Why should you personalize your mails

Since the advent of the Internet, E-mails have been ruling the roost when it comes to unidirectional communication. The humble snail mail has almost lost into oblivion these days. However, what this electronic revolution has led to is an easy communication that often lacks quality. With new “short-forms” and emoticons becoming more of a practice, the art of letter writing is gradually waning off. In recent years, content has been of high importance in online marketing, be it in the email form or any other channel. In consumer driven economies, the manufacturer or sales force has to be both customer centric as well as customer oriented. Customer is the boss in today’s world that thrives in consumerism. As a customer, I wouldn’t want to even glance at an email that has nothing for me. Having said that, while sending e-mails we need to take that extra care to ensure that it is personalized. Let’s face it, you do not speak to your school teacher the same way you speak to your buddies. The tone, the choice of words, the length of sentences and the content all contribute towards the personalization of the email.

personalize mails

Our mails have to look suited to the audience 

If you are targeting business individuals or professionals your mails have to speak their attire. It should be professional and to the point whereas if you are sending a mail to a younger audience where the exuberance of youth prevails, your mail should speak their language.

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Our mails should be engaging

The purpose of the mail has to be well know even before it is drafted. This will help you deliver tailor made content to cater to the needs of different audience. If the mails are not personalized, they may end up in the spam folder or get deleted by the user by just looking at the subject line. This brings to the fore the importance of choosing the right subject line for your mails according to the audience.The notion of “one for all” does not fit here at all. We often have a diverse audience or customer base and hence targeted or specific communication strategy works well.

Retain Subscriber loyalty 

A loyal subscriber to your newsletters may not remain so if he continues to get irrelevant content through e-mails. If your mails are no longer relevant to the subscriber, it increases the probability of he or she unsubscribing from the mailing list. The more patient ones would just delete the mail without even opening it. Any ways the e-mail becomes a wasted effort by the sender.

Personalization is an important element in the success of your venture. If you are running an email marketing campaign you would be well aware about the stats involved in determining the success of the campaign like the open rate, click through rate etc. Studies show that personalized email campaigns have a 2.5 times higher click through rate. In fact, even the sales numbers of personalized email campaigns show an astonishing 6 times higher value compared to the general (non personalized) e-mail marketing campaigns. Statistics apart, it is pure human tendency to avoid unwanted or irrelevant items and emails also fall into those “item” category. So, if you are planning to run your business based on the customer focused strategy it is best that you have personalization plans in place for not just the email marketing campaigns but any endeavor that is being made to sensitize the customer or prospect about a product or service that would be of value of them. We live in an era where customer behavior (reactions) is vital to the success and longevity of our business and so the factor called personalization can never be irrelevant.

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