What are the advantages of video Blogging?

Blogging used to be just a web log when it first came into existence. It was a platform for the blogger to unleash his or her knowledge and creative acumen to the world. Then came the use of pictures in the blogs, to create a visual impact that appealed to many. Blogging is evolving so fast that something started as plain texts became images and then started to use video. Just like the name indicates this is a blogging done with the help of videos, and it has another name as ‘vlog’. The hosting can be done either yourself or by using public platforms like YouTube. There are many other platforms too that let you post your video blogs.

What are the advantages of video Blogging


Having already gained considerable admiration towards the term ‘vlog’, let us take a look at the factors that led to the growing interest in the video blog and assess if the advantages that it holds over its older siblings (text and pictures) is sustainable.

#1. Seeing is believing:

If images create a visual impact, videos are even more effective. Video blogging uses the multimedia features to the core to ensure that the audience gets to see and listen to what the blogger intends to convey. Let’s face it – we loved pictures more than text. The next in line is motion pictures being preferred over the static ones.

#2. Videos get circulated faster:


When I log on to Facebook or Twitter or any other social networking platform, we like to watch the videos more than reading the text written below the images. So, videos have more reach than the images. If you can manage to get a channel in YouTube that will also significantly help you in vlog.

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#3. More interactive and effective media:

Here we will see this from the perspective of sales and marketing. If you can present your product in front of a bunch of people more effectively, the sales would obviously increase. Just like that if you put in a little effort and time in creating the videos, you can easily convince your audience with your views. Video blogging works best with tutorials. It is the best method that can be employed to train individuals on a variety of skills while being able to maintain their concentration.

#4. Personalizing your product:

Here when I say product it can be anything – products, services or simply your blog. You can post a video describing your product online, and this makes the viewer get a personalized view and understand the various aspects of your product.

#5. Increases Engagement:

Video blogs with interactive or just interesting content keep the audience glued to the screen. This increases their engagement on your website. When you are able to achieve a considerable level of engagement over a wider audience, your website would get more traffic and gain attention of prospective advertisers.

#6. Can make earning:

Earn money

You can start earning from your videos once the popularity increases. But let me suggest, think about earnings only after your blog is popular enough. This is possible by streaming ads in between the videos and you get ads only if your video is popular enough.

Just be sure that there is enough preparation made towards getting the video blog ready. If you are going to make the videos yourself, you should have good command over spoken English. With the internet and networking technologies improving by leaps and bounds, high speed data connection is becoming increasingly available to the users. This would fuel the adaptation of video blogs over the traditional ones. Earlier the major constraint in video as a media was the bandwidth and the size of the file. With the advancements that we are witnessing, bandwidth would no longer be a concern. Video blogging is the future!

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