What is freelancing? How does it differ from other jobs?

As the first post in my blog, I thought it is best to explain you the basics of internet marketing or in layman terms “Making money from internet”.  🙂  😛

To understand the basics, it is very essential to understand who you are and how your approach can be. As a starter, it is indeed very difficult to understand the model of working and the concept of being a freelancer altogether.


What is freelancing?   😕


I would define freelancing as the path to your freedom, work satisfaction and the only job that gives you the exact pay for the work you do. Freelancer is a person who does not hold any agreement with an employer to work according to his whims and fancies.

In other words, freelancer are people who can work under multiple employers according to their own choice and do not have any obligation towards any of the employers.

How is freelancing different from a 9 to 5 job?


Freelancers are termed to be their own boss. Being a freelancer gives you the freedom to work for yourself in your own chosen skill that is best suited to you. In contrast, a 9 to 5 job would need you to perform according to the requirement.

You will never feel being independent. Also, freelancers perform well as you get to choose what you would do and what not and your interest is not slaughtered. The pay is also better as it includes the profit your employer eats as the middleman in a job.

Your ideas soon improve a lot, you gain marketing skills and you open to gateway to become a successful entrepreneur unlike a job where you may not get ample opportunity to learn about the business and its functioning.


How do you get started?   😎 


Freelancing is one of the most popular professions people want to adopt. The primary reason is that they are fed up with the lifestyle they lead in a 9 to 5 job. Freelancing can also be defined as a way to start working from home in your own time preferences rather than going to office and being bound to the strict timings.

The best advantage is you can become a freelancer any day you want to be. It eliminates the hassle of registering a business, operating under a huge list of policies etc and most importantly, requires the least amount of investment.

You can start being a freelancer as soon as you know what you can do and what skills you can sell. Sometimes when you have the urgency of earning more, freelancing is the best solution. Freelancing can also be practiced part time or full time depending on your will. You can also continue your job and start practicing freelancing part time to gain more confidence.

You should never think that you can’t get into freelancing. If you don’t have any primary skill to showcase as you do in a resume, you can try getting into freelancing pursuing a career in a secondary skill like article writing, voice-over freelance, virtual assistant etc.

Types of freelancing:


To give you an insight, I will mention about the various types of freelancing which can broaden your ideas about freelancing and help you pursue the best according to the skills you possess:

what are freelancing jobs

1. Blogging Blogging or article writing is one of the best freelancing professions you can start with. It is good to start with because you get the job of an article writer easily. Freelance article writing is a profession which can be taken up by someone having a fair grasp over the English language. There are ample number of employers in search of writers who can assist them on different article writing requirements. As an individual freelancer, you can contact some article writing firms who can provide you orders to remove the hassle of searching for employers every time. Also, you can refer my tutorial on How to start your own blog today to enjoy the ride on your own. Creating your own blog is the best option as you would work for yourself and share ideas on topics you know rather than being forced to write on abrupt topics. To your surprise, professional bloggers earn more than $5000 per month min on an average. You can refer my tutorials on How to kick start your career as a blogger today and start earning.


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2. Web development

If you are a web developer and spend your time in a 9 to 5 job, its time to spend those valuable efforts for yourself. Web development needs are soaring in the market as every seller wants to have a website of its own and opts to market his services online.

The primary reason is the eCommerce boom in the recent years and the digitization of all types of services. You can check  my tutorial on Ways to become a successful freelance developer to get an idea of the ways to start being a freelance web developer.

My primary suggestion for a web development freelancer would be building a strong portfolio to showcase your experience before approaching any client for a project.

Building an excellent portfolio would give you an upper hand above other interested people for the project and project you well out of the herd.


3. Graphic Designing 

Do you know the secret behind the sales of a product or a service? It is none other than good demonstration and nice presentation.

Graphic designing is a vital service needed by most web designers and website owners as they want to project their services in an unique way through excellent graphics as they talk more rather than a bulk of text. Graphic designing needs comprise of logo designing, flyers and brochures, landing pages for websites, Ebook covers, web design and a lot more.

Graphics Designing is another freelancing option which you can take up if you are a pro at Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and have a creative vision. It is best to tie up with a web designing company or a web developer if you are a graphic designer by profession.

If you want to work independently, you can refer my tutorial on How to get your first client as a freelance graphic designer.


4. Translation

With over a thousand languages spoken all over the world, selling your service online in a country where a major population speak non-English languages is quite difficult.

Thus, translation services are quite popular as they open the doorway for the sellers to start an online business being a Non-English speaker.

Being a translator, your sales pitch should always be offering the best price in the market. Translation services can be quite competitive especially in some languages.

If you know English and the other language perfectly, then you can start your career as a freelance translator following my tutorial on How to become a successful freelance translator.


5. Online marketing and Search Engine Optimization

You must have surely come across ads on the internet sayingWant to top the SERPS? Hire us NOWor “Quality link building services at an affordable price”. If you are an online marketing and have ample experience on Search engines, how they behave and have a grip upon Google Adwords, Analytics and various SEO tools, this is the job for you.

SEO services are very popular as every online agency tries to jump up to the top of the search engine to generate more sales. As an individual, it is difficult to provide a SEO service to the clients. You can always opt to team up with small SEO companies or service providers and learn the model of working they follow.

If you have some funds to invest and have ample knowledge on PPC, SEO and online advertising you can refer my tutorial on How to start your own SEO and advertising company for more details.


Freelancing Platforms

Apart from the knowledge about the types of jobs you can pursue as a freelancer, It is also beneficial to know where you get those jobs. Here is my list of some good freelancing websites which can take you one step ahead on starting your freelancing career:


1. Freelancer.com  Freelancer.com has been the biggest outsourcing platform of all types of freelancing jobs. It has progressed a lot over the years and has emerged as a giant in the freelancing world after acquiring Vworker and Scriptlance. It can be termed as one of the best places to start your freelancing career. It is best as the platform is user friendly, can be trusted. I started my freelancing career here and I have personally completed a lot of projects on freelancer and I had no problems in accomplishing them. The advantage is you can surely get a project here as the number of projects being posted is huge and you just need to make the right offer to the clients. To know more, you can refer my tutorial on how to earn from freelancer.com.


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2. Odesk

Next to freelancer, Odesk can be termed as another good place to pursue freelancing. Odesk support is excellent and that adds to your experience working there.

They comparatively charge lesser commissions on the projects. Though the number of projects can be comparatively lesser than freelancer but a lot of people prefer odesk over freelancer too. You can refer my tutorials on odesk.com to know more about the model of working in odesk.


3. Elance

This platform is one of the oldest freelancing websites that have been around in the internet. With a large number of freelancers in the platform due to its strong presence since many years, the number of jobs available for you is definitely more.

You can easily grab an opportunity which suits you according to your skill set and needs. There are quite a huge number of jobs posted on each and every skill category in Elance.

You can refer my tutorials on elance to know more.


4. Fiverr

Out of all the mentioned websites, you may find this very interesting. It is because everything sells here for $5. Yes, if you are surprised, you can check it out. It is too easy to work here as the tedious work of searching and bidding on different projects is eliminated in this platform.

You just have to create your own gig/post which people can view and purchase if interested. Another advantage is that, you can promote any type of service here and you will not be limited to article writing, graphic designing, web development and other traditional freelancing jobs.

In festivals like Christmas and New year, you can sell your own innovative ideas out here for $5. You can check my tutorial on How to earn through fiverr to have a clear idea about it.

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