Web 2.0 Creation – Learn How to Boost Its Effectiveness

Many of you would be still wondering if web 2.0s still work in 2017?

I have been using them in our backlink strategy and yes, it still works great.

They offer you contextual backlinks and can be weighted higher than profile backlinks or directory submissions you do for diversity.

Well, if you are using tools to build automated web 2.0s, you are doing it wrong!

Yeah, they should be built manually. Let’s discuss about the best way to get these pointed to your money sites!

Quality Web 2.0s

Web 2.0 – What is that?

You must have heard about creating “Free Sites” on different platforms. You can say, that can be exploited. Backlinks can be created from these platforms which offer free website creation. These platforms are termed as Web 2.0s.

Why should you build web 2.0s?

Though there are tons of reasons, I would touch down on the best ones:

  1. High Trust and Established Authority of the platforms used.
  2. Contextual Backlink
  3. Highly Niche Relevant as you will be posting content on your own.
  4. Boost the power of these parasites with additional link building or you could also opt for expired web 2.0s.

Outsource Creation of Quality Web 2.0s

How to create the best web 2.0s:

Of course, we would be looking into how to create the best tier 1 links to your site in form of these web 2.0s. YES, they need to be created manually.

1. Create an Email Address:

You can grab a free email by signing up on gmx or mail.com. Creating 1 mail account would suffice for all the web 2.0 platforms.

Don’t be super paranoid and create 5 emails for 5 platforms. It’s not necessary.

2. Choice of URL:

Next, you need to sign up on the web 2.0 platforms.

You can create as many web 2.0s as you want depending on your requirements and ranking strategy.

Choosing an username/URL for the platforms is very important.

I would advise to create branded profiles rather than going hard on your keywords. Even it would be better to use LSIs rather than your main keywords.

Just keep in mind to make it look as natural as possible.

If you put the same username across all platforms, it send a strong signal making it seem very unnatural.

3. Design and Setting up Pages:

I have seen people throwing 300 words randomly and creating a link from the platforms. Personally, that doesn’t look natural either.

I prefer to create multiple pages across the web 2.0s. To make it look natural, have around 3 pages of content on the niche and other additional pages like Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Contact Us.

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Add the additional pages after some days of posting the article on the main page. It is a strong indication of what a real site owner would do. 😉

The home page should have around 500-700 words of content. Other pages can be restricted to 400-500 words. Don’t forget to include your main keyword naturally throughout the article and maintain 1-2% keyword density.

If you have the budget, you can opt to outsource content writing or create unique articles through spinning.

Personally, you shouldn’t prefer using spinned content for your web 2.0 backlinks as you point them to your money site directly. If you are using these on your Tier 2, you can use spinned articles.

Once your content is ready, post it into the web 2.0 along with relevant images or videos. I personally prefer to create free images from Canva rather than picking up random images.

1 picture and 1 video would suffice but you can include more if you like.  

From the design perspective, include a logo if possible on the platform.

A nice touch would be sending some social signals and submit them for indexing to index faster.

4. Interlinking and Outbound linking:

Once the pages are setup, you should start interlinking within the pages. Make the interlinking naturally.

It is not at all necessary to link from your main keyword as the anchor to another page within the web 2.0. You can definitely use any relevant or generic keyword.

Linking from the Contact Page to the main page and from the home page to other additional niche related pages can be done. Just do whatever you feel a site owner would do. Don’t treat it as a backlink.

Give outbound links from the homepage to your money site and try to link to relevant authority sources.

Will I Rank with web 2.0s?

Frankly? No one knows. It depends on your keyword, competition etc.

On a general note, web 2.0s links are great as they are contextual and you can easily build them.

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But, if you can, everybody can. There comes the importance of expired web 2.0s. Power of the new web 2.0s should be boosted with Tier 2 links.

Don’t build too many Tier 2 links or overload GSA spam. Try to build some good contextuals on Tier 2.

Finally, web 2.0s should be a part of your backlinking strategy as they help you rank when used wisely along with other types of backlinks with higher power like Guest Posts or PBNs (depends on which route you choose to go). 😛

If you skimmed along the whole text, here is the checklist to follow:


Feel free to comment and ask any queries. 🙂

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