Why you should create a blog of your own?

Before reading this segment of text, you should try to decide what you aim at. I will list down a questions below, that you can ask yourself before reading further: 

  1. Are you a good writer?
  2. Are you knowledgeable enough on a particular area or topic?
  3. Do you have the enthusiasm to work and good spirit to stick to the work?
  4. Do you want to share ideas with the internet community?
  5. Do you want to earn through blogging? Oh yes, I know your answer to this: “YES” 😀

 Why you should create your own blog copyNow, you want to start a blog of your own but you are still not clear why you took this decision. As a heads up, you should know what is in blogging for you. Here, I will take you through all the advantages of why you should have your own blog: 1. Improves knowledge : Blogging is one of those things which you may pursue as a pastime but in the meantime, you acquire a lot of knowledge about the topics you write. You improve your communication and writing skills and get to know more about the topic you are interested in. I have improved a lot jotting down these blog posts. Words come to me in a flow unlike before which I find great as knowledge never goes waste. 2. Pursuing as an interest/hobby: If you are someone like me who spends most of the day on the internet, you should start your own blog today. It not only engages you but opens the door to the immense volume of knowledge that you gulp down in the process. And the positive point to consider here is you do all this with the minimum amount of investment of money and time. You can share about anything you like or experience in your life such as the daily activity of a new mother, your experiences in searching for something etc. 3. Know people and increase social interaction: A blog is a medium through which you get to know people. People come up with comments, feedback, suggestions and questions. Interaction with the people who are interested in the same niche would be a job that may give you an amazing experience. Blogs are the best way to get in touch with people. 4. Easy to write, share and learn: As a person in this techy world, you would always be writing mails and communicating with other people. Blogging is just another form of communication and is as easy as writing emails and chatting with friends. You do not have to be very professional and monotonous. The sole motive should always lie in sharing information that is valuable to the readers in your niche. You would be learning and sharing throughout the process. I think you wanted to refer to the niche but this refers to blogging in general. 5. Share and Earn from Blogging: If you are quite worried about wasting your valuable time with nothing in it for you, you are wrong!! Blogging is a great source of income for many individuals. You would be surprised to know that a blogger earns around $2000 per month on average. You should not be too much worried about this as its quite easy to earn through blogging. You would need to write and add fresh posts to your blog and the visitors would start rolling in automatically after a few months which I can say from my personal experience. You can read about some famous bloggers to have confidence and get inspiration before starting. There are several ways to monetize your blog for which you can check on my tutorial on Different ways to monetize your blog. 6. Boost your business presence: If you own a company or business, blogging can be highly beneficial to you. Many companies which are still in the startup phase try to come up gaining recognition. Blogging can help a lot in this regard. Once you aim at writing informative articles and if people find your blog interesting, they would like to connect with you and in turn, would be good for gaining recognition in business.

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