Why and how can you add YouTube videos to your blog

Blogging has been on a non-stop cruise since the late 90’s. This activity or practice that began just as a way for the author to express herself / himself has become a bee-hive for internet users and online marketers alike. SEO has been thriving on this aspect.

With many joining the bandwagon of blogging, the factor that differentiates the best from the rest is the quality of the content. While individuals who had a flair for writing quality articles were the winners in the race to capture maximum audience earlier, the focus has shifted from just words to words coupled with the visual impact. The human brain loved pictures and other visual elements much more than the well-written, high quality sentences in any language. The impact of the images used on the blogs have also been phenomenal in driving traffic. If this is the trend now, the use of images is gradually shifting to the use of videos (with audio). The objective is to provide the user a complete multimedia experience that is enriched with great written content and well-directed videos and audios. Any user of Facebook or any other social networking platform should be well aware that a video clip keeps them glued to the screen for a longer period that text posts. Even, these video clips also rank among the top in terms of likes, shares, re-tweets etc. The practice of individuals owning a YouTube channel has been there for long and if you could relate this to the content of your blog, you might have just stumbled upon one of the most successful formula in online marketing. Your visitors are going to be more engaged, and your subscriber base is likely to swell up. Repeat visitors are indeed an asset to your blog and a source of huge traffic in the long run.

Let me take you through the ways by which you can add YouTube videos to your blog to improve the user experience and capture their interest.

add youtube videos

Find the right video:

YouTube has its own search capabilities to help you locate the right video for you to display on your blog. Use the right keywords to arrive at the correct list of videos. In fact, YouTube has an intelligent feature that will by itself display you the related videos pertaining to your search key.

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Embed the Code:

Does this sound geeky? It definitely is not as complicated as it sounds. Anybody who has viewed YouTube videos would be well aware about the search option available. With this option you can share the YouTube videos on a number of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. Right under this option, you will see the URL to this YouTube video you were viewing. Right next to the share tab, you will see the “Embed” option that will show you a long code in a text box. This is the code that I am referring to. You can add this code to your blog in the HTML insert. If you carefully look at the code, you will see that it would have measurements like frame width and height. While coding you have options to resize the embedded video and make other customizations as appropriate. In fact, YouTube also gives you the custom size option that will freeze the aspect ratio so that even when you attempt to play around the heights and widths of the frame, the picture quality does not get affected.

Alter the code

Simply copying the embed code from YouTube and pasting it into your blog can make it look quite shoddy. Either the video would not be in alignment with the text block adjacent to it. A improperly embedded video can not only look awkward but also unnecessarily occupy valuable space on the web page. So, alignment plays a key role here.  Adding align=”left” inside the code after object width=”640″ height=”360″ will ensure that the text content is on the right side of the embedded video making it easy to read. Feel free to adjust the width and height to suit your idea of the video display size.

Add Quality Content

Like I said at the beginning, quality content is indispensable to the blog’s success. Just adding the YouTube videos wouldn’t suffice. It would be just some video without substance. It is pertinent that you back up the video with great words turning them into useful information sources. The content has to be of good quality and relevant to the video and vice versa based on which one supports the other. If the video is the highlight, you can add a short write up of about 300 to 400 word on what the video is all about. The content in text is very important as the search engines crawl your website looking for  words, not videos.

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Add Links in Your Descriptions

If you are showcasing a video by someone else, don’t forget to post a comment thanking them and letting them know that you have used their video, on their YouTube channel. If you could include a link of your page in which the YouTube video was embedded in the comments, you are unplugging yet another path of potential traffic and doing yourself a huge favor. If you have produced the videos by your own, do include a backlink to your blog in the description of the YouTube video. It is highly likely that viewers of your YouTube video would click on the link to your blog out of curiosity and then get exposed to some great content. With this, you are using the YouTube video as a source to bring your blog that much needed traffic  to catch the attention of online marketers.

Having gone through this article, you should now be in a position to exploit the feature of YouTube to bring in fresh traffic to your blog site as well as drive engagement and loyalty among the existing subscriber base.

Amit Acharya
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