Ways to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Before getting into finding the guest blogging opportunities, lets us understand what is guest blogging. A writer developing content for somebody’s blog is called guest blogging. It allows sharing your opinion with others and it gives an opportunity to attract the viewers for both blogs. Guest blogging helps the blogger to build relationship with other bloggers. It is important to choose the best places for guest blogging as there are some useless spam sites which can affect your reputation and there will be a negative impact on your content business.

Guest Blogging Opportunities

List out the people, top websites for guest blogging:

Create a list of influential people and topmost websites that come to your mind immediately. Our goal is to find the best place to guest blog, so you are the one who is going to decide what is what and who is who. Now look out for the keywords which are in your thoughts and search related websites to find the ones to give an opportunity for guest blogging. Search the related websites for all the targeted keywords and list out the top rated websites which are useful for guest blogging. You may even search with keywords like “write for us” or “guest post”. Once you got the results for all the keywords make a list of websites.

Beware of Spam sites: Next one is very important. You have to isolate the good sites from the spam sites. These spam sites are not going to do any good for you and your blog.

Self-content writing:

By this I mean you should have some quality content to your name because you cannot write for someone if you have not written anything till now. Content should be publicized under your name as it adds value to your own blog. It is crucial that the content you developed should be accessible to the public and is found in the search engines. Here you must choose influential content developers and trending sites, so that you will get opportunities to develop your content marketing. Blogging as a guest is the best option to increase the website’s rating in search engines, but it depends on how well you write and with whom you are linked. So it is simple, if you do not have an accessible, quality content in your name you are not going to be accepted as their guest blogger.

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Be an active user of social media

Social media presence is the important aspect and opportunity to find a way for guest blogging. People want to check your presence through different social media site and you will get positive responses when you pitch in for guest blogging. For example you can ‘Like’ the targeted site’s page.Things to remember while on social media:

  • Your identity should be clear i.e. you name, picture, etc…
  • Career, company details should be updated
  • Your posts, replies, and people should enhance the opportunities
  • People should not think that it’s a fake account
  • There should be at least one reference to your previous articles so that the other people can asses your ability as a writer

Sorting the targeted sites

Once you have made your presence online with your articles and social media accounts, it’s time to sort out the targeted websites (Websites with the same niche as yours) as all the websites might not be perfect destination for guest logging. So, isolation should be done by checking the authenticity and the below listed factors. It helps you to find perfect websites to pitch in for guest blogging.

  • Eliminate spam sites and the ones which are not perfect for your blog
  • Check ratings, its history on social media.
  • Check whether they accept guest blogging with open arms
  • Check the guidelines before introducing yourself as a guest blogger.

Once decided on a targeted site, it’s time to pitch in for guest blogging. All the websites do not provide free invitationfor guest blogging and hence you will have to send an enquiry. It’s important to find what kind of articles is getting published in the targeted website, and then send an enquiry for a blogging opportunity. By this you can isolate the websites which welcome guest blogging without many conditions. You can add the keyword “guest blog guidelines” or other effective keywords with the site address to get basic idea about the guidelines.

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Evaluate the targeted site:

Now that the first round of filtering is done, let us see what are the other factors you can consider to narrow down the list. Check the DA (Domain Authority) of the site from an analytic tool available in the market. So once you are done with eliminating the spam sites and sites that are not of your blog’s type, check for the site’s social network activity. Check whether the particular site has a community in any of the social networking sites. I would recommend not vetting your list so much that you are left with only 4 or 5 names.

Pitching for guest blogging:

This is the last option to finalize a guest blogging opportunity. Here you have to create the best quality content for the host. If the site accepts guest blogging with open arms, find out the topic which is the most popular one in their website and write about that. Make sure you give a catchy title which is more enhanced with images, graphs and videos (if needed). If the host does not welcome guest blogging easily, find out the contact page and write a small but quality content for them. Submit the content either through form or email address and wait for the response. If your do not get any reply, you may send a reminder. In both cases before submitting the content make sure you proof-read the content with a smart friend.

Let me just give you a hint that in the beginning nothing will go in your way, but be persistent and you will start to reap the fruits very soon.

You will see a change in the order – people will start asking you to write for them instead of you asking them. Quality does pay!

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