to get premium memberships if you make them understand why they require it exactly and the additional advantages they would get.


Method 10: E- MAIL MARKETING –

This is a way where you can always generate and promote events or workshops that you may conduct. Here all you have to to do is to make a list of all your authentic customers and send them an email for the service that you may newly provide and can also ask them to forward it to any other references that may be valid to attract more of your potential visitors and generate more traffic. It is a direct way to make money but you will also need to take care that you do not spam in someone’s email as then they might completely block you, and you lose out on your client counts.



Here you can put certain surveys and polls of different companies and get them pay you. But whatever it is, you will require conducting those polls that are relevant to your topic of discussion as an irrelevant survey will turn all your visitors off. You can also take part in some voting forums and display the results on your site relating to your posts again so that the pertaining company pays you for displaying it to large customer market that you have. This is mostly done with Cost per Mile system.



It is similar to pay per click advertising. The only prominent difference is that you will get paid on the basis of basis of page views. There are various companies who are willing to give you ads through which you can generate money. But everyone has their own predefined terms and conditions. You will have to select the best provider that matches all your requirements. Like Pay per Click even Cost per mile will support you to get more revenues on the basis of the placement of their advertisements on your blogs page.



You can get you blog monetized by providing a space for advertisements and display banners by the advertisers. This can be quite tempting, as in such a criterion, you will be charging as per you needs and explanations and exclude the cost of middleman. While putting up a deal, it will be best to keep certain time frame for the needed display with fixed amount of the space you provide.



If you have RSS feeds enabled in your website for your blog posts, then you can very well connect to advertisers who are willing to get their sponsored messages and also their banners to your RSS feed and give you the amount on which this services has been decided on.


Method 15: POP- UPS! –

Towards generating income in a website, pop- ups play an important role. If it is executed in a proper manner, it can bring miraculous change in your revenue incomes to your blog posts. They might be annoying for your regular visitors at times but if you can manage to customize and provide it only for your new members and optional for the regular ones, it might be interesting too. Remember that you cannot make more pop- ups to generate more traffic.


This is quite similar to affiliate marketing. Here you can provide certain product reviews and publish them on your posts but pertaining to usage suitable for your website. There is a possibility just to write reviews on products solely and have links to those products selling site. Once any product is sold, you are again sure to gain commission on every sale that has happened through your site.


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Other than pay per click there is another version where you can get payments for Pay per play. Here there are advertisements that are displayed every time you have a visitor in your site. It’s will be ads for just a few seconds that a viewer may not be able to avoid. So, with more traffic you will get more payments from advertisers.



If you have a talent then why do not you consider writing an eBook on it. Once you have an eBook ready, you can very well sell it on different host sellers and get benefited. You can also give the eBook for free to your subscribers as everyone loves freebies 😛 You can in turn grow your email list by offering the freebie. An email list can be of high potential today as you can promote your own products or market as a affiliate.



Internet has indeed proved to be the best place to find any sort of information. There are a lot of people who look out for inbuilt tutorials. This will help you to generate traffic and once you do so, the advertisers will also be interested to provide you money to get their service and product advertised on your website.



After you have generated huge traffic, create online teaching courses where a user can pay for some special classes that you take up. thus, it will provide you with more scope to work more with your membership plans and also get direct teaching course fees. Just make sure that tutorials that you provide are unique and different from the free ones.



If you have a blog post on websites that organizes events and workshops, then you need to find companies that could put up some sponsorship. This will be profitable as well as it will create trust factor as your authentic customers can personally meet and interact with you.



Here, unlike space allotments for advertisements, you can give links of services that could cater the needs of your niche market. Here you will have an option to generate more revenues with more amounts of advertisers and charge them accordingly.


Method 22: JOB PROVIDERS –

Here, you can charge money from companies to post their job vacancies as they will be overly excited to do so if your traffic of web page is on a large scale. This is because the company is well aware that their vacancy needs are exposed to a larger audience globally. This can only work if you are posting job related information. Some blogs which solely promote marketing or health related stuff can’t use this as a monetizing option.



If you ever face a problem with your website you can very well auction it and get revenues from the same site. It is a hectic to create a website from scratch so an already made web site can be just molded as one needs and can be used further. Website flipping is a huge business and your website may be of use to someone else. It just take 10 mins of time to list your website on Flippa!


Method 24: HOST A WEBINAR –

One of the best methods to catch hold of your overseas customers is to conduct live workshops online concerning your specializations. You can very well charge each of your clients to give a fixed amount to you for such kinds of presentations, as you will fully dedicate that time to your clients only. This will also be a fully interactive class that you might consider conducting.


Method 25: OFFER COUPONS –

Every single person is eager to avail coupons and discounts on any services that they avail. If you can provide with a special discount to your new clients and get them to become a regular member, you will basically be pulling in more traffic.

Well! These were the finest of 25 tricks that you can use to monetize your blog but always do remember that you will need to gain a huge amount of traffic to gain optimum profit with these methods. The more your traffic is, the more eager advertisers will be to put an advertisement on your site. There will be a great chance to pull in new visitors too. So, be dynamic and innovative to generate profit through your blog posts.


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