27 Top social media tools to use in 2016

Another dot com business is in the offing. Some fly by night, some bound to stay, some to burn their fingers, some to gain. The brand-new avatar of social media marketing is here. It is here to say and make a deep dent in the so far unknown arena. The virgin and unexplored field of social marketing are for the survival of the fittest.

Social Media tools you need to include in your arsenal


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1. Buffer 


If you are quite a busy person with a good social following, buffer is for you! This tool has enormous potential as it integrates itself with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and posts at best times of the day to give the customer the expected output. The positive impact is more on the customer relationship. Also, the reports on analytics, organizing contests and customers participatory moves are an added advantage to give further insights.

2. Brand24


Getting first hand and real time information of your activities side by side with that of your competitor would be a strong marketing tool. Practically, the tool can be associated with modern platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. These insights help to drive the sales of a particular business. Its ability to get in touch with the target and prospective clientele and to make changes in the strategy is an added advantage. Faster response, especially to a dissatisfied customer, would be a welcome move. 

3. Edgar


At last, a social media scheduling tool that can publish updated data on a scheduled basis even if you are not available? Sounds cool? Yes, it is. This tool facilitates the customer not missing a particular update allowing the organisation to report if needed. They claim this as ‘Social Media Queue That Fills Itself’. By this unique tool, there will be no dearth of updates in the queue to attract new as well as old customers. Practically used with ease in Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. Bundlepost


Bundlepost is another scheduling tool in social media marketing marketing niche keywords with Twitter Hashtag. The advantage of Bundlepost is that it can manage, organise and recall various sources simultaneously. Automatic aggravation of Google alerts is another USP. Manage, discover new content, schedule, share, all at a single platform! What else are you looking for? 😉

Social media tools

5. Canva


Canva can add high-quality images to the social media posts competitively. This graphic design platform can be helpful to design book covers, Facebook page cover photos etc. Infographics are pretty cool and the new form of imparting information. This platform would help you creae them too! Ex-top brasses of Apple, Yahoo, etc. joined hands with this social media tool innovation that offers templates to suit every need.

6. Nuzzel


The social marketing tool aimed at easing the internet overload is compatible with Facebook and Twitter. Check out how news goes on penetrating your friend’s circle or targeted audience with its help. The RSS reader is out and Google alerts and Google news are in. This tool filters to the exact requirement of prospective customers. Get notified of trending topics and develop your posts accordingly. 

7. Cyfe 


To assess online statistics and penetration of SEO, and Google Analytical this social media solution is ideal. Meant for small and medium industries, to reduce their time in dissecting the marketing impact this tool has proved its mettle. Managing data either in Facebook, Twitter, Skype or LinkedIn is as easy as a child’s play.  Monitoring your social media staticstics, handling billing, sales, everything at one platform makes it another special. Having successful partnerships with good names in the industry, Cyfe is constantly proving it as a much needed marketing tool

8. Social Clout 


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It is time to go back to the major engagement, campaigning and keyword solutions in marketing. This social web solution, socialclout seems to have filled a gap so far elusive. The need for identifying and tracking influencers, detractors and prospective clients is fully met. This tool is compatible with Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc and it makes another great lead generation platform for businesses. 

9. SecureMySocial 


Any business set up would be keen to monitor the comments made by their employees, competitors, well wishers, etc. Some comments especially from their employees, however, casual it may sound would affect the reputation of the organisation adversely. Even the company policy will be at stake. SecureMysocial give a tool to circumvent this perennial problem. Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype and Twitter compatible social media tool is gaining momentum.

10. AgoraPulse 


Agorapulse is a social media platform for business which is compatible with Facebook. Essentially this tool helps companies ‘to socialise’. And it is possible in organising all business engagements in a more efficient manner. With AgoraPulse, the customer relationship reaches a positive note. Now getting a feed back in real time is a reality. Having a flexible pricing, they cover small to big businesses. 

11. Nuvi 


Monitor, analyze, report and publish are the 4 golden attributes of this tool. Letting you get unseen insights on social media and changing your social strategies accordingly can be highly beneficial. This tool can be used to empower the social media approach more creatively.

12. Follower Wonk 


Follower Wonk by Moz is a relatively new social media marketing tool. This tool facilitates optimization of Twitter analytics exclusively. It is possible to penetrate deeper into the details of followers, casual or genuine, in a clear cut way. It is also possible to get details of the geographical area of the customers and followers. Even the extent these followers can influence decision making is possible with this tool.

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13. Feedly 


Feedly is another important content developing and team sharing tool in social media. By this ethical eavesdropping tool gauging other’s opinion about you and your business, a key trend analysis is possible. Other functions are organising, reading, searching, saving and sharing especially on Facebook and Twitter and within your team.

14. Inkybee 


Inkybee social media tool will facilitate in finding influencers and decision makers in boosting your business. The brand value enhancing is possible together with a focused search engine. Compatible with Facebook and Twitter this social-media tool enables search of bloggers and social media doyens alike. With valuable filter at source, the relevant blogs are chosen on priority.

15. Adobe Post 


Comparatively new as a social media marketing tool, this has already made the visual storytelling a reality. This free tool enables storing many pictures, is compatible with Instagram and Twitter. It is possible to store, share and organise photos as a useful futuristic marketing tool. Adobe made this mundane media tool as if to stand out from the crowd.

16. Sendible 


As the name suggests, this social media tool helps to share the viral headlines popular of late. Generating leads, managing brand reputation, monitoring and posting relevant content at appropriate time looking at the insights are some of its great features. 

17. OpenR


At last, promotional materials can be conspicuously incorporated and shared into social media profile with ease with this new tool. The direct impact is the much-needed traffic boost and is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more personalised content marketing is possible with flexibility as well as functionality of Openr. Check articles online, modify and add call to action according to your needs and share. Its damn simple. 

18. Socedo 


Essentially, the vacuum in automated social media lead generation field is filled by Socedo. The economic solution is making ripples in social media marketing like Twitter and Facebook. This tool is ideal for addressing issues with large customer base and excellent tune to specific subjects. The customised workflow helps in analysing the market trends. Integrated with marketing systems like Salesforce, this tool takes you one level further than conventional social media marketing. 

19. Discover.ly


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Discover.ly is a free Chrome extension that allows you to see the social sites of your email connections and even cross-reference with other social sites as you browse  on the social media platform created as a Google Chrome extension. The seamless cross-platform switching over say from LinkedIn to Facebook and Twitter is a major attraction. The mutual connection in social media marketing is a novel idea as such.

20. Snip.ly


At last, a social media tool for promoting Calls to Action on any page on the web is available. It is now possible to share your links with all the customers and followers. Mostly the whole process of interface with their clients is shortened by this snippet. The tool also knows as snip is available in free as well as paid version.

21: Tailwind 


The ideal tool for Instagram and Pinterest, the tailwind is gaining popularity with mobile users more. With this social media marketing tools, sharing of updated pictures and data instantaneously is possible. The interaction between groups is at ease and is compatible with Instagram and Pinterest. Organising the photos with the likes, comments or freshness is helpful for the new generation.

22. Overvideo


This tool individually available in iOS is simply a captivating Video Calls to Action maker. This tool can create visual calls to action when you post the video to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Marketers can create pictures or messages to Overvideo, and prompt customers for work rather than ‘thumbnail and skip’ process.

23. SumoMe 

To help entrepreneurs to equip themselves with more punch to their marketing effort, SumoMe is an ideal tool. The website can be converted in a jiffy and you can feel the difference almost immediately. The pulse of the customers and followers can be monitored with ease. In short an effective follow-up is feasible. Lead generation on landing pages are quite easy with SumoMe. 

24. Zoho SalesIQ 


Zoho SalesIQ can track the website visitors efficiently which in turn allows proper interaction with them. This platform can connect and engage with your site visitors in real time. Analysing customer behavior and their pattern of social site visits can be done with ease. Connect with visitors on live chat and show your enthusiasm to convince them to close some sales. You can benefit from the marketing strategy once the client Psychology is established. 

25. Process Street


Reader Engagement is of prime importance as far as market penetration and retention is concerned. The process Street offers are much more than that by kindling their interest, prompting them to go deep into the articles. Process Street offers downloadable, step-by-step checklists of your articles to grab attention. This tool also and provide your readers with concrete and tangible action steps they can follow.

26. Pablo 


Pablo is the ideal social media image management tool. Efficiently designing and sharing of images for social media posts becomes much faster with this tool. Pablo is capable of resizing the free or uploaded images it to dimensions that are best for posting on Twitter or Facebook.



The latest social media marketing tool Tagboard uses hashtags to search and collect the public social media. The speed of posting to networks like Twitter and Facebook take place faster. This twitter friendly is the ideal platform for events, TV, engagement, brand promotion, sports, etc.; the real-time audience search is an added feature with this tool. The hashtags give you a comparative analysis of all the trending ongoing happenings which make it another fantastic tool. 

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